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Silk Road Drug Dealer “NOD” Was Flipped By Feds

OCTOBER 21–One of the top narcotics dealers on Silk Road, the recently shuttered online drug bazaar, secretly began cooperating with federal agents after his Seattle-area home was raided in late-July, The Smoking Gun has learned.

One of the most known drugs dealers on silk road – Steven Sadler, known online as “Nod,” was flipped by the fed and started cooperating with them around july this year, a few month before he got arrested

Sadler’s cooperation was disclosed at a brief U.S. District Court hearing earlier this month, according to an official audiotape of the proceeding before Magistrate Judge Brian Tsuchida.

Further infomation about this issue was published in an article Here

This adds up to a post on reddit posted a week ago from a buyer claimed to have been raided by the FBI and the discussion suggested he was a customer of NOD:

Nod buyer raided

The rest of the reddit discussion can be found on this Thread

Additional Proof was posted here


Top Silk Road Drug Dealer Was Flipped By Feds

The only thing we are sure of, is that this silkroad drama is far from over.


  1. As soon as the authorities close one web site down another springs up, it is a never winning battle. Anyone caught selling illegal drugs online should face a very very long prison sentence. Every parents nightmare coming home and finding out that your young child has been able to buy heroin or cocaine online.

    • Ill tell you something,most teens dont have a clue has to how to even get on the sites and some dont even know you can even buy drugs online. And the ones that do arnt buying cocaine or heroin. Just weed. They just want weed and nothing else, I see no problem. Most teens that are smart enough to get buy drugs online are generally smart enough to know better.

    • Really? Parents scared of Darknet? Most teens can get whatever they want right from a local school. Darknet gives them a chance to not get caught, have it “in” school, or be traveling with it. Those who want to abuse drugs will. Period.
      Reducing the risk of danger/death from dealers (shady neighborhoods, robbery, quality) and or LEO (arrest, jail, death, criminal record, slavery, asset confiscation) are better achieved.

  2. For all those involved in the illegal sale of drugs the only way is a very, very long jail. Unfortunately, upon release from prison most of the old jobs back. New forms of distribution over the Internet have become a dangerous matter. I vote for the most severe punishment for children and people who use drugs no one will go back to their families.

  3. these criminals should be in prison for a very very long time… this is inappropriate!

  4. Gotta love parents who do not realise that it is their responsibility to raise their child to be able to make sensible decisions about their life choices.

    If you child takes drugs AND it has negative life consequenses as a result, it is not the drug dealers fault, it’s your fault and failure as a parent.

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