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And Vice-produced Silk Road documentary Coming soon

Really…?  So quick, that should be interesting,   as it was reported earlier today at the dailydot,  Source at the BBC site

BBC just commissioned a documentary on the Deep Web black market Silk Road. According to Broadcastnow.co.uk, the film will be coproduced by Vice and Raw TV, precisely the two outfits one expects to present a story like this.

Director Emily James talks to Broadcast:

The technology that enabled The Silk Road and the ideologies that framed its development are absolutely fascinating material. … So when Ross Ulbricht, AKA The Dread Pirate Roberts, alleged ‘operator’ of The Silk Road site was arrested at the beginning of this month, I knew immediately that it would make a gripping film.

I’m very pleased that Raw, Vice and Storyville have had the acuity to recognise what a fantastic film this will be, and to back my vision for it.

Dear DailyDot Report – i couldnt agree more with this sentence: “This is only the latest media effort at capitalizing on Silk Road’s infamy.


Read the full report here:  http://www.dailydot.com/entertainment/bbc-silk-road-documentary-vice/


  1. I really admire these efforts.Such a great information to know more depth story behind the so called Silk road black market.i was recently reading about it and so glad to find your Article blog about it.this was a big game and so fascinating.thank You author.

  2. I fear the BBC will give their usual state propaganda take on this, and relate smalltime cannabis smokers to dreadpirate murder hits and fed swat teams – make no mistake, this will not be a totally incriminating show

  3. Silk Road type “Businesses” are not the ONLY business type on the Dark Net. There is “The Assassination Market” where one can add a name to be killed, to the “Kill List”. Normal citizens can now take revenge on the morally criminal scum within our Governments, who have imposed this “Iron Fist” upon us.

    Citizens can now buy Military Grade Weapons via “Executive Outcomes (An “Outlaw” International Military Organisation).

    And most sites are for “Hitman Networks”.

    We are now, more than ever before, headed DIRECTLY towards Full Blown Civil War within the “Trio of Stupidity – USA, UK & their Retarded Little Cousin, Australia.

  4. Given the lack of knowledge and involvement of OzFreelancer on Silk Road, despite calling herself some kind of authority on the issue, it is highly dubious this “expose” will have any credibility. Despite the constant name dropping from her, in reality she was not connected to the going-ons of Silk Road and I don’t appreciate her using this as a stepping stone for her career when she knew hardly anything about the matter. There are far worthier people who should be covering this. Talk to the right people.

    • Peace Meal

      Are you confusing All Things Vice with Vice Media?

      OzFreelancer is All Things Vice, which is her personal blog featuring her own musings and articles.

      Vice Media, however, includes a run of documentary programming and reporting that began as a magazine in Canada. This is the outfit that is making the SR docu. They’ve already run reports about buying guns and drugs off DNM. (Not to mention documentaries on The World’s Strongest Men, Going to a Leather Bar, Taking HIV Meds to Get High, etc, etc.)

      The two are not connected.

      To back her up a bit, I’ve never seen OzFreelancer describer herself as an authority on anything, nor as being connected to anything behind the scenes regarding SR. In fact, as I read it, she goes out of her way to let readers know she is only reporting on stuff that is publicly available. She only takes the time to sort out the fear mongering from documented information.

      And to shake down Vice a bit… That Hamilton Morris makes my eyes roll.

  5. it will be sensationalist rubbish

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