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Silk Road tales and archives

I have no idea who created this,  but its one amazing work putting all the pieces together of the silk road timeline – You can bet its much better than the infographics:


In the archive you can find:

You will find on this page information related to the Silk Road website and forum:

  • Yet another timeline of Silk Road website and DPR arrests.
  • Conspiracy theories of the events that led to DPR arrests.
    1. On “The Employee” staged assassination
    2. Opiates, Poker and Cocaine
  • Archive of the Silk Road Vendors pages and forum profiles.
  • Archive of all posts and messages from “key” users and vendors
  • Documents related to Ross Ulbricht and Silk Road case.
  • All the archives in a friendly format for download.

As it was posted in Reddit:


Hi folks,

Few bits and pieces put together about the assassination plot described in the Maryland indictment, involving DPR, The Vendor and The Employee.

Another bad OPSEC story… with a twist:

  • part 1 – On “The Employee” staged assassination.
  • part 2 – Opiates, Poker and Cocaine.

Put your tin foil hat on and enjoy the ride http://antilop.cc/sr


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