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Silk Road 2.0: Lost Escrow Funds returned!

Following up our previous report “Silk Road Reopens: Losing Escrow Funds & Releasing New Features“, it seems that the Silk Road 2.0 Staff are Determined to prove their reliability and so far, are successful at this, just to recap – after the return of SR from the Christmas break and the disappearance of the DPR2 there was some unexpected technical problem resulting in the loss of their access keys to the Bitcoin wallets holding everyone’s funds currently in escrow (not account balances).

Now, yesterday the new admin Defcon just announced the the problem is solved and they have contacted DPR2 and got the old keys to the escrow.Doesn’t matter really if this was the case or it was just a move to build further trust in the new administration, the bottom line is everyone getting their money back while other sites are scamming their revenues, so this should not be taken for granted.

Defcons post:




(NOTE: If you have been away, you should catch up on recent events: http://silkroad5v7dywlc.onion.market/index.php?topic=12055.0 )

Silk Road Community,

As you are aware, a critical part of our emergency Contingency Plan failed last week.

Despite this failure, staff received a message yesterday which imparted incredible news.

The Captain is a man of his word.

He has returned the majority of the escrow cold storage wallets, and is working with us to restore the remaining private keys from backups.

70% of all pending balances and escrows will be repaid within the next twelve hours, and the remaining 30% will be repaid on Monday. We are distributing the escrow to the top 70% of users first who had the most BTC at risk.

This involves custom accounting code, so I am pushing back today’s release of new features to Sunday to ensure no corners are cut.

You will notice thirty minutes of market downtime today while we reconcile the balances.

On behalf of staff, we are incredibly grateful for your support during this very stressful time.

Your supportive reactions to our grim announcement were very unexpected, and made this fog of war way easier for everyone to navigate.

This is one incredible community.

I am now confident that, had the worst case scenario occurred and if today’s date were May 1st 2014, most of you would still be here supporting us.

That level of commitment is completely unheard of in the darknet.

If we can remain this strong during difficult times, I have no doubt that this movement will withstand any trial thrown at us.

The Captain has decided to remain in hiding until further notice. He is safe, and his PGP key was not compromised. He has confirmed his identity using all of our contingency methods.

Captain – thank you. You have made massive personal sacrifices for us, especially over the past month. May none of us ever fully know your story. May your mother never post from your Facebook account. You had the opportunity to take everything like a true “criminal”, yet you remained loyal to our cause. Such an exhibit of admin honesty is unheard of in darknet history and a huge inspiration to us.

Let our Captain’s selfless actions reaffirm that we are a movement first and a marketplace second.

You are Silk Road. By participating in this community, you are playing your part in a pivotal turning point in world history.

Governments are losing control. Power is in the hands of the people.

We will tirelessly defend free trade and free speech until it’s no longer a crime to do so.

If you’re only here for money, go ahead and become an FBI informant.

Our movement does not live for profit.

Silk Road exists to liberate the world from economic oppression.


===End Quote===

The Second post from Defcon confirming that all backlogged backlogged withdrawal orders have been processed successfully:


These messages were obviously accepted with great joy, and it seems that Silk Road is slowly overcoming the hardships it was experiencing the last few weeks, and slowly but surely building the trust that every marketplace should Strive for – trust that became a rear ingredient since the demise of SR1 and BMR.



  1. What is the date of this article? My calendar tells me it’s March 10th 2014. I lost just under $1000. It hasn’t been returned by Faux Road (yet).

    It all sounds great! Then so did improved security, customer support, and a resolution feature.

    If you keep pretending to throw a ball to a dog, eventually he will ‘catch on’, and give up.

    Given the current state of acrimony in the darknet marketplace, there’s little room for blind faith.

    All the happy horseshit about some ‘libertarian revolution’ that’s supposed to be some sort of step in the direction of enlightenment, now sounds like the catch phrases of another failed movement come to pass.

    It’s like the current ruling elite, many of whom were hippies, in the “make love not war” crowd, which we all know now was a scam, we now see screaming for blood! Last year in Libya, and this year in Crimea.

    It’s not about some hypothetical democracy revolution. It’s about a gas pipeline. It’s about money!

    That’s all it’s ever about! You show me a grassroots movement where the people have a common ideal that appears selfless, giving, and interested in leaving some sort of positive legacy for our children, and I’ll show you a small sector of that movement, the ones in charge of it, who want nothing more than money and power.

    And keep it comin’!

    Sorry, mankind just isn’t ready for some idealistic Utopia.

    We haven’t gotten over ‘ourselves’ yet~!

    • Si from Footlocker.com

      Endoras Snatches’s sniveling jeremiad is vague and useless. The real gist should be that we are evolving beyond “point of failure” markets i.e. one guy actually named a “pirate” is holding everybody’s money— and is archaic, inherently flawed and makes Darknet and Bitcoin the laughing stock of established financial markets. Rip-offs are now endemic, perhaps inherent to Bitcoin until multisig and No-Trust Protocols are firmly established and made user-friendly (which should be a current priority for coders and techs). When was the last time you heard about Bank of America getting hacked for even $50?? Sure, identity theft is rampant but that has nothing to do with the capital holdings of major banks, which remain sound over decades. Wells Fargo loose a few million to pimply-faced hackers in hoodies lately?? No. Theft from these institutions is about point-of-sale vulnerabilities,i.e. ATM card skimming, rigged cash registers, etc. which can be made moot on the Darknet. My main point is we need to speed up the evolution of multisig protocols to safeguard the funds of investors and clients and to **abandon ASAP** Darknet infrastructures that rely on one caring, upright, squeaky-clean libertarian heart-throb hacker like Ross Ulbricht. I think that’s clear by now. No-Trust Markets are evolving, and we’ll get there (when?)But some people still don’t get it.

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