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Arrested Silk Road Mod SSBD waives extradition rights over Silk Road charges in US

The arrested Silk Road moderator Peter Phillip Nash, 41 Who was also known under the name Samesamebutdifferent (SSBD) – A Former Queensland prison employee appeared in the Brisbane magistrates court on Wednesday. He was accused of helping run Silk Road one being one of the staff members under the alleged “Dread Pirate Roberts” Ross Ulbricht.

He has now waived his extradition rights paving the way for him to face charges in the US of conspiracy to launder money. The Extradition can be executed  once the Commonwealth attorney general in Australia approves it. The couriermail quoted the court protocol:

Nash today told Queensland’s Chief Magistrate Tim Carmody he was aware of his rights and was prepared to be sent to the USA as soon as possible to answer the charges.

Judge Carmody asked Nash: “Do you wish to … waive (your rights regarding) extradition on all three charges?’’

Nash: “Ah, that’s correct your Honour.

Judge Carmody then asked Nash if he was aware that by waiving his rights the US Government could bring further serious criminal charge against him.

“Is that a risk you wish to run?’’ the judge asked.

Nash replied: “Yes it is your Honour.’’

Solicitor Mark McKechnie, acting for Federal Attorney-General George Brandis and the US Government, said Nash had made it clear he wanted a quick extradition so the criminal proceedings could “get started as soon as possible.’’

Solicitor Karl Brandon, for Nash, said his client was fully aware of his legal rights and entitlements.

The court was told Nash had also recently sought legal advice from lawyers based in the US before arriving at his decision.

Judge Carmody granted the extradition order, signing the appropriate documents for urgent dispatch to Mr Brandis’s office for execution.

It is unclear when Nash will be flown to the US.

Nash (SSBD), who worked for a Brisbane prison’s forensic disability service, was arrested by Australian federal police in December – you can find the details about the 3 silk road moderators arrest in this post

US prosecutors allege he was “the primary moderator” for discussion forums on the Silk Road website (there were few others as we can remember so this claim is a bit weird as far as we see it, not going into too much details for the indictment)

Prosecutors say in the indictment he went by the aliases “Batman73” ,“Anonymousasshit”, and “symmetry” (what considered to be a mistake published in the slip up forum post by the new Dread Pirate Robers who was running the new incarnation of the Silk Road at the time, before going on the run, after the moderators arrest).

He and two other alleged Silk Road employees (known under the aliases of inigo and Libertas – again see this post for details ) have been charged with one count of conspiracy to launder money, which carries a maximum sentence of 20 years in the US.

The trio is also charged with narcotics and computer hacking offenses.

A Queensland government gazette published in October 2011 shows that Nash had been employed at the Wacol prison’s forensic disability service for intellectually disabled inmates.

We Hope to see him free as soon as possible, it seems pretty unlikely considering the US laws in cases such as this one, we can only hope that the reason he waived his rights was that he know that the most part of the charges will be dropped.


  1. I really hope he has some technicality up his sleeve, to beat this and just wants this out of the way, I really do. I can’t think of why anyone would want to do that and its not as if SSBD id dumb, he is anything but. I hope he has something

    • I think he just knows he’s fucked now no matter what he does and the easiest thing for him, his friends and his family is not to delay the inevitable and waste time, money, effort and spirit on a dead case. I can’t see any way he’s going to get anything less than a mid-length sentence proportionate to his crimes.

      • snowdrop

        He’s crazy. There is NO benefit to what he did.

        The USA is the worst of nutcases when it comes to huge jail terms for just about anything… ESPECIALLY drugs.

        This is after all the country that invented the concept of RICO; the country that incarcerates a higher percentage of its population than any other culture in human history; the country where you can be sent to jail for 25-to-life for taking a slice of pepperoni pizza from a kid (see: Jerry Dewayne Williams – later reduced to six years). We are not dealing with a fair, benevolent or just system of law…

        Federal jail time (he’ll be tried under Federal law) does NOT include the possibility of parole. If you’re sentenced to 60 years, you do 60 years and not a day less.

        Given that they’ll be trying him the same way as DPJ – by making him guilty of trafficking every single gram of anything that passed through the market, ever – he’s not getting out of there alive.

        So why he’d do such a weird thing as submit to extradition to face cruel and unusual punishment… is beyond me. Mistaken faith in American justice?

        • DeepDotWeb

          I saw some assumption on Silk Road forums by Eileen Ormsby (allthingsvice.com)
          That sounded plausible:

          “maybe he has limited funds and doesn’t want to use them up fighting an extradition for 3 years only to lose and then not have anything left to pay for legal fees in the US. We just don’t know. From what I gather, Australia rarely, if ever, refuses a US extradition.

          Google Hew Griffiths.”

          And also it could be He already know the deal he is going to get or something like that.

        • They’ve got absolutely nothing on him. He’s going to walk.

        • wonderbreeeeeed

          I’m gonna just say this now. I have friends that are doing fed time as we speak. They DEFINITELY have programs and parole. Just saying.

  2. He has reached an agreement to testify in exchange for a reduced sentence.

  3. I assumed he’s done a deal to testify against Ross for the prosecution. They’re not after the forum admin. They want all those bitcoins they stole off us to to become federal property, rather than Exhibit A.

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