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Site Doxx’es Judge of Silk Road Case – Calls To “Swat” Her

Update 26.10.14: Added comment from freeross.org: We strongly condemn the outrageous threats to Judge Forrest

And the worst idea award for 2014 goes to the anonymous poster who created a page on (one of the) the Hidden Wiki(s), containing a full doxx (all personal details) of the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York judge Katherine B. Forrest, who is the judge of the Silk Road case – Claiming “she is unfairly ruining Ross Ulbricht’s life and chance for a fair trail” (which might be true as far as we know) and offering to the public to steal her ID, send her gifts in the mail and swat her house among some other threats to release even further personal details about her family members.

Needless to say that this page is not affiliated in any way with freeross.org. As it was later noted in a blog post on their site:

Ross and his family are horrified at the threats made to Judge Forrest. This is outrageous and reprehensible. We unequivocally, and in the strongest terms,  condemn this behavior.

Joshua Dratel, Ross’ lawyer, states the following:

I would prefer not to have to dignify these threats with a comment, but obviously, and as strongly as possible, we condemn them.  They do not in any way have anything to do with Ross Ulbricht or anyone associated with him, or reflect his views or those of anyone associated with him.

To the person who created this page who might be reading this  – for the sake of every Tor user out there and for the sake of freeross.org &  to prevent even more damage to Ulbricht’s case and family – please consider taking this page down. This will serve nothing but give Law Enforcement even reasons to go after Tor users in general.

Screenshot of the page (details removed obviously):

judgeQuote of the text (details removed):

Dox – Katherine Bolan Forrest (Silk Road Judge)

http://freeross.org/ – Please donate to the official legal defense fund of the Ulbricht family.

Who is Judge Katherine Forrest?

Judge Katherine Forrest

Katherine Bolan Forrest is the judge who is unfairly ruining Ross Ulbricht’s life and chance for a fair trail. In case you are unaware of her, she was the Judge who “Rejected Every Defense Argument In The Silk Road Trial” [ Clearnet link! ]

Can Ulbricht really be accused of running a drug-selling conspiracy when he (ALLEGEDLY) merely ran a website that made the narcotics sales possible? And can he be charged with money laundering when bitcoin doesn’t necessarily meet the requisite definition of money?’ According to Forrest’s latest ruling, yes and yes. She rejected every argument made in the defense’s motion, starting with the idea that Ulbricht had merely provided an innocent platform for hosting the Silk Road’s illicit e-commerce, just as eBay might occasionally host illegal content without its knowledge.

Justice is not being served, Ross Ulbricht is a hard working honest man who is now a fall guy that the US government decided to choose because he had a large amount of bitcoins, a currency they are doing everything in their power to make illegal.

Judge Katherine Forrest Dox

Without further ado, fuck this stupid bitch and I hope some drug cartel that lost a lot of money with the seizure of silk road will murder this lady and her entire family: {Link to full dox removed}
Katherine Bolan Forrest

SSN: [removed]
DOB: February 13, 1964 (age 50 as of 2014)


American lawyer and judge, serving on the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York
Bachelor’s degree with honors in 1986 from Wesleyan University
Law degree in 1990 from New York University School of Law

[Addresses – removed]


I can also get information on all of this lady’s relatives and maybe some of her close friends, so expect more releases over doxbin and this wiki. For right now just steal her identity and send her gifts in the mail ;) Expect phone numbers and relatives SSNs and complete doxes in a future release.

Oh, and maybe someone should attempt a Swat  just to put this bitch in her place. Just please don’t be an idiot and fall for that “Tor SWATing Service” scam going around. Oh and Katherine, don’t be surprised when you and all your relatives get woken up in the middle of the night by a swat team with assault rifles pointed in your face and helicopters shining search lights into your windows. Or when someone close to you opens up a letter in the mail one day and it happens to contain anthrax :)


While its fine to argue if busting people like Ross is Ok or not or if he is innocent and is getting a fair trial, i “get the feeling” that posting such pages might cause much more damage and have no chance to in helping any real cause.


  1. If the DOX and web page is so damaging can i ask why you are even printing it?
    The article makes very clear that this site does not condone it and it is damaging and yet brings it to the clearnet.

    I have to wonder on the reasoning.

    • DeepDotWeb

      Mainly as a mean to reach out to our “targeted” audience and might get it down before it gets to a “less targeted audience”
      + As a statement to make it clear that even though people are against the trial and even though they are anonymous, they think that doxxing or attacking LE is wrong.

  2. whats the link to this

  3. high Court Judges aren’t anonymous people who use TOR, or operate in secret like undercover cops inside the mafia.

    They appear in person, show their face and give their name because they’re not breaking the law. They are MAKING the law.

    You’re suffering from “TOR fatigue”, and need to switgch off the laptop, go and sit in your garden and look at the sky. The anonymous intrigue is getting to you and giving you square eyes.

    Its not a disaster for EVERYONE if they;re doxxed. You may find this ghard to believe, but some humans regularly doxx themselves, and straight away tell you their real name, with which you can see all of their istory. Not just their browsing history.

    Isn’t this the maddest article ever on DeepDotWeb? I’m surprised to find Deepdot wrote it him or herself. They must be tired, or too used to being anonymous – the opposite of famous. If In know reddit user deepdot (and i don’t!) its not like them to lose their sense of perspective and proportion like this, even for a second.

    TOR FATIGUE! Dont use TOR on Sunday!
    Stay away from forums, particularly Reddit. Nearly all darknet drug buyers and vendors do – the only people who go on marketplace forums are scammers, and the scammed.
    Its where they go to met each other, interact, and verbally joust.

    • DeepDotWeb

      My dear meth loving friend,

      Obviously YOU need to rest from Tor if you lost your abilty to tell the difference between knowing the details of public figures and calling to harm them and their families without understanding the collateral damage this might cause to other users.

    • Triplicitous

      Yes, 1AH is clearly a meth head, or just an idiot with a scrambled train of thought processes. Judges don’t ” freely Doxx themselves “. Being a public figure is quite different from having your SSN, addresses, phone numbers and that of family / friends made public with the intent to terrorize.

      The author is correct in that, regardless of how unjust the prosecution of Ross may be, that is not the proper manner of protest. And WTF is wrong with this person Doxxing family members that have nothing to do with it ? Guilt by genetic association ? Ok Hitler.

      As a proponent of Dark Markets and Tor, I find this Doxx attack amoral and counter productive to the cause.

  4. And you two arguing – you are just…..idiots.

    Arguing about a secret, somebody broadcasting the secret, and somebody pointing to the person broadcasting the secret, when you wouldn’t be able to chastize them five minutes ago if they hadn’t distilled down Reddit for you (which is what deepdot does – very succinctly usually).

    JUDGES FREELY DOXX THEMSELVES – because they don’t have your whole guilty about everything feeling.

    There is anonymous, normal, and famous. judges don’t need to hid from the establishment, you square-eyed cyber-dummies.

    They couldn’t be MORE establisment and LESS illegal, could they? Reddit users’ zeros and ones can’t get out of the internet.

    • You don’t seem to understand what DOX’ing is AH1. Of course Judges are public servants whose names are obviously public. This is beyond that: SSN, Addresses, and family members.

      • Sounds like 1AH doesn’t see the problem giving out names and address’ while sentencing some people who if crossed you certainly wouldn’t want to bump into again.
        If its not a problem giving out your name, never mind your address why are you using the name 1AH?

  5. Yes 1AH if doxxing is a normal, harmless thing then why don’t you provide your name, address, SSN, phone number and those of all of your family. Have any children ? Well, include their schools too. And don’t just re-paste the same reply again, and again, and again….

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