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Lizard Squad Are Planning to Launch A Dark Net Market?

Apparently Lizard squad – the “hacker team” who DDos’ed Xbox live servers on Christmas,  have managed to find a sure plan to land them in prison for a while,

Few weeks after launching lizardstresser.su (blocked in most regions)- A platform for purchasing automated Ddos services that was hacked shortly after its launch and found to be operating on hacked home routers, with all the passwords stored in plain text, not too long after a couple of this group members were doxxed and arrested. The group have announced on twitter and on lizardstresser.su homepage that they are about to launch something called “Shenron LLC”:

A bunch of services composed of:

With Shenron you can securely purchase drugs and have them shipped to your doorstep!

Perform ddos services with ease, ddos protection won’t be a problem with the amount of power you will be wielding.

With our SEO & Spamming services you can gain popularity with ease!

While its hard to say if this is serious or just trolling and although we can agree that the spamming services might sound like a fun thing to use, it would be advised for any Dark Net Market (Or Clearnet market) user to think two or three times before using any type of drugs market launched by this group, not to mention sending your BTC at this direction and stick to the well established markets like Agora and Evolution.  So keep this name in mind. And get your popcorn ready.


  1. Oooooh yeah, it’d TOTALLY trust a group that left passwords in plain text to ship things to my doorstep…

  2. if you’re on this site, leave it, this place is a website full of idiot kids that are trying to hack

  3. don’t buy from there retards LMAO

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