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Vendor Bust: Shiny Flakes With 320kg Of Drugs

Update 12.3.15: Shiny Flakes Bust: 38 Houses Raided

The Known German vendor known as “Shiny flakes” was arrested in one of the biggest discoveries in the Leipziger criminal history.

On February 27 , 2015, police investigators arrested the alleged owner, a young Leipzig resident, who lives with his mother. The 20-year old man was apparently hoarding an astonishing amount of around 320kg of various drugs, the man is accused of selling the drugs on the internet using the alias “Shiny flakes” on 2 sites – one “.onion.market site” and one clearnet site at shiny-flakes.to:


The seized onion site

The police even linked their contact details from the site

^The police even linked their contact details from the site^

The site l-iz.de reports that the bust was followed by other raids in other locations. The seized sites used to offer drugs such as cocaine, crystal, LSD, speed and marijuana. More details will be released in a press release by the German police on Thursday (tommorow) –  If you ask us, its ridiculous to believe that a single 20 years old was the sole owner of a drug operation who owns 320kg of “hard drugs”, but we will be following and updating once we learn some new details..

The former site:



  1. damn , another one bites the dust. we have to regroup!

  2. But this idiot was operating in Clearweb.

  3. So glad he is going to jail!
    We warned him several times the rude fucker!
    And now he is going where he belongs, in jail!!

  4. accused 31.12.13 until 26.02.15 having having forwarded
    9.401,80 g cocain, 2.214,86 g metamf, 85.654 g haschisch, 6,766 g marihuana, 325.461 g amfetamin, 26.454,5 g mdma, 323.708 ecstacy tabs, 12.516 tabl (4-flouramf), 1.032 krist.mda, 1.650 LSD trips and 29 Plas.with fentanyl……..

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