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AlphaBay Market Launched a Fully-Automated Stolen Credit Card Shop

Since evolution exit scammed – The new AlphaBay market seem to have taken the lead as the leading market for fraud related items such as stolen credit cards and other types of personal data and hacked databases. Few days ago, they seem to have taken this one step even further by releasing a fully automated shop for “fulls” or credit cards using filters for the users “convenience” to help them find the card of their choice by – BIN, Exp, Seller, Name, City, State, Zip, Country, DOB, SSN or Price, as we have seen before in some other carding shops but never before on a DNM. The cards are being sold at a cheap price tag. As their official announcement states:

We now have a fully-functional autoshop for all members looking to buy fulls or credit cards! The link is on the top-left of the page. You can search by DOB, BIN, city, state, and much more. The process is completely automated. All cards are dispatched immediately, and the funds are released to the vendor 30 minutes later. We also added support for Jabber notifications when an order is placed so you stay alerted at all times.

Picture of the automated shop:ccautoshop2

Not only that, but one of AlphaBay admins told DeepDotWeb at a private chat session that they are planning to launch a similar automatic shop for hacked and stolen accounts:

like facebook, gmail, bank logins, whatever you imagine!

Its pretty safe to assume that all the recent Ddo’s attacks are not doing a very good job at crippling the growing trade volume on the Dark Net Markets, or hold admin back from releasing new features for their target audience, we will keep following and updating.


  1. It’s interesting that you guys don’t cover child porn darknets on moral grounds, but have no problems promoting markets with stolen accounts and credit cards. Unlike drug markets, these are not victimless crimes …

    • the guy above me is a pedo

      Actually it is victimless. The “victim” gets their money back thanks to fraud protection. And even if they didn’t there’s a huge difference in ripping people off and child porn. If u don’t think there’s anything wrong with child porn then u should do the world a favor and go ahead and kill yourself….hopefully your fullz will come across ab I’d love to ruin u financially pedo.


        “Actually it is victimless. The “victim” gets their money back thanks to fraud protection.” By your insane logic burglary is victimless since insurance companies refund the homeowner or car owner for the loss.

        • anon-says-fuck-the-system

          *DING DING DING!* We have a winner!

          Most of these people will fall into financial disarray and lose credit worthiness, causing mortgage payment minimums to increase, and if they are looking for work, become a serious pain in the ass during credit-background checks.

          But nah, lets go after the kid diddlers since the idea is that they’re too weak to fend us off. We bad bois (and so tough we cant rob people IRL so we do it online!)~

          • Yeah, if any of these losers ever have their identity stolen, they’ll find out first hand just how victimless it actually is. Sure, you can recover from it, but it is a HUGE pain in the ass.
            If you partake in this kind of thing, just remember every time you look in the mirror that there’s a low-life douchebag staring back at you.

            • Michael

              Yeah carders don’t get our identities stolen cuz we’re smart. And you know what when I do look in the mirror and see a low life douchbag staring back at me I’m kinda consoled by the fact that I can make thousands in a week just by taking over someone’s account or skimming an ATM while most other 18 year olds are working shitty part time jobs. Yeah ur just calling us scumbags cuz ur a pussy that doesn’t have the balls to live a life of crime. And the fact that it fucks up someone else’s life is even better than getting the money. Retards deserve it imo

              • Know any good sources / tutorials for carding ? trying to take advantage of the retards!!!

              • shad0w_666

                I agree with Michey…but carders should be more empathetic towards their victims….I’ll even go as far as compensating the victim with double or triple the amount I carded from them if/when I’m able to multiply the initial investment. That is if I ever took part in carding lol

    • Spooky

      Well with the exception of all the rape and murder from violent cartels, using child slaves for drug manufacturing, and funding terrorist activities; I suppose you can say that the drug trade is victimless.


    • Easy e

      It’s the lesser out of two evils, let met rephrase, it is significantly THE lesser evil out of the two. Currency is a tool , has no soul, emotion … No life to it. Using logic in a world that is perceieved as , on a whole, civilized , logic shows in order to continue this humane civilized way… Do the lesser evil.

    • Are you completely out of your fucking mind? You just compared credit cards with CHILD ABUSE…. Kill yourself faggot and yes, it is a victimless crime. If you knew anything about finance…


      Drug dealing is not a victim-less crime, the whole point of these market places is to create a deterrent to some of the harm associated with these so-called victim-less crimes
      Terrorist activities are funded by certain traders, this is why police involvement presence is important here, terrorism is a little more serious then drug trafficking, and at the moment, these marketplaces are a little bit like a magnet for terrorist
      And credit card fraud is not a victim-free crime, but it in no way compares to child pornography, you don’t get raped, you don’t get beaten, you don’t get stalked for having your identity stolen
      Credit card fraud is about being opportunistic, the system has holes in it, back in the 90’s, banks and other institutions were being broken into over simple mishaps, like plain-text communication of passwords, and passwords instead of encryption, and simplistic passwords like abcd1234, and you wanna know something, we still have a long way to go, for example, why are we still using credit cards with all the required information to access whatever funds are available
      You can carry on about how credit card fraud is a victim-less crime, well there are victims, but we need to move on to better methods of security when it comes to our finances, wake up people! And anybody who can thinks drugs and fraud are comparable to child pornography, then they really should meet a real victim of child porn, I can tell you one thing, many people would rather be dead then be a victim of child porn

    • jackblot

      Ur a sick mother fucken how in the yuck can u fucken compare carding or fraud to fucken child porn ur a sick bartered the team’s the pain and the fact that those kids or not doing it of free will and are exploited that should be more sick then us carding so on the other hand people don’t lose shit it’s the bank institutions that are lossing money and as far as I’m concerned banks have been fucking people for thousands of years so it’s there then to feel what people felt so yuck u u sick fuck

  2. The World Most Dangerous Rap Group

    Why would they cover porn when most of DeepDotWeb’s audience is derived from /r/DarkNetMarkets?

    That sub strictly forbids any thing related to CP. DeepDot readers want to know about the markets that are competing with one another.

  3. Whats the point in new fetures when site is never up ?
    Like killing a headache will a 9mm bullet…

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  5. Any other cc auto shops people know about while AB is down?

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  8. can anyone refer me to a good cc shop that sells valid cc with good balance. I have googled this but most of them are scam. Any suggestion would be appreciated!

  9. Im in need of a black card or two i need to know the price also i need to find skator site that lads me to other dump sites !please! Please give me a price and info

  10. Need cc shops!

  11. Know your bins, know your sites, fill your safe cuz my numbers are right (y).

  12. what is the full site for ccauto
    i need to buy credit card from there

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