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The Scurvy Crew: Its Been An Amazing Ride

Written by ACE from TheScurvyCrew and published to his request, one of the oldest Dark net markets vendors since Silk Road 1 days, Here is a Vice article published about them last year that can give some background, and some background about the doxxing incident.

Its Been An Amazing Ride:

You may not know us, but we are a large seller that started up in the early days of SR1. We will be winding down operations soon due to a number of reasons, but I thought you might be interested in hearing out story in much the same way as you put forward Mr.Nice Guys mistakes in the past and gave him a platform to mediate on.

We were banned form agora a time ago for the supposed DOXXING of a customer, this is false and you can read back through the agora forums to see the truth.
What did happen however was that I did have a pizza sent to her house and paid for, and I did warn her that if she didn’t stop harassing us that I did have her address and did threaten in a joking way that I would send a kilo of crack to her house..  I would have assumed that most people would have realized this to be a joke considering the price of crack these days but hey… I like to play jokes and its my way of dealing with people that really stressed me out.

It was tit for tat, that perhaps I should not have got involved in, but it was done deliberately to harm my business. The girl/Boy posted over 22 posts a day just bashing us on our thread, she had never placed an order with us, she had never even had any contact with us, it was just scammer this scammer that, the products are shit. And that hurts you know when every gram of opium takes you a long time to collect dragging yourself across a dusty floor with armed security guards at every entrance. I tried reasoning with her, but she just ignored her message, so the final straw for me and for her was that I posted a message with the first initials of her first name and the fist letters of the city and everything else dotted out.. As far as I am aware to DOXX someone you need to give enough information to be able to identify that person, we never even gave out her name. But anyway what passed is passed. It hurt me a lot, and I spent a long time trying to find out if it was a competitor or just someone with mental issues. However this happened almost a year ago and we are still known as the people that doxxed that girl and got banned from agora.

The only other gripe people have with us, is that at the end of SR2 I got sick and packages were delayed. SR turned into an LE show anyway and shut down, but we ensured that every delayed package apart from two that I considered scammers *out of *700 packs reached the customers, however because the forums cut out when they did people saw that packs were arriving but never got to see that they had all arrived by the end, even people that contacted me on other sites after SR2 I attended to and reshipped or refunded *nucleus, Dreams etc, and I have proof and they even posted it on the forums. But when the crowd goes one way it takes a lot of courage for an individual to go another way so I don’t blame them. So we’ve kinda been stuck with a label that hurts too much to keep.

I invested everything in this game, my freedom, my house my money. I was in semi constant communication with Ross and actually spoke to him the day he was arrested, I was a part of the community that helped make SR1 the community that it was. We all make mistakes on the way, and learn from them, but on every market that we have been a part of excluding the last 2 months of SR2 we have always had a rating in the high 90%s, with excellent feedback and thousands and thousands of sales. And an even bigger following.
We still get a huge amount of sales, more in fact that from SR1 and BMR combined, but I don’t want to carry on doing this having to face the same shit every day. I felt after a few months it would blow over.

What makes me angry is what Ive put into this revolution. Im a big part of the bitcoin community now promoting bitcoin cash machines around Europe. I advocate for a global free market economy. And most importantly I believe that what nature gives no man has the right to take away. I believe in peoples right to chose and in the freedom of every person on this planet, be it the freedom to love, or to explore their own mind through LSD or to cure their own pain using opium or heroin.

What hurts is that when vendors were in trouble we were the first to offer safe houses to vendors that were in trouble, in fact one of those vendors turned into one of our best resellers, we provided them papers out of the country, a house, packaging equipment and stock so they could get on their feet, also another vendor just needed extraction and transport.
Weve loaned many people money, as well as had loans given to us and paid back in full.

People see us as this negative entity simply because of what happened in the last months of SR2 and theyre bitter that the site shut down  and they never got to hear that the packs were returned, there is only 1 outstanding pack of heroin and we are on our 4 reship now and I think he might be scamming us. Just 3 months before the SR2 shutdown everyone was singing our praises and saying how exemplary we are, and now that the newbies have come in and only heard half of the story they have no problem calling us scammers and doxxers on the forums, which is simply not true.

Im not saying this for any other reason than im sad it happened and I hope that people will learn to be kinder with their words, in SR we all had a spirit of community, we all cared for each other and regularly juked around on the forums and chat rooms and had a great relationship, now its turned into something nasty, Ive seen people post that they don’t care if a vendor loses money because were just like corporations, another time we had 4 purchases of our least expensive product just so they could get a reship and they leave an awful review, they posted they would do it on the forums the day before. This isnt the revolution I signed up for, and I don’t want the money from it either. I think Ill go my own way and find something to do that is more in line with my values like bitcoin trading, a universal deregulated monetary system is what we fought for in the first place.

A bunch of kids looking for weed is not. So yeah we will be winding down operation over the next few months and selling the stock we have left, we will probably do a clearance sale soon just to get rid of the last bits, and anything left over we will hand out to our network of resellers.

If I had one message to you all it would be to love each other, and realize that vendor and customer are just the same, we are all people trying to make a living, because we have access to the drugs that you want does not make us bad people, in our case to get those drugs to you ive personally had to eat 900g of hash eggs and drive across a boarder, or take a dangerous route across the sahara, Once I nearly died and had to be narcaned testing anew batch of H. its very very far from easy money, but at the same time, im not the kinda person who wants to spend 8 to 6pm working in a cubicle to make another man rich. I have my own dreams as should all of you. I don’t believe in the world in the way it is, simply because the people running it have been proven liars. And in our hands now we hold the key to a new world a better world, and that key is bitcoin and all that may come of it.

So yeah, When you think back to The Scurvy Crew why not think of the 5 and a half years of excellent sales, us posting our stories on how we got that particular batch, the competitions we used to run on the forum, it brings a smile to my face whenever I read that our forum was the most visited on SR1, and the people we helped. We still have the charity list if anyone can find it.
We will be doing a few giveaways, but only really for people that knew us from before, I haven’t really fallen in love with the new generation of tor users.. No offense, but form the outside with all the flaming and the insults and the trying to be cleverer than everyone else.. it just doesn’t sit right with me, there will always be someone who knows more and always be someone who knows less.
Anyway, I hope you find a good source of opium and hash in the future but nothing beats the good old Bayer grown goodness!

Anyway enough of your time. T.S.C will be no more as soon as we clear the current stock, shipping times are back to normal and if I reduce prices I think we can clear all the stock pretty quick, we have a network of resellers at the moment so I’m nor sure at the moment what will happen there, they sell their own products too and as I understand it will be adding more products also.

So sorry for the wall of text


  1. You are a big loser that screwed up his operation and now you are seeking solace via public excuses. You are a liar. You lie. It’s what you do.
    Explain this one about the girl you doxxed:

    ” The girl/Boy posted over 22 posts a day just bashing us on our thread, she had never placed an order with us, she had never even had any contact with us, it was just scammer this scammer that, the products are shit”

    If he / she never placed an order then how did you get her address to send pizza, partially dox ( as you put it )in the forums and jokingly threaten to send a kilo. Jokingly threaten is an oxymoron, you moron. That is a huge threat. I’m sure you also threatened to inform LE of the kilo but left that part out.

    The truth is your Agora account was shut down due to a scamming investigation. There were innumerable orders never received that people FE’d for.

    And quit whining about what you had to do to sneak drugs across borders and test heroin quality ( really u r a junky that over dosed ) just for the libertarian cause. Bullshit – you were out to make a buck. That is it. You lied, stole, doxxed, threatened and your products turned into over priced crap.

    So GTF out of here. Move on. Nobody gives a shit. Boo fking Hoo.

    • The scurvy crew, DanHash, OpiumKing are all the same vendor on drug selling sites. They are based in the United Kingdom but play shipping from Spain. This seller us WELL KNOWN to scam first time buyers and then some with his hallarious Bayer Opium product. He controls most Opium sales from the UK from the internet. It’s best to avoid any vendor selling opium in yhe UK because chances are it’s this criminal. Hopefully he will get busted and do some serious time getting but f_cked in prison. UNITED KINGDOM OPIUM = SCAM.

  2. That great piece on you about robbing Bayer poppy fields for opium was pure fantasy BS just to promote your self. There is another vendor, currently active on many markets, that you purchased your opium and heroin from. That vendor gets it from middle eastern poppy fields grown specifically for the illicit market. It made for a nice story though.

  3. Don’t mind (cry me a river) there just being negative. This industry is hard. And even harder with LE breathing down your neck. Any person that picks this path should keep in mind that they might lose there money for whatever reason. That’s what draws me to the darknet…. Because of the freedom. I think everyone deserves a second chance regardless of there past. You have to respect the old G’s that gave us what we have today.

  4. I don't believe shit on the darknet anymore

    I thought you “sold” your “business” swerve crew ?? Anyway I always thought he was a lair . Won’t suprise if he is just playing everyone to try and get back in the game under another name . Glad I don’t fuck with him

  5. Excuse my thick comment if i misunderstood somewhere here but…

    ‘ she had never placed an order with us, she had never even had any contact with us, ‘

    And then says…

    ‘ I tried reasoning with her, but she just ignored her message, so the final straw for me and for her was that I posted a message with the first initials of her first name and the fist letters of the city and everything else dotted out.. ‘

    Well Mr ACE.. If she/he was never a customer. How did you have his/her details to reveal?

    • Its called doxxing. You can find out watever info you want about anyone. Hackers are very good at what they do.
      I have ordered many many many times from ace personally always wallet to wallet none of this escrow shit. i believe he never scammed anyone.
      He was a good guy

  6. To the poster above,
    Im a family man now, I havn’t taken drugs in a long time.

    to the other poster,
    We got the address by posting a free hash competition on the forums she was the first person to post that she wanted the free hash.

    To all, alk yourself what makes me a liar, I couldnt care less about your opinions of me, I made some amazing friends here and continue to keep in contact with them however. Your the reason this place is so different from what it was meant to be, its so dirty now because you cant follow your own path, i asmitted my mistakes, Screaming liar is like the people who throw rotting fruit at people in the gallows, your not interested in this story, your just interested in allaviating your pain by inflicfting it on others, far from reviewing my own life you should perhaps try to think back to the last person you lied to and why, and it what way it hurt them. Or have you never lied yourself? Do you have any stakes in anything that happened back then of have you just read stories of half truths and decided to follow the crowd and made up your mind there and then. I would have been happy to answer any questions if you had just emailed. I’m no saint, but I’m happy and that makes bitter people incredibly angry, Im following my dreams, travelling around the world and doing what I want to do, Im outside the system, I dont get told what time to wake up or what assignments i need to sweat over to complete. I eat when I want and if I feel like it I get in my car and drive to a festival. A liar I might be, but Ive never lied to intentionally hurt someone if you knew me then youd have a basis to make an opinion, as it stands your just somone who heard the 3rd generation of a story that was based on little truth to start with.

  7. One more then im out.

    We never sold our business I dont know where you got that from.

    And the comment just to sell to come back as someone else is retarted, we currently get in excess of 1000 euros a day accross all of our sites and lelantos.

    Starting from scratch would take months to get to that level again. why bother, I have a stable business doing something that actually helps people a self regulated economy, not selling drugs to people that have it so easy that they think its a service they have been entitled to their whole lives and dont give a fuck about the vendors any more.

    • Ryde

      Thanks Ace for all you’ve done for this community! You were the first vendor I ever purchased from and the only until you got sick. Although it took a while to get my missed order I believe you when you say every legit missed order was taken care of. You’re smart to get out now. Thanks again to all the people like Ross and yourself for giving buyers safer options away from dark street corners.

  8. Facade Face SR1

    You rule man. Always liked your operation.
    Fuck all those haters and faggots. That’s how DN works.
    Good luck. FF

  9. Lost Faith, In the Human Race

    “I don’t believe in the world in the way it is, simply because the people running it have been proven liars.”

    That says it all – And I believe every word you said, simply because of that line.

    Everyone is just in it for themselves these days.
    Community spirit is a thing of the past.
    But of course there are those rare people who still want it, and strive for that community spirit – Haters often make it very difficult.
    I don’t like the way the Human Race is heading, and I completely agree/relate to, every word written.
    It’s not just the DarkNet, it’s Worldwide.

    I wish people would see beyond their stupid opinions (When the facts are so blatant) and actually Read what you have said!
    People are so close-minded!

    ANYBODY in your position, would have done something just as crazy, they just don’t know it! Everyone has a limit.
    You don’t truly know yourself, until that Limit has been reached and surpassed.
    …Fight or Flee?

  10. Where can i order your famos Opium (market) ???

  11. So I’m organizing a huge order! Hope your stock last till I’ll find enough money!

  12. Thanks for your reply Ace. I’m just one of those lurkers that likes to read about darknet shenanigans rather than be part of them. So, unlike most here i have no agenda (i suspect most of the comments made here are made by competitors or friends of such) and i’m not some mad ass junkie either.

    For what it’s worth after reading all there is on this subject i think i tend to believe Jake Hanrahan and his opinions on you in his article. I think he has a lot more credibility than everything else i have read. I also believe you had/have genuine good intentions but just became a victim of your own success.
    There are obviously a lot of assholes out there that are very jealous of you and your crew and that brings with it a lot badmouthing. (psycho junky style mostly)

    When looking at it with a certain amount of rationale you probably didn’t deserve this. But that’s the nature of the beast which you are well aware of.

    Retiring on top isn’t such a bad thing. Be safe.

    • retireontopmyass

      Not all of us are newbies headed toward apocalypse. Some of us have been around as long ass the Screw You Crew and watched him screw people over. You don’t get kicked off of Agora for no reason. Ive heard ACE hole give 10 different accounts and excuses since that occured. The fact is he is a fuck up. Retire on top? Sure if looking over your shoulder every time you go out in public, to a festival or eat when you want is on top.

      Move on Ace. Quit whinning. You were just 1 pawn in the whole game. A pawn that went rogue and is trying to save face. Well Fk off loser.

  13. I have orderd opium from scurvy crew six times and every time it has been great. one time the order was under by a few grams. I messaged TSC and they sent the rest. Someone who shows that level of trust is unlikely to be a liar or scammer.

    Big up TSC

    I wish you a happy and healthy future.

  14. I could only read about half of it. This is EXACTLY the type of person who SHOULDN’T be involved with this. Stupidity, cowardice and mental illness just oozing through his rubbish.

  15. When SR2 lost their escrow to scammers someone from TheScurvyCrew DEMANDED to get paid back before any vendor or customer saying that they will be RAPED by their supplier within 4 days if they supplier was not paid back.

    Then this vendor started taking donations which never seemed to be reimbursed once Defcon actually did reimburse TheScurvyCrew immediately from his own funds.

    Yes this vendor has been around for a long time but has always been an attention whore. And if this vendor does make about 1k day that figure is nothing to brag about. Vendors selling fake Air Jordans or Colorado edibles put this vendors revenue to shame despite their higher costs of goods.

    • Unknown soldier

      I was one vendor who lent an amount of bitcoin to her when Ace was away. It took a small amount of time but everything was repaid in full when Ace returned. But then I have lived in Maroc and worked on farms in Larache and understand all too well the locals can be very threatening especially towards women when they are owed money.

  16. This WILL be a massive EXIT SCAM!
    Anyone who buys from you is truly ignorant.

  17. The biggest problem right now it to find a good seller like ace. His Opium is the best in the world, cheapest and strongest. His cola is the purest in DM, and best quality/price ratio. And the xanax I’ve heard the way they sell it it is very smart. Hope you’ll change your mind :(

  18. You got caught hoarding customer info, doxxing was the nail int the coffin. Do i want some drugdealer holding my info indefinitely so they can try to pleabargain to the cops when they got caught? Fuck that grow some balls and run a business with some ethic, no one is going to put themselves on a list just to buy a smudge of overpriced opium that you can burn through in a day.

  19. TSC are liars and scammers. I have been damaged by their scams.

    YOU REMEMBER ME ACE? On EVO, opium and hash. What apologize you will invent to justify also my accuses? That we don’t know? That I am part of the group (like thousands people) of liars that – no one knows why – targets only you?

    TSC is well organized with fake profiles/feedback and comments (also here: “ACE’s opium is the best in the world, the cheapest bla bla bla” it wrote this and other himself it’s clear…

  20. well you’ve been the first vendor i ordered from back in the day, when you were still serious. but then, 1 month before the closure of sr2, i saw the dozens of bad feedbacks
    telling you became a scammer, i thought i had been lucky to order before you got rogue… You’ve lost your Karma mate, just for money
    you suck. good luck with that now.

  21. All negative comments are fake. I’ve never had problem with them and I’ve recived a lot of sample and freebies. THey worked great ad have had best price and quaility. If you find better, buy there, but i guess you can’t find best Opium o bes Cola in DM (and good hash so cheap). Bye my friend!

  22. Older Than Fuck

    You and your wonderful products will be missed. I am sad for the community and happy for you.
    Onwards and upwards.

    Namaste and not not Namaste


    Not much money but this joker robbed me. Said anyone with less than 3 sales on dream market had to have permission to purchase. I did so and within 5 minutes replied go ahead. Then vanished shortly after. If you were “winding down: why tell me to purchase. Anywho…. Karmas a bitch

    • I cannot understand all these bashing ppl.
      The first time I bought of TSC was on SR1, and since then a lot of orders followed. Every one arrived, and if there was any problem, they fixed it in a fast and generous way, I´ve never dealt with a vendor who came close to the TSC. They are the BEST!!

      Ace, I´m very sorry for you! You have such positive intentions and so many ppl don´t want to see that!
      I hope to stay in contact with you.

  24. What, am I a couple months late here? Fuck it, gonna ask anyway. Though, considering I am so late to this conversation (hey, it is a US buyer thing. TSC issues are not on my radar).

    I know I am ridiculous in thinking Ace will
    1. See my question, then
    2. Bother to reply

    But I will try – Ace, I just read your farewell story here and read some reddit posts to get the missing details needed to catch up on you. Please know I am [b][u]completely[/u][/b] neutral in every way. I have no motives, just a curiosity from the social level . I don’t have any opinion about the doxing issue and it is irrelevant to me. The thing that I am most fascinated with is this;

    [b][i][quote][size=150]I think I’ll go my own way and find something… [/size][/quote][/i][/b]

    This tells me that you are going to be looking for work. What I am wondering is why a guy like you is not going to just hit the beach for a few years? I guess I am saying that I realize you need the money to keep living, how does a guy that no longer does drugs end up in a situation where there is no nest egg? I have been buying longer than you have been selling. I have known of you since the day you opened shop. In all this time I have seen a shit load of legendary vendors/admins retire with a virtual IRA in the form of their wallet balances. I know two that actually needed to find work pretty quickly but they were either junkies or small players. Dude, you were arguably the most known and proportionally busy vendor for a long time before and after the interview. Where is all that scratch? I do not know of a SINGLE vendor that was well known that voluntarily retired and announced career possibilities. In fact, I would say that you are, BY FAR, the largest vendor in the history of markets that retire then go get another job. Your volume was staggering.

    I have no idea how much you are retiring with but it is obviously not 7 figures. And it is likely barely 6 figures if that. Are you telling me that you are so burned out and apathetic that you are going to walk away from a brand like TSC? I’m not picking shit here, just trying to speak to you man to man –> how the fuck did you not work at the end here to strengthen and MARKET the brand? You are a dolt Ace. You could have had a receptive, captive audience. You could have announced your intention to sell the brand and let the MANY MANY people that would have paid you good money for TSC witness the process of you repairing and restoring as best you could your TSC name. The culmination would have been a great payout, great publicity (which you and I know you love), and clear conscience. Maybe even some people would have thought you legendary eventually. Your self charged duty of trying to humanize and commercialize the DN by showing the world that Dealers are not the sketch, demonized stereotype that governments worldwide love to paint and perpetuate, but rather – Vendors are simply libertarian businessmen that are common and human. You seem to be unaware or have forgotten that the enforcement community and movement is simply a government scam to provide more federal jobs. It is NOT in the interest of any government to stop or win any “war on drugs”. The fact is that too many people would be out of work if there are no bad guys. For every bust of low hanging fruit they make, 3 more apples enter the orchid. That’s exactly how they want it. If any government really wanted you or your brand you would be in custody 7 days later. If you think that all the big vendors that have never been caught are all free because of good OPSEC? Hah – not hardly. We entered a surreal world about 9 years ago.There is no such thing as reactive LE anymore. Every case is parallel driven and carefully chosen. They have to allow 50 Ace’s for every supertrips. You are allowed to be operating – don’t fuck it up!

    Hell, people would have paid you good money without even you doing any final repairs and public reconciliations with any customers that had a case. They would have bought it even with the sketchy stories. There is a value to the existing free recognition you enjoy that seo donks cream over. Instead you are retiring with some convoluted fantasy that you can find a new life in the real world. And on your head-down, phony-existential-hippy-toned exiting thoughts which leads to…

    A sort of a follow-up question to the first question of where all your coin is, I have some bad news. You are not going make even a fraction of the money you were making with a “real, legal job”. Your chances of failing to make this easy money will land you back selling drugs. Do you really think you could land a

    I do want to toss a jab at one thing you said, though;

    [b][i][quote][size=150][color=#404080]Im not saying this for any other reason than im sad it happened and I hope that people will learn to be kinder with their words….[/color][/size][/quote][/i][/b]

    That’s pretty disingenuous IMO coming from a seasoned player like yourself that has had your own share of posts over the years that, well let’s just agree, were not passages of love. You have been an aggressive guy for yourself and TSC over the years. IMHO, your fork into this touchy-feely shit is pretty fucking rofl, no? Let MNG07 proselytize the Timothy Leary shit – you have always been a cutthroat type of guy, which is what you NEED to be to be a vendor of your size. Acting as if you suddenly drank Kool-Aid in a Tibetan Monastery is, well, transparently false bullshit of the highest order.

    Are you being honest about not doing drugs anymore, Ace? Don’t answer that. It was rhetorical and meant to evoke you to have a conversation with yourself.

  25. YOSHIT….you are an ignorant fuck!! Like if the cops bust a vender like they give a fuck about some street level users info!?!?!? Dream on. No one (including cops) cares about your info!!

  26. Your not on the darknet anymore?

    WHO is Danish on Alphabay selling stuff???

    And Dream market??

    • DanHash… Alphabay… Member

      • Pettydragon

        The Scurvy Crew (and many aliases associated with this Seller) need to be taken out. Sites are not actively protecting it’s members from this guy. Karma is a bit hard and I’m sure the turn around on this guy will be brutal.

  27. The Scurvy Crew took my money for their opium, never shipped it and never responded to my requests. This guy is a total scam artist, hope he ends in jail.

  28. I have friends from Kurdistan and other parts of the Middle East where I can easily cop dope or heroine or hash, one of the benefits of attending international educational programs – you’re full of shit. I’ve lived in places like Egypt and Afghanistan, I don’t believe a damn word you say. If someone doesn’t get to you before I do, you better hope no one finds out who you are or where you’re from because I was imprisoned for 6 weeks and missed out on my internships due to interrogations and questioning, all because this vendor doxxed one of the Foster Homes I was staying at.

    The Home you Doxxed was a Federal employee in Central Intelligence – good luck. Stay safe. I’ve done my time, and paid my dues – I hope you’re prepared to take responsibility. And this is all coming from a kid, yeah? Pathetic.

    – sighsmatters

    • sighsmatter

      btw i was never banned, i just never went back searching for drugs online when it’s so much easier on the streets. good luck finding some plugs having to watch ur back all the time, punk – you’re literal trash.

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