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Proxy.sh VPN Review

For some time now, we have been looking into performance and services of Proxy.sh VPN. Most of our readers are in need of a comprehensive review to find out whether or not this VPN service provider can really live up to its promises.

For this reason, we have decided to conduct a detailed review of Proxy.sh VPN services, so that you and the rest of our readers will finally have the necessary data and information that you require, in order to evaluate if their VPN services can truly fulfill your online security and privacy needs.

To start the review, here are some useful details and information about their company.


About the Company

Proxy.sh is a Seychelles based VPN service provider that offers fast, discreet and secured VPN connections to over 20,000 clients around the globe. Their organization is composed of anonymous individuals from different countries, such as Argentina, Belgium, Bulgaria, Germany, Laos, Philippines, Russia, Seychelles, Spain, Switzerland and Thailand.

Their company started operating in 2012, offering various proxy technologies to online users. They conduct a non-for-profit operation, spending one third of their company earnings on developing and expanding their VPN servers, and the remaining two thirds for paying contractors and the salaries of their employees.

At present, Proxy.sh is operating with 300+ VPN servers located across 52 countries worldwide.

Proxy.sh Free Trial

Due to the nature of the usage of VPN services, it is recommended that we first test the performance of a VPN provider before we decide to spend our hard earned money and subscribe to one of their available packages. Luckily, most of the major VPN service providers in the market offers a free trial subscription for one or more of their plans and packages.

Unfortunately, based on our research and our first-hand experience in using the services of Proxy.sh for this review, we found out that they do not offer any free trial on any of their services. Furthermore, they do not offer any refund or money back guarantee to customers, BUT they do offer a very low priced testing subscription package of $2 for 72 hours that we can avail for making sure that we are satisfied with their services, before we decide to invest in one of their more expensive subscription plans.

>> Click HERE to Visit the Proxy.sh VPN Official Site

Interface and Setup – Proxy.sh

Proxy.sh uses a custom VPN client called Safejumper. This user-friendly software application allows users to connect to various Proxy.sh ports, protocols, locations and VPN networks securely and easily. Moreover, this software enables subscribers to fine tune their account and network settings with just a few taps or clicks.

The Proxy.sh Safejumper software has several versions that can be used for the following device platforms:

  • Windows
  • MacOS
  • Linux
  • iOS
  • Android.

For this review, we will use the Safejumper version for Windows to evaluate and test how their interface and setup process works.

Installing the Safejumper application for Windows

To be able to connect to Proxy.sh VPN network we had to download the Safejumper software installer on our Windows based device.

We were able to download the mProxy.sh VPN software from their website just after subscribing.

After downloading the software installer, we accessed the directory where we saved the installer file and ran it using the administrator mode.

We then selected a file location where we want to install Safejumper and waited for the installer to complete its installation process.

After the installation was completed, a dialogue box appeared, asking us if we want to install TAP-Windows Provider V9 Network adapter. We clicked on the install button to continue the installation.


After the installation of TAP-Windows Provider V9 Network adapter was completed, we clicked on the close button to finish the setup process.

We were able to see a Safejumper icon on our desktop, which confirms that the installation of the software was successful.


Connecting to the Proxy.sh VPN network

We ran the Safejumper application and entered our username and password on the fields provided.

After entering our username and password, we clicked on the login button to continue to the main interface of the software.

We clicked on the connect button at the bottom of the main menu to connect to the VPN network location and protocol indicated on the interface.

The Safejumper icon turned green, indicating that we are safely connected to the VPN network.


In general, the Proxy.sh interface and installer is easy to use and ok to look at. Users can effortlessly choose a network location and protocol, adjust account and network settings, and even jump into the next VPN network location with just a few simple clicks or taps on the software interface.


Security –Proxy.sh


Proxy.sh offers one of the most advanced security technology in the market. They not only provide users with access to multiple encryption protocols, such as OpenVPN-TCP (256 bit encryption), OpenVPN-UDP (256 bit encryption), PPTP (MPPE 128bit cipher) and L2TP (256 bit encryption), but they also provide other proxy technologies like SOCKS and HTTP proxy.

Furthermore, Proxy.sh supports other encryption methods and protocols, which includes TOR, SoftEther, ECC, obfsproxy, and XOR.

Privacy -Proxy.sh


In terms of privacy, Proxy.sh is one of the best in the world. They maintain a 100% no usage log policy to protect the privacy of their users, and unlike other VPN providers on the net, they do not keep any connection logs.

The only information that they keep is the type of package that you purchased and the email address that you used to pay for your subscription, which is linked to your payment method. They even allow fake email addresses to be used to further protect your anonymity.

Moreover, when obliged by the law to share information, they will only do so, if they can inform their customers in advance through their Transparency Report, and if they are told not to do so, they will circumvent this illegal censorship with their Warrant Canary. This is an EXCELLENT policy for those using the VPN to make your time on the Darknet Markets more secure and private.

If all fails, their company will be more than willing to cease operations in the involved jurisdiction, in order to protect the privacy of their users.

Besides, their company is based in Seychelles, which is considered one of the best countries in regards to protecting online privacy and anonymity, and based on our research, the worst action that they took, in terms of DCMA policy request, is to shut down the concerned server involved in the dispute.

Ethical Policy: https://proxy.sh/panel/knowledgebase/5/Ethical-policy.html

100% No LOGS: https://proxy.sh/logs

Speed – Proxy.sh


Proxy.sh offers a free VPN speed test feature for their network, which is very useful for potential customers who want to check the connection speed that they can expect from the VPN service.

But, for this review, we didn’t want to use Proxy.sh owns speed test application to avoid any bias towards their network. So, we decided to use Ookla for the testing the network speed of Proxy.sh.

Based on our results, the connection speed did drop when we were connected to their VPN. The drop in connection speed is expected when users connect to any VPN network. It is the price that we pay for security. The speed was still pretty good to browser around on Tor, stream video and music.

Usability – Proxy.sh


Using Proxy.sh VPN service is a pleasurable experience. Their VPN client is simple to use and easy to understand. There are no complex procedures to perform, you just have to click or tap a few interface buttons and your online connection will be instantly protected by their service.

Proxy.sh VPN allows up to 3 devices connected to the VPN network at the same time, giving users the freedom to use multiple gadgets while surfing the net. Aside from that, network traffic is not an issue with Proxy.sh. With over 300 VPN networks to choose from and the existence of multiple servers on popular locations, users can rest assured that they can connect to their favorite online TV show, website and application without difficulty.



Proxy.sh offers many features with their VPN service and you actually get different features based on what package you buy.

  • Good Speed.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth.
  • Allows P2P Torrents.
  • Safejumper Client.
  • No LOGS.
  • Seychelles Based Company.
  • Bitcoin Accepted.

Compatibility- Proxy.sh


Proxy.sh is compatible with the following devices and platforms:

  • Computer
    • Apple Mac OS X
    • Google Chrome OS
    • Linux
    • Microsoft Windows
  • Mobile
    • Apple iOS
    • Google Android
    • Microsoft Windows Mobile
  • Routers
    • Tomato Firmware
    • DD-WRT

Proxy.sh also works great alongside Tor browser to navigate your way though the Deep Web. Even when not using the Deep Web you should always be using your VPN, stop being tracked with a mouse click.

Pricing and Checkout-Proxy.sh


>> Click HERE to Visit the Proxy.sh VPN Official Site

Proxy.sh offers a variety of plans and packages for different needs and requirements. Their VPN plans include the following:


  • $2 for 72 hours
  • Access to USA and Netherland VPN servers
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Access to over 30 nodes (1 Gbps shared)


  • $5 per month / $25 for 6 month / $40 per year
  • Access to USA, Germany, France, United Kingdom and Netherland VPN servers
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Access to over 50 nodes (1 Gbps shared)


  • $10 per month / $50 for 6 month / $90 per year
  • Access to 50+ countries
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Access to over 300 nodes (1 Gbps shared)


  • $10 per month / $50 for 6 month / $90 per year
  • Access to entire Proxy.sh network
  • 250 GB per month
  • Access to 8 premium network nodes (50 Gbps shared)

Check out Process-Proxy.sh

For this review, we purchased a Proxy.sh plan to check their payment process and procedures.


We selected the Solid plan and clicked on the GET STARTED button.

We were directed to their package configuration pages, giving us the option to choose between subscribing for a month, 6 months or a year.


We opted for a month and clicked on the Add to Cart button. We continued on to the Order Summary page, and because we had no Voucher Code available to get a discount, we just clicked on the Checkout button to proceed with the subscription process.


We were then brought to another Checkout page.


We entered our email address and desired password, and selected Money as our payment method.

We clicked on the Complete Order button and were directed to another page that gave us an Invoice and Order number.

We clicked on the Invoice# button, which forwarded us to an invoice page, where we can process the payment.

We clicked on the CLICK HERE TO PAY icon below the UNPAID dialogue box, bringing us to the page where we have to select a country.


We picked a country and clicked on the Proceed to payment button, bringing us to the page below.


We selected PayPal and clicked on the Buy button, directing us to the PayPal payment page. If you want to increase your anonymity even further then purchase using Bitcoin.


We processed our PayPal payment and finished the subscription process.

Payment Method Accepted by Proxy.sh


  • Visa
  • American Express
  • Mastercard
  • Carte Bleue
  • Diners
  • CartaSi
  • DK
  • postepay
  • eNETS
  • WebMoney
  • Bancontact
  • Cherry
  • PayPal
  • ePoints
  • Rbety
  • MercadoPago
  • DineroMail
  • ClickandBuy
  • Mycard
  • Pagseguro
  • Indomog
  • RBK
  • Fanapay
  • Qwi
  • Tutudo
  • iDeal
  • Bank Transfer
  • Poli
  • SanalPara
  • Dotpay
  • toditoCash
  • Postaceki
  • Mint
  • cashU
  • wavegame
  • uKash
  • GScash
  • Neosurf
  • Daopay
  • Zong
  • boxPay
  • Mikroodeme
  • Allopass



  • Litecoin
  • Peercoin
  • Dash
  • Dogecoin
  • Vetcoin
  • Xcurrency
  • BitcoinDark

Support –Proxy.sh


Proxy.sh provides 24/7 customer support through their online ticketing system. Additional information and answers to common questions and inquires can also be found in their Blog, FAQ’s and Knowledgebase Page.

Although, their website states that their support is 24/7, it also says that their average respond time is 12 hours. However, we tried to test their response time by creating a ticket, and we were happy with the results, because we got a reply within an hour.

Conclusion – Proxy.sh

Based on our review, Proxy.sh is a great VPN provider when it comes to securing and protecting your privacy and identity online. Their state of the art encryption technologies is at par with the best VPN providers in the world. They have first class policies when it comes to protecting their user’s privacy and anonymity.

On the other hand, we did not like that they do not offer any free trial and refund policy (except for PayPal payments). They also have monthly usage caps on the plans and although they are pretty high it is still a cap. It is a small price to pay for the level of anonymity they provide though.

Overall, we highly recommend Proxy.sh for those who prioritize their privacy and security while using the clear and dark net. We also recommended it to those who engage in heavy P2P activities.

>> Click HERE to Visit the Proxy.sh VPN Official Site


  1. Don’t use Proxy.sh. They intentionally spied on their own users for LEO some time ago with Wireshark. Look it up. Also, they are shady as hell.

    • I can’t recommend proxy.sh either, I even didn’t care that they used wireshark on one of their customers. I read the story behind it and deemed it OK. What was way worse is that I couldn’t use their service, it worked twice for about 5 minutes in 5 days. I gave them all my logs and all I got was a 2 day extension. There was promise of support but I got none. It was already strange that they only accepted bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. I pretty much know why now 0 efford if it doesn’t work for you they don’t care and wont give your money back.

  2. Closed source, maybe spies / talks home. How to guarantee no logging? Impossible to defeat legal requests for spying unless they close down the WHOLE service.. unlikely. Accepts non-crypto payment, thus, opening itself up to other invasive powers.

    This website clearly allowing such poor reviews, what does that tell you?

  3. all of you are definitely write in the opinons you expressed, however you don’t know their side of the story yet, so we can’t go being so hard on them until we hear from them. however, i also do know personally that they are one of the best out there, but i also do agree they should supply a free 72 hour trial.

  4. I think they’re a good service, I have the $5 package and pay $40 a year and it’s pretty sweet. The only thing I don’t like about them is they take forever to respond with some tickets you write, I had a technical issue with safejumper which took a few days for them to help me with but now everything works a-ok. If you need constant support you might want someone else but if you’re a mellow fellow and aren’t in a hurry then I encourage you to use them.

  5. I dunno, I’ve been with them for a couple years (yes, years) now and my experience has been pretty lackluster when it comes to speed. Not only does it seem to top out @ around 3Mbps down on a 60Mbps line, it sometimes takes forever to actually negotiate a connection to one of their local servers in the pool. See, that’s the one thing I find suspicious about this review. Where are the benchmark *numbers*!

  6. This is not a review, it’s a long sales pitch. I signed up with Proxy.sh on the $10/month plan, and I could not get the service to work. Only error messages with broken spring sound effects, but I noticed lengthy wait times on this list of countries and cities with a supposed connection. About 50 different locations worldwide with no available connection, only the amount of minutes I’d have to wait for an opening. 30 minutes up to hundreds of minutes. I am experienced user, but new to VPN, and if Proxy.sh is representative of VPN’s, then maybe a proxy service with a kill switch would be better. Worse still is Proxy.sh tech support via email only with 12 hour delays in between messages. There is no online chat nor a 1-800 number to call. There is also no clear way to cancel the service other than to let it expire. It’s a good thing that I only signed on for a month, or is a revolving charge? You can only correspond via so called “tickets” and waiting a long time for an email response. The adventure is long gone on the net. It’s just another form of television now, and everybody wants your money while making lots of promises that they may or may not deliver on. I’ve been wrestling with Proxy.sh for days now, and I am completely spent. These characters are located on an island in the Indian Ocean, and pretty much unreachable. Now I know why. At best Proxy.sh is for super geeks only who know exactly what they’re doing, because there is no simple step by step, 1-2-3 process that actually works, and when there’s a problem, you are pretty much on your own. Tech support messages are very short, and useless. Telling you things like, “make sure all other applications are closed, and try again”. I waited 12 hours for THAT? “You might have to wait a while for a connection opening”… Yeah, DAYS. WEEKS. If ever… Oh, but the payment process went through without a hitch. That part was smooth, smooth, smooth… Three Monkeys International Inc. is the legal owner/operator of the proxy.sh brand… Three Monkeys? On an island in the Indian Ocean… Picturing that is a laugh… Long post? Long rant?.. Not nearly as long as the above bs sales pitch.

  7. I’m personally disappointed with their response time, which is too long (to me). When they finally respond: GREAT. Very helpful, great attitudes. I’m a big fan of their privacy policy and encryption. One problem I have noticed is that you have to try and connect to multiple different nodes sometimes because the one you want doesn’t connect for some reason. Aside from those two issues, I’m very pleased with their service.

  8. Not recommended if you using a more advance setup than the safejump client. If you use something like Pfsense with openvpn portforwarding has been a big problem to get to work.
    For me it did work the first 7-8 months then it started to stop working. Some times it did work for 4-6 months then it stoped working for 1 day to 3-4 months then it start working once more.. After allot of tickets (going over 1.5 year) to them and answers saying more or less it was on my end problem was and not with proxy.sh i did change permanently over to a different vpn provider..
    Eaven After showing that problem was not with other vpn providers they still did not say it was a problem with them.. Did try 3 other vpn providers for proving to them that problem only was with proxy.sh..
    And each ticket did take long time to get any answers or they did “forget” the ticket so had to start new one.
    So my advice find a different provider

  9. I tried them over a period of a week. Right from the start their safejumper client wouldn’t connect to their network. I sent a support ticket, and it took a while for them to get back to me. I ended up sending logs, they sent me different clients to try out, but I never managed to connect. To be fair to them, I asked for a refund after several attempts to try it, and they honoured the full refund. So while I’m unhappy about the wasted time, I’m happy they refunded me in full.

  10. i bought the 10 usd plan following a similar review. only some hubs work, many do not. i purchased the plan in order to use a specific hub, the one i chose do not work. others are useless to me. contacted customer support, won t get a reply other that, “we are sorry, thanks for your patience, we are escalating your ticket …..” my plan ends in 4 days, i have not once been able to connect to the desired Hub, 10 USD wasted. it’s not like in a fortune, but honestly, it’s shameful and they should not be promoted the way your website do. i hope my review will help some making the right choice and that this company that sells a partially non working product will go extinct. there are far too many like those

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