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Freedom Hosting: High Court grants extradition of Irishman to US

Eric Eoin Marques (30) from Dublin is accused of setting up and administrating Freedom Hosting, a hosting site that allowed numerous websites post videos and images of child porn. He is also accused with the advertisement and distribution of child pornography. Marques is currently planning his appeal to the Irish High Court’s decision of extraditing him to the US government.

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Marques is believed to the “the world’s largest facilitator of child porn”. If he is extradited to the United States, where he is wanted as a criminal, he could face a life sentence in federal prison.

Last year, Special Agent Brooke Donahue from the FBI flew to Ireland in the case of Marques’ extradition to the US and provided evidence of the man to the High Court. The alleged administrator of Freedom Hosting is a dual citizen of the United States and Ireland, that’s why it is easier for the government to extradite him to the US.

According to Special Agent Donohue, Freedom Hosting thousands of members used the hosting website to post millions of images of child abuse. The pictures were described as being ”extremely violent and graphic” and are illustrating the rape and torture of underaged children.

Marques has been arrested on August 2013 and remained in custody until then. He was back in court today where Justice Aileen Donnelly told the man her decision in the case: she ordered Marques’ extradition to the United States

Justice Aileen Donnelly decided it did not ”infringe on his human or constitutional rights”, and also ruled a decision by the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) not to prosecute Marques in Ireland is not reviewable.


  1. death_to_all_pedos

    Get this lil faggot on a plane as soon as possible, and then dump his punk-ass out the back of it somewhere over the north atlantic at 35,000 feet…

    • death_to_all_idiots

      ‘this lil faggot’ made tormail possible you stupid fuck

      • death_to_all_pedos

        So in addition to intentionally operating *the* largest single host on the darknet for digusting subhuman kiddie fuckers to post their vile filth, I should excercise some sympathy for his brillant performance in setting up what was either a planned honeypot or just an excercise in pure unmitigated fucking stupidity combined with hubris?

        Yeah, perhaps you should follow this asswipe right out the back of that plane as well if you really do believe in your screenname….

    • Absolutely!

      It’s bull shit like this, that continues to cast “shadow” on the services and information currently dubbed as “Dark”…Regardless of his individual contribution in making the previously mentioned, concepts more secure, free, or anonymous.

      ~bottom line…gross dude, gross!!

    • Throwing him out of the back of a plane is way too humane. He doesn’t deserve to get off that easy with a quick death. No he should suffer pain and humiliation slowly over an extended period – similar to that of his victims and the suffering they will endure for the rest of their lives.

  2. This is like blaming Sony, Apple and Samsung CEOs for ISIS videos. Free Eric!

    • Voice of Reason

      Sony, Apple and Samsung lose the control of their devices once they sell them to you. Well, that’s not the case with Apple exactly, but once they enabled strong crypto that they can’t unlock, it turned out to be the case again.

      So, you can’t blame those companies for daesh’s videos.

      Who can be blamed however are the three internet satellite operators that know daesh is using their services while they do nothing to cut off the internet to daesh. The executives of those companies will be publicly executed once european faggot politicians ar substituted for Viktor Orban like nationalists.

      This faggot pedo knew fully well what was going on in his hosting, he permitted it to continue, it is only natural that he will meet Jamal and Achmed in prison and will be converted to their fucktoy until the end of his days. He is a citizen to the US, so his deportation and life in prison are granted.

      Good job, police!


        OK, I guess we blame L3 for running the optic fibers that google’s servers communicate on when the ISIS video is uploaded to youtube.

        I guess maybe it was before his time and tech sure has advanced but he should have run each of his client’s accounts as encrypted vps so he couldn’t know what they were running. He didn’t have that technical ability but I’m sure that’s the model he was going for. He replaced the encryption with the next cheaper thing, not looking.

    • This piece if shit actually said he would plead guilty to every single charge if they would sentence him in Ireland. He knew what he was at, you don’t plead guilty to being a pedophile unless you are one. Its something that absolutely sickens people, nobody would plead guilty to that.
      And theirs a huge difference between allowing others to do stuff on a site you run and getting involved in it yourself.
      They should not even waste the price of a plane ticket on this scum. Ship him over as cargo, already in a box.


        Actually you would because of differential sentencing. Even if it’s not a closed shut case, and even fairly so, someone is not going to test the system with a life sentence with they can plead to 5 no matter what the claims were. I’d plead to being the king of moon men if I was otherwise stuck with 50/50 odds of life.

        It’s actually kind of a violation of the 5th amendment if you read it. They are compelling you to testify you are guilty with differential sentencing. If they wrote a law saying you had to testify against your self punishable by 5 years if you don’t obey that would be with the 5th amendment is addressing. But it is functionally the same.

  3. When Marques is, finally, extradited to the United States, he will be convicted, 100% guaranteed. It does not matter if the US government has any evidence against him or not (the FBI will plant some, if necessary); a jury will find him guilty due to the fact that they are embarrassed by child porn and the fact that Marques is a foreigner.

    His fate is sealed; welcome to life-without-parole, dumb-ass! And, you better say Goodbye to your family now!! You won’t be seeing them once you’re in the Federal pen.

  4. This is what he wanted, a nice short sentence like these 2 other guys.
    Mannion and O Connor sentenced to 6(Mannion) and 3years(O Connor) not like the life sentence that Ross got. That really was a crazy sentence they gave Ross, all it did was make people want to be elsewhere, if they were caught.

    • anoynmous

      A while back I left a flash drive in a assholes office which contained kiddie porn that I had long ago download from Lolita City. By the way it appeared that there were at least several admins who were running that site not just that Irish fool. I only touch the thing using glove so no prints. And after sticking the thing in the office desk of the jerk, made an anonymous call to the authorities several weeks after that stating that I had seen the motherfucker looking CP on his computer. I am not sure how things turned out. I move away a few months later I afraid that I would get arrested.

  5. “By the way it appeared that there were at least several admins who were running that site”

    so how long did you spend on that site getting your ‘evidence’ to ‘frame someone’?? you sick fuck.


    The usual emotional blackmail about pedos. Did he commit a crime in the USA? So why should he be extradited? That means that USA will have the right to ask for the arrest of anyone in the enslaved world. And if they want a pretext they will surely find one.

    But morons everywhere say ‘oh it’s alright, he was a pedo anyway’. Well braindead morons, even a pedo has legal rights and you never know when your turn will be. Oh, I forgot, you think you are safe because you are not a pedo?

    • “even a pedo has legal rights”

      Oh yeah, you little freaks have ‘rights’ all right – how about we start with the ‘right’ to be mercilessly abused, beaten, and punked once your pathetic miserable asses are put out in open population…

      You see there is but one right in prison – might makes right. Of course everyone knows that disgusting treejumping pedos like you and your ilk have absolutely no might whatsoever. This is precisely why you pick such compltely helpless and defenseless victims – you are all pathetic little cowards who still routinely piss your pants at the slightest hint of any confrontation away from your disgusting cum-stained keyboards.

      You filthy pedos are the weakest of the weak. Inmates know this.

      Yet in spite of your obvious physical shortcomings, silly pedos and their degenerate cast of supporters and enablers can never help themselves from chiming in with their disgusting, subhuman beliefs once one of their fellow bretheren are pubilically identified and subsequently humilated, scorned, and abused (if not outright killed, in a best case scenario).

      Utilmately, the only ‘right’ you will truly enjoy once you get to prison is the right to a long, drawn out and horribly painful demise from repetitive blunt force anal tramua.

  7. He was a Hero, I’m very sorry for this. Freedom Hosting will serve us as an example of what the deep web should be. I hope more services like this will emerge in the future.

  8. Pedo a hero? Check your box beside owns 1974 ford econoline with curtains (child molester van), you just felt fucking candy at their bus stop was the right move. Be a real man, and have sex with adults.

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