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East India Company: Another Exit Scam?

Seems like its the season of small exit scams, previously, a market would wait until it reaches a certain size, or accumulated a certain amount of BTC before pulling the plug and diving with everyone’s money, nowadays it seems that it just happens with the first deposit (THUG Market) or once the market manages to generate at least minor amount of popularity (EIC, allegedly).

Maybe its the relative stability of the current major markets, Alphabay (1#) & Nucleus (2#) which dominate the market and hold new markets back from getting any significant traffic until the admins just say “fuck the risk” and take whatever they can, but nobody knows for sure.

Anyway, it seems that this time it was East India Company – a market that was hacked/exploited back in august, losing 30BTC and which we had ranked as the 14th most popular market back in November, and gained some popularity since then by implementing multisig and promoting itself, mostly on Reddit, as an exit-scam proof market (while still enabling regular escrow deposits and having only minor amount of its users using the multisig option, as reported by several vendors).

For now, the market is unreachable for the past ~77 hours without any word from the admins while some reports surfaced on Reddit about coin being drained from their addresses.

Is it really gone? exit scammed? will be back within couple of weeks? time will tell, for now we’ll just assume they are another example for the dark net markets most profitable industry – exit scams. This post will be updated if new information will surface.


  1. never trust an indian

    sooo sad they take the monies , cry me river babay!

    • You my friend need to turn into a human at some point and realize the world isn’t segregated by race…. but by religion and culture…. And they all preach the same shit. The root of all evil as I see itTwo men fight for their life with knives just to send money back so their children and wives DON’T STARVE! Take Isis, then the others. Without religion you wont have a reason to “Blame the Indian cunt”. Global Unity, Liberty and freedom is what this world needs. Follow the saying…. Be so Free that your very act of existence is an act of rebellion.
      You blind mother fucker.

  2. TheRealDeal Market

    Use multisig already.

  3. Tarnish the name of the freedom Ross fought for… I dare you. Exit scams will cease to exist, the darknet and its morals of freedom will move forward. It’s people that take greed over peoples rights to liberty… that makes me sick.

    I hope… for all wallets effected… that this is NOT an exit.
    But we pray and cross Our fingers… Multisig isn’t good enough… We will develop the future in time.

  4. deepdoweb.com/marketplace-directory/listing/python-market/

    come to python market guys . believe us or not . we will never do an exit scam ! and please use Multisig in our market !
    Regular is 3% Multisig is 3% no difference !!!

  5. Come on to Python market because We are want all yours coins like as RealDealMarke and many others. We never disappear like RealDealMarket did … this is not shill but professional advice.

    • LawlingInYourGrave

      Lmao, this is the most stupid thing ever. Really?

      Makes your market seem like a scam. To top that off “not a shill” your a shill BITCHHHHH

  6. I would love my own market and to get a strong solid customer base and keep it – dont see the point in exit scams, as you could make more by having strong customer relations

    contact us anonymously for bitcoin purchasing by debit/credit card or by cash.

    {No Emails}

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