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Interview With Tochka Market Admin

Tochka market, a darknet market with Russian origins has been operating since the beginning of 2015, and was the first market (that wasn’t in Russian)  to offer the “dead drops” option for vendors (location used to secretly pass items between two people, without requiring them to meet), even though its been operating for over a year and offering nice interface and some different features (like the feed & free/premium accounts), it remained a pretty small and unknown market. Here is a short interview we conducted with the market admin:


Your market been around for a while now, how long you’ve been operating?

Tochka: We’ve been operating for more than a year now. We’ve launched first version of Tochka in January 2015 but gained good operational strength around April. So it’s been a while, yeah.

Can you tell us how your market started?

Tochka: At start I was just interested in this topic as it often happens. Then when I was digging into the topic I came to realization that dakrnet is great opportunity to create community of like-minded people. Fastest way to achieve this in my opinion was to create such a platfrom that corresponds to my moral and sensual perception of the world.


What features does Tochka currently offer that varies from other markets?


  1. Simple Design
  2. Security
  3. Social Focus
  4. All possible kinds of shipping including dead drops. btw we think that dead drops is the future
  5. Individual approach to each end every user. We take feedback seriously and deliver new features weekly.

What is the meaning of “Tochka”? I assume you are Russian speakers?

Tochka: T is slang word for center of everything. It’s a central point and everything spinning around it. It’s a gathering point. In Russian it also means a punctuation point, a mark that signifies the end of a sentence. And it just sounds weird and cool for English speakers, Tochka also means spot like G-spot, created for pleasure.

Can you share some interesting insights as a veteran market admin?

Tochka: We are astonished by kindness and responsiveness of community. They are forgiving even to mistakes we sometimes make, guide us and provide us with whole lot of feedback. Another thing that enlightens is that vendors and users form bonds and real connections., we develop instruments for scammer detection and grow towards healthy friendly loving community. It becomes so much more interesting over the time.

Any tips to the users to keep them safer?

Tochka: Use tails or whonix. Never post your personal info. When communicating with vendors always use PGP. The usual stuff. Store backups of your private data, logins and passwords on encrypted media. Verify vendor before buying, double-triple check vendor and reviews. When in doubt just talk with support. Don’t store bitcoins on markets wallets and never use hosted bitcoins wallets such as coinbase. And remember: only you are responsible for everything you do.

What do you think about the other markets who are currently operating, any market admins you think that are doing good work? (or bad work)

Tochka: I don’t have contacts with other markets admins and all our opinion is just an outsider’s view. What about markets that occupy top positions in terms of popularity they are great work. Our opinion that for great future we’ve got keep contact to common tendencies and develop traditions of mutual support.

Do you offer multisig transactions?

Tochka: Not yet, but it’s coming soon.

What are future plans or developments for the market?

Tochka: Current goals are: improved payment system w/ multisig, extended shipping options, improved social features such as individual feed, and advanced rating/karma system.

As far as you know, are people using the dead drops option?

Tochka: Dead drop works in countries where you can’t buy drugs on street. In such countries where drugs are more illegal than in western countries (Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan, Serbia). I personally use only this method to get my load of drugs and never used any other method. The most important thing is security though (stay tidy, check address on google maps, etc).

Anything else interesting you want to share with the readers?

Tochka: Finishing up we would like to remind our readers that main ideas towards society is honesty, security and tolerance in every way. We welcome everyone who share our beliefs.

Thank you for your time!

Want to visit Tochka?  Get the link from here: T•chka Free Market   – And feel free to share your review of the market!


  1. about 3 months, choose this market, there is a weird revenge and defects of the goods but the quality is always excellent

  2. good interview, it is a pity that they do not give FE for everyone

  3. I use a site somewhere for half year. I once tried to order. The administration contacted me and warned that the vendor scam and returned the money without giving them to him. Thank you very much for that. Good administrators excellent support.

  4. Nice.
    I don’t use this site but now I think I must try.
    Thanks to connect admin.

  5. do they sell guns?
    if they don’t, they can just FUCK off, AFAIMC !

  6. cant you get easily robbed with a dead drop?

    correct me if im wrong but say i want to rob you when you go to collect the 100g coke bag you order off me / arrange for me to dead drop. (not that i personally am like that im just the paranoid type) could i not just wait until you go and get it at a distance and when i see you in your smart clothes picking it up, i come with a friendly kalashnikov greeting and have my 100g back and your money, then make you disappear in the back of the van and turn up a week later in a ditch? The postman surely is a safer option? Also if i was LE pretending to do dead drops, i wld just wait until i have good feedback for doing drops while collecting intelligence on all the drops iv been involved in and the identities of the people picking them up until i am trusted with a LARGE order 1kg+ columbian for example, then i set up some dirty STING fling and get all my buddies in blue spandex to come and fuck your asses for 20 years in prison??

    i love tochcka but correct me if im wrong, Dead drops are not the future. they are basically the same as buying drugs off the street except you cant even decide by looking at the vendor if they are llegit or LE or scammers! and what if you arrive at your drop and its low quality do you just walk off with your money and hope next time the guy doesent cap you for wasting his time setting up a drop of 1kg of flour he was going to rob you with.

    i dont know, maybe its the paranoia but i would never feel safe with a dead drop.

    • Eschaton

      Uhmm, how do you even know the exact place and time of the drop? They are made, and the drop is selled after several hours only, and only then the location is revealed to to customer. I never tried this market, but the dead drops is the only good and secure way to buy stuff in Russia (via RAMP), and it works pretty good (depends on the seller’s reputation).

      • Eschaton

        Oh, I misunderstood, sorry, either way, the sellers have their reputation on stake. If they do shit often, no one buys, the same laws of the market apply here

  7. Kinky. Let’s sell information here also. Public interest information.

    This gen and next are having all rights stripped by those n the

    UK abusing tech

    Anyone game?

    Let Freedom Rock !!!!

  8. hi admin please i have problems with my account and i need your help. i registered as a vendor via this site over 6 months ago, but can not fine my adds in the market. i have search my products but couldn’t find any not even my name as a premium vendor.i wish to know why?

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