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Anonymous Teaches Hacking On Dark Web Chat Network

On April 24 night, 250 people all around the world were logging into OnionIRC, a hidden internet relay chat network on the dark web, through their Tor browsers. The members of the chat were not there to buy drugs or exchange child pornography material. No, they joined the secure chat room to learn hacking, taught by Anonymous hacktivists, such as ”Athena” who made this statement when the course started:

“This course will cover many topics, all relevant to privacy, security, and anonymity.”

Athena and another fellow instructor, “Tyche,” gave detailed instructions on how to use the Tor browser, encrypt a hard drive and discuss the pros and cons of using a VPN. When the lesson was about over, they answered the questions of the students and promised them that their next lesson will much more ”fun”.

The hacking school could be a promising opportunity for Anonymous to gain a good reputation worldwide. They hope that they could change both the media’s and the people’s viewpoint; they won’t be seen the media as a joke and the people won’t consider them as ”a nuisance rather than a credible activist organization seeking to change the world for the better.”

They group started their hacktivism in 2011 when they carried out a high-profile attack on Sony Pictures, along with attention-grabbing campaigns against PayPal, the Church of Scientology, the Islamic State group (ISIS) and the Ku Klux Klan (KKK), the number of people affiliated with the organization started to grow. “Anon”, responsible for setting up OnionIRC, said these statements when asked by the media:

“So, here Anonymous lies, with swelling numbers and a lowered average technical understanding of hacking, not to mention a very low bar for activism. To the average hacker, Anonymous is a joke.”

“The media has seemed to largely cover the lowest-hanging fruits in Anonymous. Anonymous operations pertaining to DDoS or reporting Twitter accounts, for example, get a lot of media attention. This is good for spreading awareness of Anonymous, but it paints a false picture of what activism and hacktivism actually is.”


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    • darknimbus

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  9. Mr . Anderson, YOU

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    gogo anonymous , maybe ill join ya… but not ddos for fun, only ddos the nasty big guys like Paypal… , if they deserve to be ddossed of course

    when does anyone deserve it?

    Paypal are some nasty guys at times, been scammed there many times

    But I’m not sure i would ddos them

    Who would I ddos?
    Not sure….
    But I do believe ddos is a very useful tool if used right

    Like a public demonstration…..

    And you deserve how long you keep that Gov Agency down….

    Genious… a very useful tool

    Why has nobody taken NSA down yet?

    Guess its too high risk…

    What is really useful to hack? I’m not sure..
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  16. N fully agree with U MrAnderson. I think the only way to stop most of the human conflicts is thru us. The question is… Would U take the red pill or the blu? Would U enter to Alice’s world and see how deep is the hole?

  17. And 4 those who wanna learn 2 h@ck. D0n’t scr3w in th3 d33p fukin web. Dis shit 2 dangerous 2 learn. As our friend says here, start learning thru cybrary.it, reading pdf n all dat shit 1st.

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  20. In 2007, I supposedly committed suicide. I’m here to put that rumor to rest. Today, I come out of the shadows. I am very much alive. The fucking deep web ruined my life. You people who want to learn how to hack, find another hobby. It sounds fun,being a hacker,but its not. Its hell This is a war gentleman, and frankly, we’re losing. My name is c0mrade, and I’m ready to get back in the fight.

    • H4x0r Z3r0

      comrade didn’t you die on May 18, 2008, Jonathan James was found dead in his shower with a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. His suicide was apparently motivated by the belief that he would be prosecuted for crimes he had not committed. “I honestly, honestly had nothing to do with TJX,” James wrote in his suicide note, “I have no faith in the ‘justice’ system. Perhaps my actions today, and this letter, will send a stronger message to the public. Either way, I have lost control over this situation, and this is my only way to regain contro


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  44. Any recommendations for a beginner who wants to learn more about the entire “hacking” environment? I’d like to learn…. and females should be able to do this despite what Corp. America says.

    • cyberguy69

      CYBERB@BE…Corp America doesn’t have anything against females at all. it is people like you that give females a bad rep. All one has to do is use the most popular search engine on the planet and you will have years of information to work with. Stop expecting people to hand you the answers. That goes for all the noobs posting here. A hacker does so by, research, reading, trying, experimenting. Not by asking for other to show them or tell them what to do.

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  51. What a joke you piece of shits asking how to hack free wifi, facebook. If that’s the purpose of learning hacking you will never learn the true meaning of hacking.

    • Hi I’m new to training to hacking so pls send to chatroom link

      • r00t3dsUd0

        What makes you think anonymous or lulzsec want noob idiots flooding our IRCs. I came here for a laugh but ended up thinking fuck this is why we do what we do so the world changes for the better not for the neighbours fucking wifi password. Non of you noobz would make the cut. And for the actual anonymous members that are also here dont waste your time with these imbeciles. See you guys back in the IRC. Bet half these time wasters dont even know what a handle is let alone portscanning or using Kali ?

  52. I apologize in advance but I’ve only been at this for 6 months but I’ve stumbled onto something that caused a lot of concern. I really need some help. I’ve found no less than 1,000,000 fake Facebook profiles that are all linked. All are middle eastern, all are heavily embedded in all of my friends lists. They have some kind of wierd code talk going on. Most only have posts of flowers on their feeds. Always shared on their page but they never post on their own. They share from one page to the next and that’s it. They also comment wierd like #snake was all over one post . All were started this year, most in the last 2 months . And the kicker is several checked in at Vegas Oct 1st..I have since been attempting to weed out the fakes but I keep getting hacked . I’m not good at all but Im very much working on it. I really think there’s something big happening. I really would like someone to contact me asap!

  53. I’m really interested in the hacking profession and in Anonymous’ hacking activities and decided to start learning hacking.But I’ve been trying for a couple of months already trying to learn the basics and learning python(though not so strong at it) but I feel that most youtube videos are too difficult for me to follow. I really need help in proceeding and starting off because I’m really stuck and out of ideas on where to start. I really hope to join some hacking groups too. Please give me advice.

  54. Sounds like one bad attempt but not all hackers do hacks to hurt people or even to make money, like the one my British friend introduced to me which i contacted his email cyberwizard.140gmailcom he is so professional and unselfish firstly he proves to you he is not a cheat by working a sample job that you confirm first then you are 100% sure he can do your work without being cheated. He never ask for payment first, he Shows proof works first he is just great.

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  56. what can i do to join you guys ?

    • r00t3dsUd0

      Ok so you want to join. Well lets start with you replying back to this with your first and last name and date of birth and your email address to reply back to you directly ? then sit back and EXPECT US to appear in your inbox very soon ?

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  60. poor scammer trying to make a buck at protonmail is the real deal. Do not bother contacting if you are a cop. He does background checks on everyone who contacts him.

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  63. Daniel Farinha

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  64. ParanormalKnight

    I want to be a hacker I’ve been working on learning python and command line. etc whatever I can learn to be a hacker. I want to help anonymous but don’t know how to go about doing it. every where I go is a dead end. if there’s any real true anonymous hackers or members on here that need help just post it here. tell me how I can help you anonymous. I know that anyone can be anonymous. and I am. hopefully lol… I have to operate on the down low cuz I got concerned family watching me too closely. Anonymous If you be here please tell me how I can help. thank you. I have to create another email now.

  65. I see alots of people here, wanting to Drive the Truck.
    Hey you newbies, learn to drive a Car first.

    Stop begging to learn here something, Hacking is nothing more than being an IT Security Expert and when you are an Expert, You see the Computers in different Vision and there you go kid, use your Head in hacking mode if you got the Skill.

    There are different types of hacker, Security Expert and System Integrator can be able to hack into computers and networks and like Script writer and profesional Software Devoloper can do different tasks.

    Learn to talk with Computers, to make them understand what you want


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