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Police Say Fentanyl Bust Has Ties To Dark Net

A major fentanyl distribution operation was busted up on Thursday in Connecticut. The operation is believed to have ties to the Dark Net.

Connecticut police arrested nine people and took 2 ½ kilos of fentanyl, two kilos of MDMA, 50,000 counterfeit Xanax pills, 40 pounds of marijuana, two guns, and $500,000 in cold hard cash. Ongoing investigations have led police to believe that most of the fentanyl found in New England is being produced in China, and sold on Dark Net.


“Fentanyl is easily sourced from China in bulk via Dark Net site,” an opiate user told Vocativ in a separate story. “This stuff is also super cheap in comparison to actual heroin and is easier to synthesize due to it being a full synthetic and not needing access to heavily watched precursors.”

On the streets, and on Dark Net, heroin dealers are cutting they’re dope with fentanyl to make it stronger, as well as just selling the cheap fentanyl as high grade, uncut heroin to make the price increase. The problem with this business plan is that no matter the users’ tolerance, a tiny bit too much is going to cause them to over-dose.

Connecticut isn’t the only state within the country battling against fentanyl and the heroin epidemic in general. Yes, I would call it an epidemic due to the DEA referring to the rise in deaths resulting in opiate overdoses recently.

The CDC reported that from 2000 to 2014 the number of opiate caused deaths increased by 200 percent. The same reports said that the number of people who died from opiates during this time was on and a half times greater than the number of deaths related to car accidents in the United States. The number of deaths released by the CDC was close to 50,000 people. They also reported that the majority of the deaths in this time period were opiate related.

The investigation was a first for the FEDs due to it being the first where wire taps were used exclusively in a strictly fentanyl case.

“We believe that this ground-breaking investigation has identified a major supplier of fentanyl here in Connecticut,” Deidre Daly, U.S. Attorney said in a release Thursday.


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  1. “50,000 counterfeit Xanax pills” Does that mean inert or knockoffs? You’ve done this before on a different story. How about investing real time into clarifying your articles?

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