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EUIPO Report: Tor and Bitcoin Hinders the Fight Against Piracy

The European Intellectual Property Office published a new report that found a range of business models that are being used by pirate sites. European Intellectual Property Office is teaming up with Europol this week, signaling Tor and Bitcoin as key threats to the ongoing fight against piracy.

The report highlights all of the ways pirate sites like Kickass Torrents and The Pirate Bay use to keep themselves alive and active. It gave general details of the business models mentioned to distribute the pirated materials. It covered not only torrent sites like the ones mentioned, but also online store fronts selling counterfeit goods. The hopes of the report were to help fight against this growing problem.

The study will provide enhanced understanding to policymakers, civil society and private businesses. At the same time, it will help to identify and better understand the range of responses necessary to tackle the challenge of large scale online Intellectual Property Rights infringements,

The report noted.

Several infringing business models count on encryption based technology to survive. Tor and bitcoin were mentioned several times as being part of the problem in the fight against piracy.

It more and more relies on new encrypted technologies like the Tor Browser and the Bitcoin virtual currency; which are employed by infringers of Intellectual Property Rights to generate income and hide the proceeds of crime from the authorities.

The report also mentioned.

Further the report went on to add that bitcoin’s threat is that the actual transactions can’t be easily traced to any one individual. This creates a big problem for law enforcement, due to the fact that Intellectual Property Rights cases are often handled by following some kind of money trail.

There are no public records connecting bitcoin wallet IDs with personal information of individuals. Because of these bitcoin transactions being considered semi-anonymous. Through the use of Tor, a user’s internet traffic is encrypted and routed in specific ways to achieve security and anonymity

Another statement from the report said.

The report listed numerous, popular file sharing, torrent, and streaming sites. It also noted an e-book portal that operates solely on the Tor Network. Some pirate sites are still operational on Clearnet, but lately many, if not all have developed alternate onion links.

The European Intellectual Property Office announced its new bond with Europol to help fight multiple forms of copyright infringement. The partnership started the Intellectual Property Crime Coordinated Coalition, that’s main objective is to toughen the fight against counterfeit goods, and piracy crimes.

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