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Congress Wants Postal Drug Smuggling Wiped Out

Mail systems all over the world face the same issue; how to stop people from shipping illegal drugs through the system. Most Commonly, drugs ordered from Dark Net Marketplaces, are shipped through the U.S. postal service. Congress is now calling on the Obama Administration to figure out how to fight the growing movement of these drugs through the mail.

“As long as there are these substances out there that are ruining people’s lives, we as a society are going to have to do what we can to fight that,” William H. Jones, Dorchester County State Attorney, said.

The U.S. Senate committee of Finance said that non-letter class mail that comes into the U.S. through foreign postal services aren’t screened the same as packages that enter through private carriers, such as FedEx, and UPS. This makes illegal drugs like heroin, easier to ship into the United States. This is estimated to happen on a daily basis; sometimes multiple times a day.

“Heroin has been a real problem and it’s killing people in addition to ruining lives. The question is, can we do it better and always the answer to that is yes we’re going to be looking for ways to do it better,” Jones continued.

He also stated that there are a lot of steps to go through when trying to fight this issue. Finding packages carrying these illegal goods, how to identify them, what can be done to identify them, and knowing what investigative resources they have, and ultimately trying to figure out what can be done to intercept them are all questions being asked.

“We’re always going to have to look at new ways of being better at fighting that problem just the way they’re looking at new and better ways to move their product and make money. One of the special challenges we have is to try to make sure the way we identify the proper person, either the person who was involved in the smuggling of those substances at least on the local level into this county. I don’t think as a society we’ll ever stop,” Jones also said.

When asked if he thought the Obama Administration would take it seriously, Jones said:

“I don’t think that there’s anyone involved in the drug enforcement problem if you will who’s not taking fentanyl seriously.”

Jones added that law enforcement can do its part locally, on that level; but that he doesn’t expect to see a federal change anytime soon. He stated in an interview:

“Like a lot of things in the government, it’ll take some time. So in the mean time we just have to keep pushing and hope that the interdiction authorities do a good job of catching these things, that our screening processes are in place so that we can try to catch more of that, and hope that in time the regulations are changed so that we can catch even more before it gets here, or maybe even prevent them in other countries that would be ideal.”


  1. “As long as there are these substances out there that are ruining people’s lives, we as a society are going to have to do what we can to fight that,”

    The US government destroys millions more lives than any substance, what is he doing to fight that?

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