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How to use a Bitcoin Mixer: Helix

Bitcoin mixers are quite popular and they will probably continue to be so even as new privacy solutions like Monero or Zcash come along. Coin tumblers provide a great service, bute they should be used carefully.

Today, we want to show you how to use, not only Bitcoin mixer, but four. We want to show you how to use four mixers so you can make your own choice about which one to use. We do not advertise these mixers as being the best out there but they are certainly popular. Remember: When using a third party service, there is always a chance your funds can be stolen or lost. This goes for centralized exchanges, web wallets and coin mixers.With that being said, let’s get started with part 1: Helix

Helix is a darknet bitcoin mixer by Grams. Helix is known for giving you brand new bitcoins that have never been used on darknet markets before. You can read more about it here

Part 1 – Creating an account

Step 1: Click here to get Gram’s link, and register an account with Grams. Your PGP key will be used for 2-factor authentication, so make sure you don’t lose it


In order to activate your account you are required to pay an entry fee of 0.01BTC (roughly $6.30)


Step 2: Log into your brand new Helix account


Step 3: Send 0.01 (entrance fee) to the address shown. This fee will be credited into your Helix account. After sending the entrance fee, wait awhile for it to be confirmed then hit refresh.


Step 4: Now, decrypt the message shown and paste the decrypted login token.


You are now logged into your brand new Grams account, it’s time to use Helix to clean some bitcoins.


Part 2 – Mixing your bitcoins

Step 1: Click Helix


Step 2: Send the bitcoins you want to mix to address shown. Refresh once they have been sent.


Now that the funds are on your Helix account you can safely withdraw clean Bitcoins to your destination. The fee is 2.5%, a small price to pay for privacy.


Step 3: Insert the amount of BTC you want to withdraw on the Withdraw section and click “Withdraw”


Step 4: Now it’s time to choose where to send the coins and how.


You may want to send the coins to different addresses. This will throw off any correlation between the amount of coins sent to Helix and the amount of coins that come out. Time delay is also important as it will separate the time you spend on the deepweb from the transactions you receive.


That’s it! Your newly clean bitcoin will be sent to the addresses submitted


Part 3 – Auto-Helix and Helix light

You can also use Auto-Helix, but we recommend using a different address for every transaction. All you need to do is enter your Bitcoin address and click activate


Helix Light can be used without the need to login or to enter a PGP key and it allows you to send to send up to two addresses.


Step1: Enter the addresses you want your bitcoin sent to separated by dashes “-”, then click “Let’s go”



Step 2: Add a random delay to the transaction


Step 3: Verify the PGP signed key to ensure you’re not being phished (optional). Click here to learn how to use PGP.


You can get the Verify Key by clicking “Helix Verify Key”


Step 4: and send BTC to the address displayed.


Step 5: You can Refresh to check if the transaction was successful



On the next tutorial we’ll cover Bitcloak.


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