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French Student Sentenced To Prison For Selling Drugs At The University

Law enforcement authorities in France arrested a university student who is suspected of ordering narcotics from the dark web and selling them locally.

Order on internet and discreet delivery, via postal services./DDM Xavier de Fenoyl, illustration

According to police information, the 23-year-old computer science student, who was a ”festive consumer”, preferred to use the darknet to purchase the drugs versus shady street deals. Investigators claimed that all kinds of narcotics are sold on dark web marketplaces, including cocaine, ketamine, ecstasy, marijuana, LSD, and amphetamine. The defendant told the Correctional Court in Toulouse that he feared lest when he ordered narcotics from the dark side of the internet, compared to deals when he had to purchase drugs from local vendors.

French law enforcement authorities conducted a house search on the suspect on March 29. Investigators reported that they discovered a ”real supermarket” of narcotics. Judge Jérôme Glavany, the presiding judge, said that law enforcement authorities found a ”very complete assortment” in the 23-year-old’s home.

“Initially, it was to ensure my personal consumption. Quickly, I was overwhelmed, “the defendant said who, when he does not deal with drugs, trains alternately in the aeronautics industry.

The 23-year-old’s drug operation could have lasted for a long time if the French postal service did not provide customers an after sales service. Police reported that for an ecstasy delivery from Berlin, Germany, the accused had given his address to the vendor, but with the former tenant’s name. The former tenant had taken care to forward her mail, and she was surprised when she found white and blue stamps in her mailbox. She panicked, immediately visited the police station and reported the case, unwittingly urging law enforcement authorities to end the suspect’s business.

The transformation of the “student engineer into an apprentice dealer” worried the public prosecutor, who convinced the judge that “the lure of profit” was the “engine of change”. Prosecutor Mouysset recommended one year in prison for the suspect, with part of the sentence suspended. The solution suited for Marion Duedra from the defense who tried to convince the court that his client was buying narcotics from the dark web since he was young and reckless and because it was so easy to order drugs from the dark side of the internet.

The Correctional Court in Toulouse sentenced the student to one year in prison, with four months suspended. The defendant will be put to test if he could behave normally during the day parole.

“And we hope not to see you again,” insisted the judge.

According to the court documents, supervisors from law enforcement authorities will check whether the 23-year-old will complete his parole time without committing any offenses. If the defendant will successfully “remains in legality” (and avoids using the dark web to order narcotics or other illicit material), he can expect that his whole prison sentence will be suspended. By doing this, the suspect can avoid the jail time and could continue doing his academic studies at the university.

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