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SEROCU Arrests Three Darknet Dealers in Buckingham

After an investigation into drug trafficking by the South East Regional Organised Crime Unit, officers arrested three suspects for drug distribution through the darknet. The investigation, according to SEROCU, centered on darknet drug trafficking and fraud. A full investigation is underway as detectives examine seized evidence.

In early July, SEROCU’s Cyber Crime Unit raided multiple homes in Buckingham. The raids resulted in three arrests: a 33-year-old woman, a 34-year-old man, and a 36-year-old man. All three were arrested for suspected drug trafficking crimes and money laundering conspiracy.

Detective Sergeant Rob Bryant of SEROCU’s Cyber Crime Unit, the detective who led the raid, said: “Last week’s action came after a detailed investigation into fraud and drug offences online.”

SEROCU detectives charged the three with the following crimes:

  • Conspiracy to supply a class A controlled drug;
  • Conspiracy to supply a class B controlled drug;
  • Conspiracy to launder money or the proceeds of crime.

“#SayNoToDrugs,” the SEROCU Twitter PR representative wrote. Their Twitter account also pointed to a South East ROCU Reddit account where they posted the link in the r/darknetmarkets subreddit titled “SEROCU – Project-4 Dream Market Arrest.”


The three purportedly sold ketamine, MDMA, and marijuana through darknet marketplaces. Detectives found those specific drugs at the raided houses. The SEROCU press release said the quantities were “significant,” but did not release a specific weight.

Bryant added, “we have seized various quantities of drugs and digital items which will now be examined.”

“The action should be a reminder to those that commit criminal acts that we will use our full resources to ensure you are caught and stopped.”

Authorities released the trio on bail.

This is not the first case where (SE)ROCU investigated crimes associated with the darknet.

In December 2016, a SEROCU investigation led to the arrest of two men from Sussex and two men for from Birmingham. All four in connection with darknet crimes. The “ring” landed in law enforcement’s scope for offering money laundering services on the darknet. Upon a closer examination, detectives discovered that the four sold drugs.

They sold, notably, the same drugs: cocaine, MDMA, cannabis, and ketamine. They received possession of class A and B drug charges, along with the conspiracy to supply class A and B drugs. The names of the three most recent arrests were not announced, nor was a court date revealed. A connection is highly unlikely, but of the few darknet drug trafficking crimes SEROCU investigated, two involved Birmingham; ketamine; MDMA; cannabis; and money laundering.


  1. So I guess these Serocu guys have won the war on drugs….or have they just put more pressure on HMP services and raised the amount of money us taxpayers have to donate?…

  2. Problem solved. i don’t think so on to next dealer
    hahahahahahaha what a joke

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