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High School Students In India Ordered LSD From The Dark Web

Four teenagers from India, currently heading towards the end of their high school years, ordered LSD from the dark web. Law enforcement authorities identified them while they were investigating a suspect in another case.

The media outlet detailed that the high school students were identified when law enforcement authorities searched a “series of drug rackets” on July 2. After the investigators have examined the scene and interrogated the main suspect, they discovered a connection between the accused and the four teenagers. At first, police officers did not believe that ordering drugs from the dark web is popular in “some circles”.

“When we further probed, those four teenagers were identified. They are from well-to-do families,” an investigator said.

One of the teenagers’ father is serving a key position in the government along with being a conferred “all India service provider” while another student’s parents are doctors, The Hindu wrote. Two of the minors’ fathers are in high-ranking positions in a “renowned private company”, which is involved in different sections of the economy in India, including the construction of airports.

When law enforcement authorities approached the students, they were so confused and scared that they did not say anything at first. However, later on, one of them admitted that he learned about the use of the dark web from his elder brother’s friend. According to one of the investigators, who preferred to stay anonymous to the media, law enforcement identified the suspect as a first-grade computer engineering student studying in Bengaluru who “used to purchase LSD online”. Police said the suspect showed the teenagers how to download Tor to their laptops and use the software to browse the dark web.

Police officers tried to use Tor browser to access darknet marketplaces, however, they failed to do so, the Hindu reported. According to the news publication, the investigators were unable to get the .onion.sale links online. However, when authorities asked one of the students to access the darknet, he was able to order LSD from a darknet marketplace in only 96 seconds surprising the police officers. Law enforcement authorities reported, when the teenagers purchased LSD from the dark web, they provided their home addresses for the deliveries.

“Parents think their wards were receiving books or study material through parcel services or courier agencies but these boys got LSD blots,” an investigator said.

After an investigation on the dark web in connection with the four teenagers, Prohibition & Excise (P&E) Director Akun Sabharwal stated that the investigators discovered the drugs were mostly sent from South American countries to the students. Mr. Sabharwal added that law enforcement authorities will not register any cases and will not press any charges against the students.

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  1. India police are corrupted beyond belief. There was probably some backtalk about whether to prosecute or not and finally got the sensationalist news for themselves.

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