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A “Warehouse” of Guns Found in Shooter’s Basement, Likely Linked to the Darknet

In June, in Kratovo, Russia, a 50-year-old man spent his last hours shooting at anyone in his site, which eventually included Russian law enforcement. After the man dropped several bodies, the police decided that they had dealt with him for long enough. He ended in a literal blaze as police grenades landed in his home and ended everything and everyone in site. The tale of the “Kratovo gunman” lives on, though. Recent news revealed that one of the shooter’s neighbors had found a “warehouse” of illegal weapons that okay into some part of a darknet investigation.

The information at this point, is still limited. However, from what we know, a 62-year-old named Jacob Schwarzenberg located a so-called “warehouse” of illegal firearms on the burnt property of the former Kratovo gunman. Some news reports mentioned that he had found the weapons underneath the shooter’s house (I.e., the basement is storm cellar).

A family member of the shooter spoke of the 50-year-old’s declining mental state, along with another issue that had weighed on his mind. The shooter left a suicide note that somehow survived the flames from the grenade fire. Authorities would not read the note, but they mentioned it showed clear signs of depression. His family member who spoke with the press said that the shooter had an issue with a neighbor and that it was driving him crazy—not in the sense that it directly caused the shooting, but that it added to his mental stress load.

The new weapons discovery adds an entirely new angle to the story. Police previously questioned how the man had obtained the weapons her head used to take shots at random civilians and civilians in June. They pointed out that he was unlicensed to own guns and likewise could not purchase them.

But the man’s involvement in weapons trade—to some degree—gives him access to all the firearms needed. Although likely unrelated, not even 10 days after the shooter’s final stand, a weapons buyer in Moscow got arrested for buying the same gun that another buyer, only days before that, had bought from a darknet vendor.

The agitation with the neighbor made even more sense once the news that the neighbor worked with Moscow authorities and specifically the worked in the weapons department of the Moscow Security Ministry.

According to a member of the Mash Telegram channel, the neighbor also found grenades and “other various adaptations for slaughter of the population.” The Telegram user jokingly closed by calling Kratovo a branch of the darknet yet had everything except drugs.


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