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Man sentenced over 300 years for Darkweb child porn case

A resident of Virginia has been sentenced to 300 years in prison for engaging in child pornographic acts. Before his arrest, he had been finding victims for his pornographic acts from the darknet under the screen name, Va Dad4yung.

Henrick Styles pleaded guilty to 37 charges but could be in jail for 25 years after forcing a plea deal. This will only be activated if he shows good behavior during his prison sentence.

The internet crime against children Taskforce led to his arrest in 2015. The agency is a national network of 61 coordinated Taskforces which represent over 4,500 federal, state, and local law enforcement and prosecutorial agencies. Their proactive and reactive measures against persons who make use of the internet to be involved in child abuse have led to the arrest of thousands of people.

In 2015 when Style was discovered by the Taskforce, 1,140 child predators from 41 states were arrested in a two-month nationwide raid.

Henrick Style was a child predator who took his operation to a different level on the Darknet. However, his employment status and criminal record portrayed him as a clean citizen.

“This is a man who has never been in trouble whatsoever, had a strong employment history and been off everyone’s radar and from what appears would be an outstanding citizen and then he comes in with 37 charges for possession of child pornography,” according to the deputy Commonwealth attorney, Morgan Campbell. Henrick Style is from Denmark but resided in a Dinwiddie County home. The prosecutor said a search was conducted on his various devices, and suspicious downloads were retrieved from them. Most of the retrieved downloads were about boys who stay overseas. He was a member of a chat room called Gaydads4son where the conversation with underage boys was hatched.

The evidence used against him shows that he was being investigated even before his arrest. If not, then investigators displayed a great sense of efficiency to gather all evidence against him within the limited time frame. During his hearing in court, a transcript was used along with visual evidence of pictures and videos.

“I argued to Judge Martin to look at the pictures and faces of the young boys. This is not a victimless crime. It’s huge and I think it sends such a powerful message that it’s not going be tolerated,” added Campbell.

The FBI recently conducted an investigation into the darknet child porn which led to the arrest of one. This gave the investigators an idea to take on the child predators on the Darknet.


The Darknet has a strong anonymity for its users, and a lot of dangerous goods and services are traded there under its refuge. Child abuse crime has been arguably the hottest crime committed on the Darknet, which also tends to generate traffic to most of the websites.

According to a study conducted by the University of Portsmouth in 2014, 80% of darknet traffic was generated by a visit to websites that offer child abuse materials.

The researcher, Dr. Gareth Owen described the Darknet as a place used by pedophiles to abuse the right of children.

“Before we did this study, it was certainly my view that the darknet is a good thing, but it’s hampering the rights of children and creating a place where pedophiles can act with impunity,” said Dr. Owen.

According to the National Statistics on Child Abuse, nearly 700 children are being abused annually. In 2015, about 683,000 children were victims of abuse.

Majority of these abuses start from the Darknet, as the study outcome of Dr. Owen confirmed.

The Taskforce and all stakeholders have firmly said that they will arrest and prosecute all child predators across the country irrespective of where they start their dealings. The arrested suspects are meant to send a signal that the Taskforce is working.
“By arresting and prosecuting child predators across the country, our Taskforces are sending a clear message that we are working together better than ever before to bring these perpetrators to justice. The ICAC TaskForce dedicated efforts and professionalism to help fulfill the ultimate goal of keeping children safe,” said Lt. Andrea Grossman of the Los Angeles Police Department. He is also the Commander of the Los Angeles Regional ICAC TaskForce and chair of the ICAC Public Awareness and Outreach Committee.

A father and son were recently arrested for uploading a child abuse video on the Darknet. This obviously reveals the burning desire of the agencies to prosecute Darknet child abusers.


  1. Davis S. Astrachan

    At some point, simple realism and common sense will lead people to understand that there is a difference between a picture of a thing and that thing, and that there is a difference between a person who abuses children and a person who looks at pictures. It’s so easy and simplistic to equate the two, it’s just not rational. Looking at a picture of a person does not violate that person’s rights, and one cannot violate the rights of a picture. For every criminal like this guy who possesses this type of material and actually abuses a child, there are probably tens or hundreds of thousands who possess the same material and never lay a hand on a child. A cookie-cutter approach to legal matters and human behavior is a problematic endeavor.

  2. The world and it’s political correctness. Nobody wants another person to think they condone these things. Although they say that, according to “the study” 80% of those people go home and log into child porn? The dark web is not known about by every pedo so all these visits to these sites can’t be but half of them. Oh, wait, that means if there are millions of traffic to child porn sites a day and only half of the pedos know about this then there are millions more that would be adding traffic. SHIT, that can only mean one thing, there are millions and millions of pedos out there. Yes they will say i don’t believe in this and go home and do the same thing.
    “They call these people normal” Now if there are millions and millions of people wanting to view child porn why is it not legal? I’ll tell you why, the idea of being right is so much more forceful than actually being right. Don’t get it twisted i myself would drive a stake through the sick fuck that would cause a drop of pain or mental hurt to an innocent child. With that said there is a difference between that and making love with a child. Horrible you say? It was not that long ago children of twelve or thirteen were married by their parrents to people they didn’t love. The next words out of your mouth will be “But we have come to be so much better in life than that” Look around in the world today all this bleeding heart babies that have been coddled and praised and worshiped as a child (Or china doll) are the ones making the laws and all the wonderfull decisions that have made today what it is. There is no argument to this post, you only know what is right and wrong because you were taught that it was. The women of 30 years ago were taught that it was normal and prepared them for marriage and 12 or 13. They took on that role as productive members of society. (all you could say to that is how bad the world was back then but we all know you didn’t have half the worry or fear as there are today) Today if one person doesen’t like something we all have to bend. I love children I’m very attracted to them and also would never hurt one. The stress of all the hate is enough to make someone turn into someone who hates also that is the lesson to be learned here.

  3. I’m going to make my comment short and to the point. I hate such laws that state that it’s illegal just to look at the pictures. Like Davis said there is a big difference in looking at those pictures and actually abusing the kids in person. I’ve seen tons and tons of pictures of underage girls with their cellphones taking naked selfies and sending them to friends and people they met online. So are these kids being prosecuted for having naked pictures of themselves? I remember when I was little my parents used to take pictures of me playing in the bathtub especially when it was a bubble bath. I was naked in most of them. There was no harm done to me nor has it caused me to freak out when I have friends who have done the same with their kids. So there really is a lot of holes and loopholes in these laws. Especially from the ones who make them but go home and do what they just made illegal. I guess it will never make sense and never have a happy ending. I’m like Twisted, I too like the young ones but would never in my wildest dreams and fantasies act on them in person. Haha I guess my response wasn’t so short and simple after all.

  4. I am not naive and know that some of these cp viewers are dangerous.
    But 300 years?? What the fuck we’re talking about? Even 10 years would be too much.
    And I don’t believe in the “powerful message” by the way.
    Stories like that have been on the news for years and it didn’t stop pedos from watching cp. Quite the contrary, they think they’ll get the same sentence for 20 or 20000 images, for nude pictures or rape videos.
    It’s only going to be worst and worst.

  5. There are good and bad in any group but the world has picked up the torch against pedos. This has happily went on for ages it was just not talked about. Back 50 years ago people didn’t have a right to be right just because. people lived their lives and nobody interfered. those were wonderful times just look at the honor and character they had then, then look at now with the everyone for themselves. Again there are good and bad in any group even back then.

  6. 300 years? Why not make it 1000? What is the point in having such long sentences when it exceeds the span of a human life?

    Furthermore, why do pornographers get longer sentences than the people having sex with children?

    If a perpetrator were to take a series of genital pictures of a sleeping victim and release them to the dark web without the victim ever being made aware, the victim could live their entire life without ever having knowledge that people are viewing them, and yet the perp would receive multiple life sentences.

    But if another perpetrator spends years raping a victim which ruins the person’s life, that perp would get less time incarcerated than the pornographer. Explain the logic behind this?

    Doesn’t it seem that the state is more interested in stopping dissemination of sexual imagery rather than the act of violence?

  7. Davis S. Astrachan

    In my opinion there have been some very important points raised here, and I do wish to commend whoever has made the decision to allow this discussion. These matters often morph into sexual orientation issues and, more frequently and unfortunately more deleteriously, into moralistic diatribes. I am not a pedophile, I do believe that it is just as much an orientation as any other, but the crucial distinction here, in my opinion, is between those who hurt people or violate people’s rights, and those who don’t. I know it’s an age-old (yet totally appropriate) analogy, but the classic assumed linkage between watching violent movies or reading violent stories and actual violent behavior is another baseless superstition. For every person who watched violent movies last year and committed violent acts, there were millions who saw the exact same material and did not. Child porn does not cause child abuse.
    Say I was in a large city, taking pictures of street scenes, and just as I was framing a shot and starting to press the button, a person in the shot was hitting another person on the head with a brick. What I now have in my possession is a picture of a crime. The authorities may want a copy of my picture for evidence in a court case, but my possession of a photograph of a crime in progress IS NOT A CRIME. So even if one argues that hard core child porn depicts crimes in progress, how can one argue that simply having a copy of it is itself a crime?
    Sorry for the long-winded post, just please, people, do not lump together those who look at pictures with those who commit crimes.

  8. This article is misleading in 3 ways:
    1. they want you to think he got 300yrs. He didn’t he got 25 via a forced plea bargain
    2. Hes got the sentence for sharing child abuse images ONLY. He didn’t, he was trying to arrange actual real life meetings.
    3. The authorities traced suspicious downloadsnd over the dark web. They Didn’t (because they can’t). They actually traced him over IRC Chatroom’s.

  9. Well, once we land back into the world of common sense, I’d very much like to know why being a Peeping Tom with regards to real living children whom such a person may scare the hell out of when found out, that is considered far less punishable than being a Peeping Tom on the internet. The images on the internet are there whether someone sees them or not. If I had a child I’d be very upset if he or she were confronted with a pervert in real life, but if some jerk got his jollies by viewing some picture on the internet who the hell cares?

    There’s always that crazy claim that “these pictures last forever” and “they follow the victims forever” but I really wonder how??? People not looking for child porn will be very unlikely to encounter it by accident while in real life almost no adult can be recognized from photographs during childhood. We tend to age and change very much from early childhood to adulthood and beyond. Besides, it seems there are many millions of picturea around. Assuming this to be true it would be most ublikely that you would ever encounter a picture of yourself or of anyone else you know, it seems to me.

    Isn’t it time whe started addressing the real crimes of life, like our fully illegal western colonialism in the Arab world and all of it’s criminal consequences? We kill millions but call them terrorists for killing a very few in our world. It’s VietNam all over again! How crooked can you get?

  10. 300 years? judge is fucking moron!

    homicide sentenced 15 years,
    violence sexual sentenced 5 years,
    ISIS beheading sentenced 2 years,
    politic fraud US$ 5 billions sentenced 10 months,
    pederasty abuse boys sentenced 5 months,

    Fucking Democunt-Republicunt!

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