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21.11.17 Dark Web and Cybercrime Roundup

Alphabay Mod “Trappy” Charged with Fraud in Atlanta

24-year-old Ronald L. Wheeler III of Streamwood, Illinois, pleaded not guilty to access device fraud in connection to the Alphabay marketplace. U.S. Attorney Byung J. Pak said that Wheeler “was the mouthpiece for Alphabay on the internet.” During the crime, Wheeler aka Trappy allegedly conspired with Alexandre Cazes, alleged owner and administrator of Alphabay. The FBI first announced they had identified Trappy in July.

The Department of Justice statement described Alphabay, but lacked any information about the access device fraud charge. U.S. Attorney Pak called the 24-year-old Alphabay’s “public relations specialist” and explained that Trappy started working for the Alphabay marketplace in 2015. The press release also covered the roles performed by Trappy; they were effectively innocent customer service duties. “By acting as a spokesperson for the criminal element on AlphaBay, he served to further the agendas of those who chose to defy our laws and victimize our communities.”

Wheeler waived indictment and pleaded not guilty to the criminal information presented. Federal Magistrate Judge Janet King believed that Wheeler posed no significant rush to the community and allowed him to remain free until his next hearing. DeepDotWeb

Man Caught With 85 Pot Plants After Ordering Cocaine on the Darknet

Police investigators in Lower Bavaria caught wind of a suspected cocaine shipment headed to an address in Zwiesel. Officers scoped the address out and waited for the package to arrive. When delivery day came, according to news from local reporters, police officers executed a search warrant at the suspect’s house and found themselves at an entirely different crime scene than expected.

Instead of finding a cocaine, the arresting officers found a house filled with marijuana plants. They reported a total of 85 plants. The plants had been arranged in three different groups and each group was at a different growth stage. One third of the plants, according to the police, had reached a state of full maturity. Although the grower had not started harvesting any of groups found at the house, the police found significant quantities of plant material from an earlier grow . DeepDotWeb

Netherlands Police Bust Darknet Trafficking Group

Netherlands police executed a carefully planned operation against a drug trafficking organization in Sneek. The three primary suspects had originally drawn police attention in 2015 following a raid at a cannabis growing facility. Detectives, later that year, arrested one of the members of the drug trafficking organization for drug trafficking. They found him with 65,000 ecstasy pills. Still following a money trail from the original arrests, investigators found more than $400,000 in Bitcoin in possession of one of the suspects. They continued the investigation without incident until earlier this month.

Police, seemingly out of nowhere, conducted raids at ten or more homes and business in Sneek. Investigators had uncovered a large-scale ecstasy and marijuana trafficking ring. A total of 150 officers searched family homes and commercial buildings, including industrial buildings owned by family members of a suspect. They seized hundreds of thousands of euros in Bitcoin, 13 cars, and seven buildings. The investigation is ongoing and police expect more arrests to follow those that already took place. The three suspects from the 2015 raid were among the suspects arrested in the November raid. DeepDotWeb

Dealer Busted After Buying Counterfeit Euros on the Darknet

The Federal Criminal Police Office cracked down on counterfeit euros last year and seemingly ramped up their efforts again this year. A 20-year-old drug dealer from Brilon, North Rhine-Westphalia was one of the many suspects in Germany who had bought and used counterfeit euros in late 2017. The police knew nothing of drug crimes prior to the execution of a search warrant at the suspect’s house.

After the BKA identified the 20-year-old as a suspected counterfeit buyer, authorities searched his house for a package of Europol’s notes that they had expected to find. No counterfeit euros could be found. They found drugs. And drugs “in no small amount.” They also found evidence that the suspect had participated in a drug trafficking conspiracy. Although the indictment still included counterfeit-related charges, the investigation scope changed. Police are now pursuing the drug trafficking crimes. DeepDotWeb

Teen Bought Fake Euros From the Darknet, Police Reveal

Another young suspect caught charges after police in Strasburg finished investigating the cause of an influx of fake euros in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern’s Lake District. Shops had received counterfeit notes as payment for several months before the police opened an official investigation into the matter. To get an accurate picture of what the suspect looked like, Strasburg police interviewed witnesses, shop owners, and bank staff. They quickly gathered more than enough evidence to identify the suspect.

After showing a picture of the suspected counterfeit user to the shops in the area, the police had had gathered enough evidence to search a residence in Strasburg. The house belonged to a 19-year-old who fit the descriptions provided by the Lake District store employees and owners. They searched the house and found matching counterfeit notes. They also discovered “extensive evidence” that the 19-year-old had maintained contact with a darknet counterfeit euro vendor. The vendor had supplied the teenager with the notes that ultimately found their way to banks in several towns. DeepDotWeb

Two Arrested in Delhi for Selling Drugs via the Dark web

The Delhi Police Crime Branch is currently investigating a widespread drug distribution network where the dealers order drugs from the darknet and distribute them at clubs in Noida and Delhi. Police in Delhi and surrounding regions have been investigating this so-called “drug cartel” with vigor, partially due to the significant number of young people buying the drugs. Delhi police just busted two more dealers.

A “tip” led police to one suspect, a DJ at nightclubs in Delhi named Kamal Kalara. They caught him in Rohini with 100 ecstasy pills in his possession. He, according to the police, disclosed the name of suspect number two: Mahesh Goyal. Goyal, reports after the arrest revealed, worked as a freelance journalist and had first ordered drugs from the darknet during his research. The police caught Goyal with 20 grams of MDMA. DeepDotWeb

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