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Boy Who Murdered Two Teens and Posted It of the Dark Web Revealed Murder Plans Days Ahead


There is a sickening truth about the case of 19-year-old Marcel Hesse, the infamous psycho who is on trial for killing his neighbor and an alleged internet friend in Herne, Germany.

Hesse stabbed Jaden, the deceased 56 times and according to a court report, he posted his plans of committing the barbaric act on WhatsApp days before.

Reports suggest that Hesse sent messages to a 19-year-old friend on WhatsApp, a chat platform four days earlier before Jaden died.

“Now I’m making some murder weapons,” he wrote. Adding that “I think that I will strangle someone tomorrow.”

In one message he posted on a chat room, he wrote: “I have cut myself in the hand as I fought the 120kg beast.”

What followed were pictures of him washing a knife and posing for a selfie while he was basically soaked in blood.

“I know that people die slowly when you slaughter them,” he wrote in another message.

He also discussed the murder scene with a pal, according to court testimony.

Marcel Hesse, a martial arts fanatic, slaughtered Jaden and after that shared pictures of the gruesome act on the dark web.

In addition to that, Hesse also killed one of his own friends, a 22-year-old named Christopher who was also alleged to have been stabbed 68 times.

After he allegedly killed Jaden, he went to the town of where the next victim lived. They did fun activities such as playing video games, eating pizza and acted like everything was normal.

Things turned around after Christopher saw Hassel’s face on TV as the suspect in a murder investigation. He then allegedly stabbed him up to 68 times and even drove a pen through his back.

These murders occurred in Herne, a city located in the north-western state of North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.

“My old house is a good location to pick up young people and to keep them until they are cold, Hesse wrote adding that “Whoever is inside will die within two minutes.”

His friend at the receiving end of the message whose name was withheld due to Privacy laws in Germany stated that he didn’t think the messages meant anything serious.

“I thought it was again a stupid joke from him,” he told the presiding judge in court.

On the 28th of September, in the Bochum regional court, his sister, 22-year-old Sandy, took the witness stand and testified against her brother.

She stated that her brother had not had a bit of regret at what he did and the most shocking part was that, he was actually proud he killed those people.

“I have visited him once in jail, but we were not allowed to talk about the topic. Even then I asked him: “Do you regret it?” And then he gave a look as cold as ice and the answer ‘No’,” she stated.

When she visited him in prison, Sandy stated that her brother was screaming the words “I am 4chan!” which referred to one chat board on the internet that he was active.

“I have never seen him as proud before,” she stated.

According to Sandy, she and her younger brother enjoyed a normal relationship until primary school when she felt he had become strange as he was distant and had just a few friends at school. He somehow became completely lost when he discovered the internet.

She then stated in court that, Hesse had problems with violence while in primary school. She added that he attacked a teacher with a pair of scissors and in one situation, he chased his older brother with a knife through the house.

According to reports, Sandy has renounced Hesse, already telling the German media “he is no longer my brother” even before appearing in court. Sandy described Jaden as the sweetest boy she had ever known and was shocked to hear that her brother allegedly killed him.


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    Posted It of the Dark Web Revealed
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  2. Psycho like this bitch should be killed the same way he killed those people.

  3. Oh look just another kook leftist who went off the rails

  4. It was NOT on the darknet. Please, guys a DDW, do your homework. He was active on 4chan, this is not the darknet.

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