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USYD Student Busted for Ordering Drugs to Redistribute

A student at the University of Sydney allegedly ordered drugs from a darknet vendor and planned to sell them until law enforcement interfered. Newtown police arrested the 24-year-old after the package arrived and charged him with drug possession, supplying prohibited drugs, and possession of a replica firearm.

As reported by news.com.au, a police spokeswoman said that law enforcement use a success array of tactics when monitoring the darknet to detect illegal drug sales. The spokeswoman would not comment on the specifics of the darknet monitoring or how the darknet monitoring and case were connected. She said the investigation had not ended.

Newtown Local Area Command officers arrested the suspected dealer at his University of Sydney residence in Camperdown not long after he had received the package. During the arrest, police found 21 grams of Xanax, roughly 16 grams of MDMA, and just under 15 grams of marijuana. They also recovered LSD in an unannounced form and quantity. And finally, according to the police, the suspect had a replica handgun in his possession during the arrest.

Since the quantity of the drugs ordered by the 24-year-old surpassed the “less than trafficable quantity” marker defined by Australian law, the authorities charged the student with three counts of supplying a prohibited drug, possessing a prohibited drug, attempting to possess a restricted drug, and possessing a replica firearm.

A spokeswoman with the University of Sydney said school staff members actively assisted police in the investigation into one of the University’s students. “It is premature to discuss the details of this particular case as it is part of an ongoing police investigation,” she said, adding, “however, any student found guilty of misconduct is subject to the University’s disciplinary process with the potential for suspension or expulsion.”

The Australian Federal Police’s website has been increasingly covered by news of successful drug dealer arrests. Those arrests almost always involved drug importation or a drug trafficking organization arranging the importation of various drugs. Thanks to the size of Australia combined with the large bodies of water between the country and other continents, drug importation is one of the only options for obtaining certain drugs. Darknet marketplaces allow the average consumer to import drugs for personal use and small scale “distribution.”

Several similar arrests have been made after the police caught the student. Australian drug dealers under the age of 25-years-old seem to have an issue with drug distribution while carrying a non-lethal firearm. Four days after the above arrest, officers from the Leichhardt Local Area Command arrested a 19-year-old at his home. They placed him in custody at the Newtown Police Station and charged him for having large amounts of cannabis and an air rifle. Officers from the Hume Local Area Command arrested a 21-year-old for matching crimes only five days after the original arrest. Only, instead of a replica weapon, he had a stun gun and fireworks in his possession.

Police are targeting young darknet drug importers in Australia. The Border Force’s enhanced ability to spot drug packages and new darknet drug task forces created by the Australian Federal Police have increased the risk associated with drug trafficking. And after “Gun Amnesty Day,” getting caught with an illegal weapon ensures a harsh penalty.


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    It shows who owns them

  2. Not to forget the Royal Family Crown still on top of their empire….

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