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Man in Dark Web Child Pornography Case Sentenced to 9 Months

On November, 22, 32-year-old Nicholas S. Jernigan was sentenced to nine months in prison for possessing child pornography. Judge Brent Robinson of Richard County Common Pleas, gave Jernigan prison time for pleading guilty pandering obscenity involving a minor and five years’ probation for nine other counts. During the plea hearing Judge Robinson explained that the pandering obscenity involving a minor charges related to “material or performance involving obscene material that has a minor as one of its participants” while the pandering sexually oriented material involving a minor charges relate to someone who did “receive, exchange, possess any material that shows a minor participant engaging in sexual activity masturbation or bestiality.”

Initially, Jernigan faced a total of 35 charges, including 20 charges of pandering obscenity involving a minor, 10 counts of illegal use of a minor in nudity-oriented material and 5 charges of possessing criminal tools. The state dismissed most of his charges in exchange for a guilty plea. Three computers, a hard drive, and an iPhone were seized from Jernigan by officers with the Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation during a search on his property. Jernigan agreed to forfeit the seized items during his plea hearing.

In his defense Jernigan said that he visited several websites on the dark web out of “boredom” and “the content in question presented itself.” His reason for visiting the dark web was that he was in search of newer technology not available to him. He pleaded with the judge to give him a chance to prove that he was a good man, explaining that he recently became a father and wished to be an active father.
“I know I made a lot of mistakes, I don’t know how I ended up where I ended up. I’m absolutely ashamed, I don’t have the impulse, that compulsion. I don’t want any part of it. It has no place in my life. Just give me a chance to prove the man that I am,” Jernigan said.

Jernigan’s attorney, James Mayer III said Jernigan did not physically harm any child or create the pornography. The defense had paid for an evaluation that indicated Jernigan was partly in denial. “Despite the obvious seriousness of this conduct, he is still deserving of a chance at community control,” Mayer said.

The prosecution on its part lobbied for a significant prison sentence, a maximum of 15 years behind bars for Jernigan. Assistant Prosecutor Brandon Pigg cited a part of Jernigan’s evaluation that indicated his sexual history included using child stimuli for arousal.

“He said he engaged in that conduct out of boredom which I find incomprehensible. These are things that are sought for out for sexual gratification, you find these things; they don’t find you.” Pigg said.

The prosecution also stated that the authorities had recovered 100,000 photos and 300 videos from the defendant’s computer material.

In the end Judge Robinson settled for the split sentence and also fined Jernigan $1,000.


  1. Yep that’s about right. Give the drug addict 3 years and the kiddie porn guy 9 months. That’s the way it goes I guess.

    • Hard drugs addicts steal and kill for dope. A man watching porn in his house is nobody’s business

      • Romain

        That’s just because of shady laws creating a room for black market, it’s not the hard drug itself that makes people steal and kill – they wouldn’t if they could access the drug otherwise, which just takes one smart chemist with an appropriate equipped lab.

        Can you give me an example of child pornography that is produced without fucking fucking children?

        • Omg. What about nudist child or posing nude? It child porno too?)))

        • BraveTrueAndRealForHumanity

          Well on an academic for to be applied on a streetwise, if practically speaking as we shall – hmmm… it’s imagined rape. What does a computer does though, simulate stuffs for us, clear? All are bound based on reputation currency based on subconcious level – hmmm, depends on whom you’re willing to hunt. Must apply universally or starting from yourselves towards others. Some light on the matter, eh?

    • Justiceisneverhappeningonthisearth

      Most judges are secretly nonce’s. Hence the favoritism..
      BTW Judges use drugs too. They must have share in the prison systems too.

  2. 9 months? Are you fucking kidding me?

  3. So a guy who shared a link to somewhere that you could get child porn got 3 years and someone who actually possessed it got 9 months. Sure, that makes total sense.

  4. I think a sentence of 9 months is fine. According to this article and other articles on him he did not have anything related to penetration by an adult on his computer. Now, if he had harder stuff in his possession then the sentence would’ve/should’ve been harder. Also, you won’t magically end up with 100k photos and 300 videos of kids masturbating on your computer by just browsing the deepweb, like he claims, lol. At the end of the day, the fact is: He went on the deepweb, sought out porn sites, probably registered with a username and downloaded 100k photos and 300 videos underage girls pleasuring themselves.
    I wonder how he got caught.. honeypot? static username he used elsewhere on the clearnet? Who knows, we’ll never know. Anyways, always follow rule 1 and 2 when on the deepweb.
    1# Never register on any pornsite on the deepweb, ever.
    2# Never download anything related to any kind of porn on the deepweb. That random link to porn you found on a forum? Don’t click it.
    Heck.. don’t even bother looking for porn on the deepweb, it’ll land you in the crosshairs of countless law agencies and hackers.

    • tallorder

      you obviously have no idea what your talking about.. pedophiles are predatory people that seek out vulnerable young children. they use grooming techniques and bullying in order to get what they want. they are also textbook hoarders who store thousand upon thousands of underage explicit images.. to satisfy their own sick needs. suggesting that this vile creature being sentenced to 9 months as “fine” is simply gross in itself and u should be ashamed of yourself. my boyfriend has visited MANY porn sites and downloaded movies and images. on darkness and clearnet and let not 1 image of sexually explicit underage children has been “accidently” downloaded. let alone over 100k.. get a grip and think before u speak. you people RELY on so called crosshairs and hackers etc to weasel out of being caught.

      sorry but your comment made me feel ill

      • There is nothing wrong with pedophilia. I hope your family dies of cancer

      • Did you reply to the wrong comment?
        Please enlighten me where I’m wrong? The 9 month sentence was fine according to the law, is the law wrong? I backed it up with: “If he had harder stuff, the punishment would’ve been more harsh”. That’s how law works, there is no “set” sentence for anything. There’s a difference between 1gram of weed and 400kg of it, get my drift? I didn’t say he “accidentaly did it”, HE DID IT ON PURPOSE, I understand that, okay?
        Also, did you just admit that your “boyfriend” downloaded illegal material? I think removing the comment might be the smart thing to do here.
        Please re-read my comment. Nowhere in my post did I defend this man and his actions.

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