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Amphetamine Dealer Gets Two Years of Probation

A 21-year-old drug dealer managed to leave a Bavarian courtroom with nothing but two years of probation. He faced charges in connection with “commercially trafficking narcotics in no small amount,” a crime that carries a minimum sentence of one year in prison. The court, however, believed the young drug dealer showed signs of a promising future and opted for a lenient punishment.

The 21-year-old defendant came the Pfaffenhofener district of Bavaria, Germany. In a money-making effort, the defendant and his so-called “colleague” decided to get into the drug distribution market. Both men had used drugs and the defendant considered himself a drug addict. But they had access to the darknet and a network of buyers. So the duo started selling drugs. Simon K., the defendant, told the court that he had started out with an ecstasy and amphetamine purchase for “350 or 380 euros.” It had been too long to remember those details, he said.

Simon had purchased 290 grams of amphetamine on one occasion, the court heard. He then explained that he sold five grams for 20 euros. At some point, one of the darknet vendors had allegedly shipped a package to Simon that lacked the proper postage to actually get to Simon. (Not an unfamiliar situation.) The package was sent to the return address. According to the police investigators, the package ended up in the hands of the police. The police, in turn, started looking into Simon and his accomplice.

They raided the apartment the men had been staying in and found enough evidence to put both dealers behind bars. In addition to more than 150 grams of amphetamine and drug trafficking equipment, the police reported finding an active firing pistol. By the time police caught up with Simon, he had already checked into a hospital detox program to get clean. This initiative ultimately saved him from spending time in a prison cell.

“I made the biggest mistake,” Simon said. “I did not think too much.” The court heard how various events in Simon’s life had sent him into the downward spiral that led to his arrest. He said that it began when his mother divorced his stepfather. His stepfather later died. His mother, he said, had developed breast cancer. He moved in with his girlfriend at 19-years-old. Soon after moving in, his friends had offered him drugs for the first time. Judge Ulrich Klose asked “how many?” Simon used “six to eight grams” at first. They did not reveal the drug in question.

A juvenile court expert asked the court to apply the juvenile criminal law; she said that Simon had developmental issues from his mother and stepfather’s divorce. “I think he will find his way back to normal life.” Public defender Rainer Rehm agreed with this sentiment and added that Simon had already taken the first steps toward a normal life by entering a drug detox.

Judge Klose agreed, too. For “doing something stupid,” the judge sentenced Simon to two years under court supervision. Simon must submit to court-ordered drug tests and cut ties with his friends who use drugs.

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  1. USA USA USA oh wait a minute, in the states he whould be in prison for 20 years

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