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PGP Signature from the author:

Hello everyone. My name is Penissmith, and this is my second article for deepdotweb. I have been around darknet marketplaces for the last 5 years. It’s common knowledge now that I helped AlphaBay not only by serving as a ScamWatch member, but also helped as a moderator going by the name of Botah. Even though I may come across as a troll, those who knew me or followed me knew that I’m very sentimental about the darknet and am very grateful for the fraud community. I started out like anyone else, and I wouldn’t be where I am today without the treasure trove of information that I was able to accumulate over the years.

A lot of people in the community like to overthink things and make up assumptions about my hiatus. I’ve heard some theories that I have taken up a new identity, that I’ve been arrested, andeven some wilder ones from Reddit junkies. I see everything on Reddit, and by the way, it was a great source of entertainment during AlphaBay’s demise watching the subreddits melt down. I’ve always been strictly about fraud, and most of Reddit’s darknet discussion is about drugs. LE are even using posts on Reddit to catch drug vendors.

I’ve probably made five posts in my lifetime in drug forums, and those were mostly for trolling. Because of this, I have no sentimental attachment to the drug community on Reddit. In fact, some could argue that it was their fault we’ve had LE eyes on us in recent events. It’s obvious that the fraud community isn’t the main source of bringing attention to the marketplaces.

With that being said, the darknet is dying. The fraud community is already dead. In my opinion, you can’t have successful marketplaces without a community built around them. If you knew me at any point over the years, you would know I actually loved Evolution and Alphabay. Not only was there excellent uptime and friendly website design, but there was a massive community built around them. This is very important to any darknet marketplace success. When I look on the darknet today, I don’t see any community. Most sites have suffered massive ddos attacks with no redundancy to keep them alive. The closest thing we have to a community is abunch of junkies on Reddit talking about how their drugs haven’t been shipped yet, and going into meltdown mode when the inevitable exit-scam or shutdown comes along.

I personally believe that the darknet is beyond saving. There is a fix for everything; however, it seems to be beyond repair at this point. The only way to fix this would be to bring the community back to the darknet first, and then build a marketplace around that community. This is easier said than done. The wisest minds in the fraud world have gone into hiatus and are now flying solo, like myself. They never needed any of you, just remember that. They were only a part of these communities to have fun and help the noobs out. People have moved off the darknet and to the clearnet. For example, people are doing direct deals on wickr now, and multiple other chat apps. There are even Telegram groups dedicated completely to fraud, filled with noobs without any type of direction. This is working backwards, and it seems as if we’re moving back to the clearnet. This is obviously stupid in a number of ways, but it’s the way people are moving. If this continues, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that there is no further need for the darknet.

Also, let’s take a look at the marketplace selection. Right now, the top marketplace is Dream.

The fraud community is a sad bunch over there, and I don’t think even I could save it. With a user interface, community, and uptime that Dream has, all it makes me want to do is stay as faraway as possible. In fact, it even motivates me to start an AlphaBay clone called PenisBay.

You guys know that I have connections, and I always get my footing in every marketplace. This is for my own, personal benefit. I can honestly say that I’ve become a professional at acquiring darknet contacts. Because of this, I can tell you right now that more 70% of the marketplaces today are either shutting themselves down to prevent arrest, plotting an exit scam, have massive security leaks, or are already operated by feds. In those 30% that are not apart of this group, most of them are run by people who aren’t very technologically savvy and have an imminent death on the way. If you trust any of the darknet marketplaces in this current state, it’s obvious that you are well beyond the reasoning stage, and you are simply careless.

That’s okay, but just know that I warned you. Just remember, there is a reason I’ve been the longest living member of the darknet. I play my cards right.

The second factor that has led to the destruction of darknets is Bitcoin itself. Bitcoin has acquired an enormous amount of mainstream adoption over these last few months alone. Bitcoin has become an impractical currency for darknet marketplaces, and it will eventually become unusable. The fees alone make any transaction under 200$ not even worth it. This is just the usability of it. Bitcoin’s explosion in the mainstream has also brought a lot of eyes on the darknet. You guys still think you’re apart of the underground, but that’s just wrong. As more people learn about Bitcoin, they will also learn about its history. There’s no illusion that Bitcoin’s history is a dark one. This means all eyes will be coming this way, and eyes that we don’t want around here. Those who knew me knew that I was an avid supporter of Monero. I’m also a supporter of other privacy-centered cryptocurrencies. Not only have I made an enormous amount of money from simply holding Monero, but I’ve also been pushing for its acceptance on the darknet. It boggles my mind that our marketplaces are still using Bitcoin as their mainpayment backbone. This is ridiculous, and this alone will kill the marketplaces.

I didn’t write this article to spread FUD. I wouldn’t have wasted my time or mind space writing this if I didn’t care. Honestly, I’m probably intelligent enough to come up with a fix for this current state of the darknet marketplaces. However, I’m exhausted and I’ve grown into a stage in my career where I’ve realized I don’t need the community anymore. My heart is only with the fraud community. If I see a path to recovery for this community, I will resurface again, and you all know that. However, I can honestly say that I don’t see this happening, and I hope that the skilled fraud people decide to fly solo and realize that they don’t need this mess in their life either.

It’s important to realize that this idea of the “darknet” is dying. The communities took a massive blow in the events of the AlphaBay/Hansa takedowns, and are on their last thread. It only takes one more catastrophe to be the end of the darknet marketplaces in my opinion. The main point to take from this is that you never needed the darknet for the marketplaces. You needed the darknet for the community. You needed a group of likeminded people and a medium to voice your opinions and have conversations behind a mask. The marketplaces were simply a product of this idea. The darknet and Tor have provided that. All the tools were there, and you guys blew it. Nobody was intelligent enough to come up with a solution that maintained this idea. If the community dies, the marketplaces die with it. There is a lot of evidence that the community is dying, if it hasn’t already. Hopefully those who have learned from me over the years have accumulated enough knowledge and a skill set to where they are able to operate solo. You guys either need to get smarter, or you will face the blow that is soon to come. That’s all there is to it. The darknet is beyond repair, and it would take a miracle to get it rolling again.


  1. It is saddening as a rookie who only caught the last 2 months of Alphabay and Hansa!!

    I have all but given up hope in finding a fraud guide/vendor who is not a complete CLOWN SHOE!!!

  2. The author presented a problem without offering a solution. He talked about how the darknet is dying because of lack of community but didn’t offer any suggestions on how to correct that. The author’s motivations for writing are also unclear, because he both came offering a message (the darknet is dying) while also distancing himself from the message by saying he doesn’t need it. Aside from self-promotion I really can’t understand what the author wanted from the readers. I think the author wants someone to do the work of making a community for him. My response to that is “be the change”. I don’t know who this guy is, and I have never participated in any of the Darkent markets, yet here I am commenting on articles I see. This is community, even if it is not the kind what wants to buy products from the author. Maybe the author realizes that his name will pass into irrelevance with the newcomers, but that does not mean the Darknet is dying. Only “his” Darknet is dying. The way the Darknet markets operate is stupid and deserve to pass into irrelevance. The upcoming Darknet is about influencing hearts and minds, which the author sounds either unable or unwilling to do.

    • Jesus christ are you blind

      I personally believe that the darknet is beyond saving. There is a fix for everything; however, it seems to be beyond repair at this point. The only way to fix this would be to bring the community back to the darknet first, and then build a marketplace around that community.

    • Penissmith was a former AlphaBay mod, troll, and fraudster. He was definitely a big name on that market, as well as BMR, TCF, Evolution before it. A lot of people may not like him because he used to troll the forums a lot, but he definitely knows his stuff about the dark net and has been around for a long time.

      I think most of what he’s saying here is valid as well. Previous DNMs and forums like Evolution, TCF, Hansa, Agora, SR1, BMR, AlphaBay, and even TradeRoute were successful because they had strong communities with lots of good members behind them. Now with those markets all gone, the torch has been passed to smaller, less capable markets that lack that same sense of community. Not only that, but the near-constant stream of exit scams, arrests, and shutdowns have also taken a toll on the dark net users. A lot of them are forgoing the markets to just do direct deals with trusted vendors. They don’t need the markets anymore, nor can they really trust them with their money for any length of time.

      His point about bitcoin is 100% spot on. It’s impractical to use for transactions anymore, as the fees are way too high and as we’ve been starting to see, it’s not really anonymous anymore. A bunch of people have been busted this year from blockchain analysis; OxyMonster was a good example of that. We need to move to Monero if we want retake the lost ground on the monetary side.

      I think what he’s really trying to say is that a lot of former top DNM users have moved on from the markets and don’t really need them much anymore. The current crop of existing markets don’t inspire enough confidence and have very little community to bring these people back. However, if a good enough market comes along, they will go back at the very least for the social aspect. And he’s also trying to say that the AlphaBay/Hansa takedowns and TradeRoute exit scam all struck a severe blow and put us into a crisis of sorts. Whether we can fully come back from it remains to be seen, but so far not much positive development has happened with regards to the markets, which is worrying. I think he’s right about most of this. Better DNMs have to come along or the current ones have to seriously up their game. He kind of veers off a bit, which can throw a few people off, but I think that’s the heart of his point he’s trying to make in this article, and it’s not a bad point at all to make either.

      • Stop trying to tell us what he is ‘trying to say’. Like you fucking know anything and need to offer a reason for him not actually explaining anything and just bitching about shit and bragging about his own shit status.

    • So true, all he does is complain and talk about “back in my day” STFU, no one cares about you. He is a troll who bitches and offers no solution to anything. Who cares if “you like monero” or if “you have made a killing” or if you “have connections”.

    • The first and most important lesson was forgotten and that is OPSEC

  3. Fuck you PenisHead, AB scum.

  4. hi bro penissmith

    how are you? I’m happy to see you again :)

  5. Well well well look who it is. From the years seeing you in the community I always was 50/50 about my opinion of you. But at this time you have changed that. I agree with what you have said.

    • YASUOOOOOO!I havent seen you since the EVO days. I used to look up to you and moko. Yall had the game on lock! Good to see you around again…whats your jabber? I want to chop it up with you about some things.

  6. hi penissmith

    kindly send your jabber over here please

  7. There you are penissmith, you disappeared off your Jabber. It’s your buddy from NZ, the one that use to be on your Jabber. How did that sports card/pawn shop scheme work out?


    The fraud community was slowly dying from mid-2016, almost all the top fraudsters had left the forums or rarely visited by the time the AB bust happened. No one thing caused the fraud communities to die off, it is just a natural progression.

    All top fraudsters are flying solo now and are no longer “with” the fraud community. Shit, my guess is that most top fraudsters were always flying solo and never joined in forum discussions or involved themselves with the fraud community.

    Markets can still operate fine without a fraud community but it isn’t good for noobs still learning the ropes because they won’t receive any advice or read tips on the forums.

    OpenBazaar and Monero are the future now. The junkie vendors are already starting to setup shop on OpenBazaar, the Superlist on reddit lists 20-30 drug shops on OpenBazaar and I’m guessing eventually the fraud vendors will slowly make their way over there as well.

    Dream and Wall Street forums are complete shit. L33t.su is always been a very quiet forum and what other clearnet forums are there?

  8. Hey dickjew, long time no talk, hit me up on Jabber.

    I know your egotistical ass is going to read these comments.

  9. “most of them are run by people who aren’t very technologically savvy and have an imminent death on the way.”

    you just claim instead name and point out why? I understand Berlusconi the UI extremely bad. WS IP seems to have been leaked. The rest fine. AlphaBay use no PHP framework, and it wasn’t RESTful. bet backend was spaghetti code. it not new thing that marketplace run by incompetent, remember silk road? been like that from start

    • I think what he’s trying to say is that markets like Evolution, AlphaBay, Hansa, and TradeRoute had slick, top-notch UIs and were very user-friendly, which attracted tons of new users to them, which also helped grow our community. They also offered many advanced features for users and vendors. The current markets mostly don’t do that on the same level.

      Aside from that, a lot of the existing markets seem to be having issues with opsec or just general shadiness and most of them have had security issues. Back then, such issues were much rarer and markets fixed their issues much quicker. Today, most of the markets seem to be running on autopilot. This wasn’t always the case. It’s one thing not not innovate much, but have no real problems, but it’s another when your market doesn’t look great, and isn’t much evolved in most ways over SR1, but still has tons of issues and very poor support.

      It’s also important to know that when you look at a market like AlphaBay, which grew to record size, had a strong, active community, innovated heavily, took in billions of dollars, made many people very rich, and managed to last about 3 years, it was still an overwhelming success despite how it all ended. Despite the lessons learned from these takedowns, no market so far has come close to emulating the successes of the previous markets.

  10. DieLügenundverkaufendichdannalsdumm

    Mit der Überwachung und Datensammlung ermöglichen die Regierungen ja erst Cybercrime. Um so mehr Überwachung desto mehr besteht die Möglichkeit dies zu Misbrauchen. Deswegen ist die Comunity fast tot, da in den vergangen jahren, die Überwachung von Unternehmen, vom BND, von Kriminellen und Hurensöhnen dafür zu verf ügung stellt jeden der nicht deren Ansichten vertrettet mit einfachen mitteln aus dem Weg geräumt wird. Einfach nur Scheinheilig vom Staat! Somit ist keiner mehr sicher von Willkür. Das bringt keine Sicherheit sonder trettet nur Menschenrechte mit Füßen. Es wird nur von Sicherheit geredet aber im Grunde geht es darum den Menschen die Freiheit zu nehmen und die Demokratie auszuhüllen. Die Wahrheit das die Demokratie seit 15 Jahren schon tot ist! Die wollen halt mit jeden machen können was sie wollen. Das ist das Instrument vom Staat für den Machterhalt und systematische Volksentmündung.
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  11. The ego has remained the same even in hiatus I can see. This article was “me, me, ME!”. You, my friend are a narcissist. This isn’t about you! However, saying that, you did make some good points about the community dying off… Its true, what we’re are missing is our old community. Whether the darknet is “over” as you dramatically claim, or just hitting a low point will depend on how badly people want it to return to its former glory. It can be done, and I hope for my sake (if nothing else) that it will bounce back.

  12. Lame and unemployed ScamWatch person who wish to run a marketplace properly…..

    What a sad fuck you are.

    DeepDotWeb is just like a reddit for me after letting you write this article.

    Just keep on crying.


  13. Agent Flanagan why are you writing on behalf of penissmith

  14. Für den Frieden muss man immer was tun!
    Gerade dann wenn versucht wird das Gleichgewicht
    auszuhüllen. Der Type nennt sich Penissmith und ist einer von vielen quer durch die Bank.
    Es ist schwer, doch Propaganda ist der Feind vom der Demokratie.
    Am besten wäre ein Barometer wo man drauf klicken kann wenn man einen Artikel also P-D. Dann sinken auch Hasskomentare und Beleidigungen denk ich.
    Ich meine wenn man sich Propaganda reinzieht, aber dies nicht als sowelche versteht, hat man sich den Kopf waschen lassen ohne es zu merken, aber wird dann wenn es drauf ankommt eben nicht auf sein Herz hören. Das ist ein echtes Problem, auch heute noch und grad jetzt. Ich würde mich freuen wenn Propaganda von einem Algorithm kenntlich gemacht wird. Dann kann man selbst entscheiden. Es tut mir so weh, Leute die nicht wissen was Propaganda ist sind, sind dem Schutzlos ausgeliefert. Wenn einer Hurensohn schreibt ist das auch Propaganda und sollte dann halt einfach mit einem roten Ausrufe zeichen gekenntzeichnet werden. Doch das ein ganzer Artikel Propaganda ist, ist es eine Stufe bösartiger und gehört als diese markiert. Für jeden der nicht weiß was Propaganda ist, will ich einfach erklären, bedeutet was zu behaupten und zu verbreiten. Nicht zuverwechseln mit der bedeutung von Glauben.

  15. Can’t believe I’m actually agreeing with you buddy, but what you’re saying is spot on. If you ever need some steaks for old times sake just hit me up.

  16. Author should learn some new words instead of using “However” several times per paragraph

  17. Propaganda ist das Problem Nummer eins.
    Wie kann man sich davor Schützen, wenn zum Beispiel
    ein Freund lügen über einen verbreitet?
    Gar nicht!
    Doch die Öffentlich sollte das schon können.
    Am besten ist ein verständlicher Hinweis
    der propaganda von Information unterscheidet.
    Also wie der Beipackzettel von Artznei.

  18. Das hier zu löschen ist zu aufwendig, einfach halt als Interessenartikel makieren, rot mit Warnung auf Inhalt. Ist notwendig als Schutz vor verblendung.
    Die Mondlandung wäre und ist halt dann ein Problem! Da wird ja heute noch gestritten ob das propaganda war, aber sowas kann man sehr schnell kenntlich machen ohne was löschen zu müssen. zb Der Artikel kann nicht der Wahrheit entsprechen

  19. Ah, the infamous penissmith returns. Good to see that you’re still hanging in there. I agree with most of what you say too. I hope the DNMs can recover and return to their former glory, but it’s definitely going to be an uphill battle.

  20. Fuck you, Penissmith.

  21. Blank article, which is made from from penissretards cry that now, there is no market with separate fraud scam community. Alphabay,had this fraud community and a lot of expensive fraud listings which were just a scam protected by market owners because it did bring a lot of money to them. How do you think why these communities have died, if all there is a scam? Its not 2014 anymore.

    • The fraud communities on Evolution, AlphaBay, and even TradeRoute were mostly not scams buddy. And I would take the DNMs for what they were from 2014-2016 in a heartbeat over the crappy messes they all are now.

      • smegmasmith

        Do you know why 2014 evolution fraud communities were successful? Because anti-fraud departments were far behind from actual fraudsters. Now security is a lot tighter and only rare people can make actual living from online fraud. ”most of traderoutes communities were not scam” Dude shut the fuck up, on trade there were so many fake cc sellers and administration didn’t do a shit about it. Why on these couple 2 years there ain’t no recognized fraud service providers like in 2014 and 2015??? I guess its the nature of the fraud it self, it just consumed everything for the sake of getting some coin :)
        And yes i still think, this article from pennismith is an offer for people to make marketplace with controlled fraud section to scam more money out of people like alphabay did. Don’t believe? Ask retardsmith himself.

        • DNMREFUGEE

          there are plenty of people making money off of fraud today. not everybody doing it is broke and unsuccessful. Dont talk about stuff you know very little about. Yes there are scammers in every market and anti-fraud departments have picked up, but you are blowing the issues out of proportion and making it out like were all noobs like you. there are still good fraud providers around, but most of them only do direct deals now or have set up their own autoshops. you might not like penissmith (i dont either and i too am suspicious about his motives here), but i don’t think you really know what youre talking about regarding the fraud community.

          • fagotsmith

            Another fraud community guru, who as all can’t even name actual example. Do you also sell a guide? Carding is DEAD. Yes there are people who make good money of online fraud, but that is skilled people. CPA is all about it.

  22. It was always the community, to stop the fraudsters feeding off themselves, to stop bad drugs, the DarkNetAvegers have tried, however even here I sense it goes to the highest bidder.. Darknet markets are not the places they used to be, most sticking with their supplier from the old AlphaBayMarket days…

    Reddit is what could be seen as a clearness attempt at community, but it’s not..

    Dealers trying to sell whatever stomped on stuff they can.

    Bitcoin showed the world that you could hide transactions, 2FA and other marketplace things grew.. This was not about Drugs, but was about Money..

    Nowadays you have to pay £20 transaction minimum on any bitcoin used, it’s moving to an asset class next year, the markets that are getting a % won’t last with bitcoin, however you need to ask yourself if you earned millions running a market, and are still free… Is this not the time to stop… Remember we are all guilty, only the ones that make mistakes are caught.

  23. Penissmith is a fucking idiot. I’ve been around since the days of SR1, BMR and Sheep, etc. so I’ve got a good amount of knowledge when it comes to DNMs. I’ve seen Penissmith on many forums and markets. I was especially amused when he was sucking ass on Evolution to become a mod. Verto and most others didn’t like him cause he was acting like a fucking kid who just discovered the internet.

    Even in this article he’s acting like a fucking idiot. Proposing that he’s smart enough to fix the DNM’s problems.
    “I’m probably intelligent enough to come up with a fix for this current state of the darknet marketplaces.”
    What a fucking joke.

    So why don’t you fix it then if you’re so intellectually inclined?

    I will admit he was right about one thing though, community definitely makes markets better and more enjoyable. Without a proper community something feels missing. But markets will never end. If one goes down, another one will take it’s place. It’s up to the users to be smart enough to be sure they’re safe even if a market goes down or gets seized.

    • He’s also 100% correct about bitcoin. It used to be a good currency that was a strength; now it’s killing us. Transaction fees are absolutely brutal, confirmation times can take forever, and it’s exchange value is extremely volatile. Next year it’s going to become officially classified as an asset, instead of a currency, which is going to only make it less viable as a form of money as investors swarm in. It’s also not really anonymous like it used to be. Markets and users need to realize this fast and move to something better (like Monero).

    • “But markets will never end. If one goes down, another one will take it’s place.”

      I think this is a somewhat naive attitude to take about the DNMs. A few years ago you’d be absolutely correct, but now, not so much given what we’ve been seeing for the past 6-7 months. I think penissmith is right in that the AlphaBay and Hansa takedowns have done much damage to the community and eroded a lot of confidence in the markets. The TradeRoute exit scam only made things worse. Now we’re basically stuck with Dream and Wall St., two markets that have no real communities like the old markets and inspire little confidence. Direct deals suddenly aren’t so crazy anymore and DNM traffic is definitely down compared to AlphaBay or even TradeRoute. One or maybe two more big exit scams/takedowns within the foreseeable future and I’d say most of it all will be over. It just won’t be worth it anymore.

      I really hope the DNMs make a comeback to their former glory and beyond, but so far there hasn’t been much evidence of this happening.

  24. I cannot believe I just wasted time reading this trash thinking that I would actually get something from it.

    All he did was complain, why not mention OB2?
    Hey, I have an idea, why not mention even 1 original idea, instead of just complaining and bitching about how you cannot do w/e you want now like randomly banning people on AB that prove you wrong or disagree.

    Dear author, go crawl back under your rock!
    No one cares about you, your opinion, or if your alive or dead, mainly because you are a waste of space and total human trash.

    Dear DDW, stop publishing articles from complete lames that no one cares about, or contribute anything of substance.
    DDW is a great site for good news dont turn the site into a tabloid by allowing morons like the author to have any air time.

    • OpenBazzar is a great idea with a lot of potential, but so far it’s still fairly unproven and in its infancy for adoption. It still needs a bit more refinement and features before it can really be a viable setup for vendors. It could definitely be the move of the future if the OB developers make the needed updates in the near future, but for now the penis is correct about the current sad state of the markets and bitcoin. And though he can be an annoying troll, you can’t just call him names and spew insults at him and claim that to be any sort of cohesive argument against the points he made.

      • Adamsmith

        All the insults I spewed where true.
        Fact’s in there own right.
        He offered zero alternatives just bragged about himself.

        Total fail.

        Any vendor can be up and running on OB2 with 3 terminal commands that they can copy and paste thanks to the guide on /r/darkbazaar
        so how is the setup not viable, as you say?

        If a vendor is that idiotic that they cannot copy and paste 3 commands then they should not be vending to begin with.

        • OpenBazaar is still untested in terms of security and the developers have even admitted that they’re potentially vulnerable to government attacks and there isn’t a ton they can do at the moment. And it still needs a few more options and tweaks on the currency/payment side. It could also use a revamp for the dispute/escrow system. However, once all of these issues have been addressed, I have no doubts it will then become truly viable and take off.

          I agree though that penissmith should’ve offered some actual solutions instead of shamelessly promoting himself like that. And the thing about him is that he does everything for a reason, which makes me and others suspicious of his real motives.

  25. it’s good to see you again, penissmith. i just wanted to thank you for all of the knowledge you shared on AB. reading through all of your posts helped me in so many ways when i was a fraud newbie and without you idk if i would have made it as far as i have today.

  26. yeah i had a package or two land, i read jolly rodgers guide, i read few dumped guides from 690 tuts; i made one paypal transfer, bought one subscription to a porn site with a cc, made a hulu free trial with a cc, bought a fake and WU myself some cash off a CC, i’m basically the dark web guru now.

    im gonna make a marketplace because i bought from one. forget basic site and database security, forget being able to pen[is]test it muyself, hide server locations, provide the correct chains of proxies to avoid the FBI catching me in a non-extradition country. i’m a bored troll with no forums to post on, hey DDW hmu!!!


  27. This author is so negative about everything.
    dark net was here is her and will be here. Therefore will never die ! its unfortunate that guys like this are allowed to write an article.
    so retarded !!

    • The dark net probably. The dark net markets; it’s a 50/50 shot. And with OpenBazzar released and updates constantly on the horizon, a lot of vendors might just see it as more profitable and less hassle to quit the markets and just set up their own shops. All it will take is one or maybe two more big market takedowns or exit scams for them to begin looking for permanent alternatives. We’re seeing the beginning of this trend with the current rise in direct deals.

  28. Hey Penissmith…How can I contact you man?

  29. For decent fraudsters surely there being a lack of community for noobs is a great thing? The less people learning how to card the better as the experienced ones fly under the radar more and it means the credit companies are not in as much of a rush to increase security if they are losing less money.

  30. Penissmith is just a troll spreading FUD, and there is proof he works for LE

  31. Screw all you who dont like what I have written, what the hell do you know anyway.

    • Concerned person``

      much more than you. i saw you troll all over markets we all hate you. you are a narcicist not keeping a closed mouth. you want whatever attention you can find. good luck

    • fuck you poor idiot. you think to be an god but you are only an idiot, lamer, retarded. always with this fucked “me me me”. do you want an advice? change your poor vpn :D ;)

    • You are no longer relevant in the fraud world penissmith.

    • Where the fuck are you & how the fuck do i reach you?

      • JackieChan

        Its funny how all of you hate him,yet he does not give a flying fuck about what you say or talk about him.This nigga was smart af,if you aint learn nothing from him,then you my friend are the “true idiot”
        salute to you penissmith!


  32. “It even motivates me to start a AlphaBay clone called penisbay”

    lol your a fucking idiot, sounds like a pedo site

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