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Two Dealers Busted in Austria After Package Interception

The National Police Directorate in Tyrol (LPD Tirol) announced the completion of an investigation into two teenage drug dealers. According to the Innsbruck prosecutor, the duo had imported drugs from Germany—through a darknet vendor—into the Austrian state of Tyrol. Police seized more than $27,000 worth of various illegal substances during a raid at one of the suspect’s houses.

German authorities opened the investigation in the summer of 2017 when the customs office in Frankfurt, Germany, intercepted two packages headed for one of the suspect’s addresses. The packages contained a combined total of 500 ecstasy pills. German investigators then passed the information to police in Austria. After the information reached Austria, the two teenagers—a 17-year-old German citizen and an 18-year-old Austrian citizen—only stayed out of police custody until early October.

During an early October raid at a house in Innsbruck that belonged to one of the suspects, authorities found roughly 500 grams of MDMA; 130 grams of cocaine; small amounts of ketamine; a small amount of marijuana; and a small number of ecstasy pills. They also seized, for the first time in Tyrol, an unspecified amount of Bitcoin. According to the police’s announcement, the duo had planned on selling the drugs in various markets in Innsbruck. The dealers had already packaged many of the substances for resale. Police said the drugs were worth more than $27,000.

The LPD Tirol brought both suspects back to the police department and questioned them about the alleged drug trafficking. Both suspects fully cooperated with the police and answered questions to the satisfaction of the Innsbruck prosecutor. They claimed that they had split the responsibility and each played an equal role in the operation. On numerous occasions in 2017, the teenagers claimed they had purchased large amounts of drugs for resale in the Innsbruck area. The drugs came from vendors on the darknet, they told the police.

During the LPD’s investigation, detectives concluded—in agreement with statements from the teenagers—that the duo had distributed at least 1,000 ecstasy tablets, 750 grams of powder or crystal MDMA, 150 grams of cocaine, and 250 grams of ketamine in Innsbruck and other locations in Tirol.

The Innsbruck prosecutor called for pre-trial detention. A judge agreed and imposed the detention on the suspects. The teenagers stayed in custody until mid-December when the investigation into the full extent of their drug trafficking had completed. They have now been released under the usual pre-trial conditions. Sentencing has not been announced.

In June, police in Innsbruck apprehended a 17-year-old who had ordered MDMA, amphetamine, marijuana, and small amounts of cocaine and Ritalin. He told police that the drugs were for personal use, but they disagreed and charged him with distribution on a small scale. He too is waiting for a sentencing hearing.

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