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Woman Sentenced to Six Years for Hiring a Hitman on the Darknet

In Lyngby, Denmark, a 58-year-old woman received a six year prison sentence for trying to have a man killed through a darknet murder-for-hire service. The first public mentions of the case occurred only a couple of months before the sentence hearing, even though Danish authorities arrested the woman in early 2017. Informative case details only started surfacing after the December trial began. The defendant, 58-year-old Emanuela Consortini, will spend six years in prison and subsequently be deported from Denmark.

Consortini hired a hitman through Crimebay, a darknet site where customers can pay hitmen to kill targets, blow up cars, or something else absurd. Only a handful of people believe the site is legitimate and those few people are frequently in jail for trying to have someone killed through the site or the site’s predecessor, Besa Mafia.

The court found the 58-year-old woman guilty of trying to have her boyfriend killed. British police first uncovered the plot sometime between November 2016 and March 2017. They alerted authorities in Italy—the country where the target resided. As the defense pointed out, it remains unclear if the site itself is actually taking orders for murders. Several theories exist, such as the one that law enforcement has access to the site through one of several possible methods.

Crimebay is unlikely a law enforcement honeypot run by law enforcement in various countries. They, however, have access to the site’s internals, such as recorded messages between customers and “hitmen.” British police had access to the messages sent by the woman. The messages, thanks to the vivid descriptions contained in them, connected Consortini to the crime. After receiving an alert from British police, the Italian authorities notified Danish police. The target likely knew who would have wanted him dead—especially after reading the messages—but the law enforcement agencies may have uncovered the identity of the Crimebay client through a different, unknown method.

It is also possible that the picture she shared with Crimebay matched a picture available on a social media profile, for example. Even though she had shared only the part of the picture that showed her boyfriend, the full version may not have been difficult to find. It is also possible that her bitcoin transaction came from an address connected to a popular exchange or similarly identifiable source. Dozens, if not hundreds, of possible theories exist.

Regardless of how the investigation yielded the information that led to the arrest of Consortini, the evidence found at her home, the “foreign intelligence” from Italian police, intel from UK’s NCA, and statements from several witnesses convinced the court of her guilt. The prosecution asked for a sentence of seven years in prison at a minimum. The defense argued that less than six years was applicable. “I agree that it is illegal to [hire an] assassin, but we must maintain that the website is probably fake and that the injured person has never been in real danger,” said the woman’s attorney said.

New information emerged revealing that the woman asked her friend to delete the order on Crimebay and message the site’s administrator. The acquaintance gave the letter from Consortini to the police, and in turn, the police questioned the woman about the nature of the letter and whether or not it had been sent by Consortini. She admitted that she had sent the letter, but only to ensure the safety of her boyfriend (and his girlfriend in Italy).

The court sentenced the 58-year-old attempted murderer to spend six years in prison and later be deported from Denmark.


  1. Either the website was a phony or some group already had it from the strings and knew that they can easily get anyone in prison rather than having to look through some site they barely know.

  2. loser women, i mean all sick pedos not using hitman because its police control and fake

  3. It’s a fake trap and numerous arrests have been made. This seems unfair

  4. This seems a very nasty police trap. The police could easily have warned people away from the site which looks so fake rather than trap people in it and then imprison them

  5. editors should be in jail

    Deep dot web should be a fucking close down site, for providing help and advice to would be murderers

    Why the fuck do you tell murderers which site was scam and which isn’t?

    Do you really want to help murderers be safe from scams? Don’t you piece of shit editors care about victims? Providing advice and tips to murderers should get you editors in jail for accesorry to murder, you mother fuckers

  6. CrimeBay was hacked, only a few arrests made from hundreds of customers

    The Crime Bay site is a real site, hundreds of murders have been carried out.

    The site was hacked in april 2017 by British NSA and that’s how they got access to site internal messages and orders, however they only got pending orders and as old orders were deleted after completion .

    The women has been stupid enouch to submit to Crime Bay a picture of the target together with herself, with herself blacked out.

    Also the customer din’t deleted traces from her computer and phone, so after police asked the target who might have want him dead, and he pointed out a single suspect, police was able to find on her computer and phone a full history of activity on searches on google about hiring hitmen, including the picture that was sent to the site with herself blacked out

    There have only been a few arrest in the case of the Crime Bay hack. It’s surely not a honeypot, as it has no data about customers and as Police invested a lot of time and resources to hack it, and they were able to trace and arrest only a few customers, when hundreds of them got away

    Those customers who were arrested were stupid and left lots of traces on their computers

  7. The previous reply was clearly written by the fake website’s admin, who keep posting similar comments every time they feel in danger of being exposed. They have since opened 2 new hitman websites – Sicilian Hitmen and now Cosa Nostra. I suspect they are some teenagers who are making lots of money from these sites by either selling the data and taking the money form anyone foolish enough to pay

    • Bosta

      I think you are just waisting your time writing negative comments about hitmen sites..

      No one care about comments here, as the comments can be either from hitmen admins or from undercover cops like you…

      Hitmen admins praise their sites, while undercover cops lie about it saying they are scams.. so you writing about it is a waiste of time and customers reading about it is a waiste of time

      Customers always should be care to hide their ip, erase the traces on their computers, and always pay through a safe way

  8. Crime Bay by Chechen Mob has never been a scam.

    It was a real hitmen for hire site, it was hacked by NSA and closed down, they sprung again and then it was closed down by FBI, as according to a message shown on their site .

    The site completed 293 murders accoding to FBI and they are investingating the murders

    Most customers and most hitmen have never been caught. They hidden their IP, and deleted traces on their computers.

    Other customers, few of them, were stupid and they got caught and arrested.

    Guess not everyone is done for this job

  9. This is another of the admin posts above. Of course the FBI would never say about any “hitman murders” unless they were confirmed and there have never been any confirmed Crimebay “hits” It is all a scam and they inform the police of
    some of the contacts

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