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Couple Paid Child’s Tutor with Amphetamine

Two adults faced a judge at Wolfratshausen district court for the unauthorized distribution of amphetamine to a minor and for later buying drugs from the same minor. The minor, an unrelated investigation uncovered, sold a wide array of drugs and IDs ordered from the darknet. The couple housed him and had known of some of his activities. Court proceedings for the former couple are underway.

Investigators discovered that the minor—now 18-years-old—had sold drugs to an alleged drug addict in Penzberg. The addict later overdosed in his Penzberg apartment. Four days later, after someone had found him at his apartment and taken him to the hospital, the addict overdosed again. He did not live through the incident. During an investigation into the overdose, investigators examined the man’s phone in search of the supplier.

Investigators uncovered messages on the phone to the minor drug dealer, messages about drugs in general, and conversations about the darknet. Months later, the police executed a search warrant at the dealer’s house and confronted him with the evidence they had obtained. He initially denied all involvement in drug distribution. He later revealed that he had started selling drugs when he worked as a tutor for a couple’s children. He said that they could not afford to pay him in any real currency, so they paid him in amphetamine.

He said that the mother of the children he tutored had ordered amphetamine for him from the darknet. She, he said, was heavily addicted to drugs. Specifically fentanyl. Her husband gambled habitually and apparently never had money to pay the tutor. According to the court, the young man had used drugs at the time of his tutoring. He had used them since a young age, but the then-couple said they had been unaware that the tutor used drugs at any point while he had stayed with the family.

In 2015, the couple started paying the tutor in amphetamine. Bt the spring of 2016, the roles reversed. The couple purchased a total of 400 grams of amphetamine from the tutor.

The couple “felt bad” for the tutor as his home life was troubling. During the hearing, they said that the tutor had taken advantage of their kindness and used it to further his drug trafficking goals. The ex-wife denied any participation in the 18-year-old’s darknet drug trafficking operation. She said that she had only randomly discovered darknet drug sites on her computer. Upon discovering that the minor made extra money by selling drugs from the darknet, she kicked him out. According to her testimony, that is. Ironically, the woman used the darknet when buying drugs for the minor—according to the tutor.

Because the teenager said that he would seek counseling for drug use and had provided the police with a credible testimony, the court passed down a juvenile sentence of one year on probation. The former couple received probation sentences of one year and six months. Both must receive formal drug treatment. The ex-wife will spend some time in an inpatient detoxification facility and the ex-husband will receive additional addiction therapy.

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