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Darknet Vendor ‘DutchKings’ Sentenced to Seven Years

In November 2016, Netherlands police arrested two darknet drug dealers in Eemnes. The duo had sold hundreds of thousands of Euros of marijuana, ecstasy, and cocaine. In December 2017, the partners faced a judge in court and received lengthy prison sentences for drug distribution and money laundering crimes.

At their Eemnes farm, 24-year-old Brandon M. and 26-year-old Kim van H. operated the darknet market vendor account “DutchKings.” Given that DutchKings exit scammed in the days of the original markets, the duo likely sold online under a new, unrelated account. Law enforcement never revealed any information to that end, though. The police, in November 2016, had arrived at the Eemnes farm in search of a cannabis farm. They did not know about darknet activity, the prosecution explained.

At the raid on the farm and house, officers found one kilogram of MDMA, nearly 3,000 ecstasy pills, 13 grams of cocaine, and 1.5 kilograms of marijuana. The Public Prosecutor said the duo sold these types drugs on the darknet and had made at least 500,000 euros while in the industry. Officers also found scales, packing supplies, encrypted computers, and envelopes.

Each defendant blamed the other defendant. Brandon M. said that his ex-girlfriend controlled the operation. He claimed that she brought him order lists to fill. The ex-girlfriend, Kim van H., argued that M. had lied about her involvement. She said that she had known nothing of her ex-boyfriend’s actions. “I only occupied myself with my horse,” she said. However, police officers testified that knowledge of the drug trafficking operation could not have been avoided.

The Public Prosecutor revealed that M. had 41 bank accounts that contained a combined total of 600,000 Euros. The police officer testified that even if the ex-girlfriend did not participate in drug trafficking, “she benefited very deliberately from the criminal profits, has participated in money laundering in a refined manner and led a luxury life.” Police said the couple had luxury vehicles parked outside the house, including a Jaguar, a Land Rover, and a sport bike. The ex-boyfriend may have earned even more money, but he told the court that he had forgotten the passwords needed to access one of his laptops.

M. maintained that he had purchased a lot of Bitcoin in 2013 and then profited off Bitcoin’s massive increase in value. The Public Prosecutor, though, said that no evidence existed that supported M.’s claim. Even if the man had purchased Bitcoin in 2013, the Public Prosecutor said that he would be guilty of tax evasion as he had made efforts to hide his wealth.

The court ruled that Brandon M. operated DutchDrugs and controlled the drug trafficking operation. He received a seven year prison sentence. His ex-girlfriend, Kim van H., received only 30 months in prison. The court ruled that she knew of her ex-boyfriend’s activities but did not participate in them.


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