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Victim’s Family Claims Darknet Child Abuse Investigation Went Too Far

On an October night in 2016, the two leaders of one of the largest child abuse forum on the darknet, met in Virginia and abused a four-year-old child. Records revealed that Homeland Security Investigations agents watched the Canadian man meet with his United States counterpart and enter the house. Agents arrested both men two days later. The grandmother of the four-year-old has raised questions about the events surrounding the abuse of her grandchild. She wants to know if HSI could have stopped the attack that night.

Whether or not law enforcement had known what the men had planned, the questions she raised mirrored those raised by lawyers and researchers who followed the case. The investigation that targeted the men—Operation Artemis—closely resembled two other darknet child abuse forum operations: the takedown of PlayPen by the Federal Bureau of Investigations and the takedown of The Love Zone by Taskforce Argos. Unsurprisingly, Taskforce Argos spearheaded Operation Artemis. The investigation targeted one forum called Childs Play and, to a lesser extent, a second forum called Giftbox Exchange.

Taskforce Argos took control of Childs Play in 2016 and operated the site for 11 months before closing the doors. During that time, they sought to identify the site’s admins and rescue victims. The police work came at a cost, though; in addition to allowing the site to run and interacting as the covertly arrested admins, Argos had to post pictures on a monthly basis. Norwegian news site VG spoke with some of the parents of the children in the pictures and the conversations went as expected.

However, not all the parents of the abused children on the darknet forum showed the same shock as those that VG spoke about last year. One, a now-imprisoned Virginia man, had reached out to Childs Play owners Patrick Falte and Benjamin Faulkner with a proposal. He wanted them to partake in the abuse of his four-year-old child.

Before Argos had slipped into the accounts of Falte and Faulkner, they worked with US HSI to identify the men. They discovered that one lived in the United States and the other lived in Canada. But law enforcement did not want to act hastily and undermine the undercover operation Argos had planned. Instead, in conjunction with other law enforcement agencies, HSI monitored both men. In September 2016, alarms went off and HSI’s GPS tracker showed that Faulkner had crossed from Canada into the United States.

Law enforcement had known this would happen, conversations between VG and Taskforce Argos revealed. “We knew they were used to meeting each other. We just did not know why,” and Argos agent said. “WarHead had been in the United States four to five times earlier, and we assumed that he and CrazyMonk had met all the time. Probably they met each other for the first time in 2015.” Law enforcement decided to sit and wait until the men met once again.

HSI tracked Faulkner to a hotel in Virginia where he met Falte. They arrived at the hotel on a Saturday and later went to a house in the same town where they stayed until late Saturday evening. The four-year-old and his father also lived at the house. On Sunday, both men travelled to another house in Virginia and stayed the night. On Monday morning, HSI agents kicked the door down and arrested Faulkner and Falte. Law enforcement had obtained pictures and videos taken by the father that identified one of the two men’s hands. Staring at life in prison, they handed over their Childs Play passwords, and Argos then took control. They still received life sentences.

In the grandmother’s eyes, HSI could have stopped the men before the admins and the child’s father raped her loved one. HSI maintains that they could not have known what the men had planned. They knew the father had previously spent time in prison for murder and they knew Falte and Faulkner planned something, but HSI and Argos argue that they knew nothing of the abuse prior before it took place.


  1. If the guy invited them to have sexual relations with his kid, then obviously it wasn’t the the first time the kid was seeing some action. Grandma pretending like 1 more time makes any difference.

    Also i dont like how every relationship between an adult and a minor that takes place on the dw is automatically labaled as abuse, if you watched any of it you’d know 90% of the time it’s consensual. Not sure about about this case, as this guy had a record for murder.

    now tell me how triggered you are

    • In the original VG article they said just that actually – they had been going to abuse that specific girl for years. She had essentially been whored out by her degenerate father shortly after evacuating the womb. THAT”S what should have been stopped sooner, lady.

    • Kill yourself pedo fuck

    • i don’t have PTSD so i’m not triggered at all, but children literally have incomplete brains. every instance of this shit is a breach of trust and an abuse of something’s inability to defend itself mentally/physically. there’s a reason why most survivors of this shit end up having severe mental illness.

      also, i think it probably would make a difference if these two other guys were nabbed before the crime. this child is a potential serial killer now. they’re gonna grow up and find out the implications of what they went through and maybe be forever mistrusting of others. maybe they’ll fucking commit suicide. i hope not but jesus christ

    • The Trigger Man

      So are you pedo sympathist or a card-carrying N.A.M.B.L.A baby rapist? 90% of the time it’s consensual, is it? BULL-FUCKING-SHIT! That would’nt have anything to do with the fact that the modus operandi of these reprobates is to groom, indoctrinate and brain wash the child that it’s normal and that it’s ok, would it?

      And phrases such as “the kid was seeing some action” does’nt sound like pedo-speak at all either, does it?

      I’m not calling you names here. But from reading between the lines of your comment you give the impression that if you’re not entirely pro-pedophilia you are at the very least ignorantly indifferent on the issue.

      So how triggered am I?

    • jugganaugh91

      ..you sound like a pedophile

    • smash black magick

      90% of cows to the slaughter go consensually.

    • WeakFolk

      like to put the trigger to ya head boy. Kid’s don’t know they are innocent especially a 4 year old? id shove my 16″ barrel up all 3 they asses no lube and unload with pleasure. Must be two different kinds of people in this world pussies who feed on the weak or passerby’s that wouldn’t lift a hand to save a child in need and you got real motherfuckers die for they family or to help somebody else in need.

  2. I can’t believe you fukn wrote that you piece of shit, most of it is consensual

    • respect

      look at all these pussies get emotional when they hear something they’re not too used to

      but then they defend drug dealers whos sell fent with their high moral values

    • FuckMoralflags

      Oh dude your name only show how many idiots moralflags exist in that world, go and look one life objective, that people don’t give a fuck your comments.

  3. >now tell me how triggered you are
    Not at all, I completely agree.

    • the above comment was a response to the wrong person, dont approve that ddw


      look at all these pussies get emotional when they hear something they’re not too used to

      but then they defend drug dealers whos sell fent with their high moral values

  4. to much disgusting Pedos on Darknet, die your Pigs like isis die

  5. What a bunch of moralfags and society marionettes

  6. the feds had the house under surveilance. there is no way they didnt know that a minor was there. the aussies had control of the site for almost a year. they too had to know what was going to happen. sounds to me that just like the aussie cops sacrificed who knows how many kids to catch perps, both the aussie cops and the feds had no problem sacrificing the minor to lay more years on the administrators
    this is gross

  7. Kids cant consent you sick fucker, then again pedophile are the cesspool of the universe

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