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Chip Mixer Review

ChipMixer Official Website: https://chipmixer.com/

Onion Link: http://chipmixerwzxtzbw.onion.market/

When you want to remain anonymous in the Blockchain, be sure to use bitcoin mixers. Chip Mixer is a service that lets you hide your identity when transacting on the Blockchain. Using the service means that you remain untraceable and thus, safe on the internet or deep web.

So why do you need to use the Chip mixer instead of sending the bitcoins conventionally? Well, the answer is simple. While one of the most significant reasons why people use bitcoin over fiat currency is its privacy features, the cryptocurrency has its downs, too. It may not be easy to track where the bitcoins come from, especially with the help of the anonymous random address. But, it is not impossible!

All the bitcoin transactions that you make can be accessed through the Blockchain.info page. Here, all the ledgers and confirmation information are stored. Anyone who has the address can easily find out which addresses send you money. The worst thing is that this information is available to the public (and anyone who wants to use it).

Thus, privacy enthusiasts need better anonymity than just using bitcoins. This is where the Chipmixer.com bitcoin tumbling service comes in. Normally, sending bitcoins involves using private receive-address. But, as noted, this can’t guarantee the sender’s privacy. Everyone will be able to see who actually sent those coins. So, to ensure you remain safe on the deep web, you need to have the bitcoin mixer in place.

Bitcoin mixers, blenders, and tumblers are services available for everyone on the darknet and many cases they are also offered on the clearnet but without protective anonymity. They mask the original address so that no one can trace where the bitcoins come from or go to. Instead of sending the digital coins directly, you send them from your bitcoin wallet to the Chip Mixer. The Mixer then sends the cash to the target. So, no one can trace the money back to you. Instead, the trail will break at the Chipmixer.com blender, and thus mask you.

Chipmixer.com performs the role of maintaining your privacy start to finish. This is important especially if your money is not very clean, or you don’t want to leave any trails behind, or simply, you are just trying to anonymize yourself.

Noteworthy, investigation agents who are trying to trace shady deals only need to focus on the Blockchain to trap the origin and destination of money. But, with the help of Chipmixer.com tumblers, such agents get confused in the process and can’t actually follow the trail anymore.

So, whether it is stolen, drug or laundered money that you’re trying to send, you need to keep anonymous with this service. Such money could drive attention to your bitcoin wallet through Blockchain transactions analysis. And, you can’t underestimate what the security agencies and investigators are capable of doing. ChipMixer.com is what you need to get started with anonymous bitcoin transferring.

ChipMixer.com – Anonymity Professionals

Now, this bitcoin blender maintains your privacy as all the transactions routed through it. This way, the user remains secure, anonymous and most importantly, free! ChipMixer.com works differently from ordinary bitcoin blenders because instead of combining the bitcoins that you send with those from other users, this service utilizes its own chip system that enhances your privacy. This provides one additional step than other bitcoin tumblers offer. You essentially trade your bitcoins in exchange chips. You then blend the chips amongst other chips, and then cash out your chips for a bitcoin withdrawal. Easy, simple, and the most professional way to do this type of bitcoin blending on the internet.

The main caveat is that the chips are clean always. Whether your bitcoins are dirty, or clean, or just in need of some type of cleaning, a chip will always be recognized as clean.

Chipmixer.com Main Features

Bitcoin Mixing Fees

You pay your preferred fees. Well, the service is run by users’ goodwill and donations. This means that you get to pay the amount that you wish. You choose your own fees! But you must pay a fee.

Chipmixer.com Support

If you have anything to ask the team, you can check if the FAQ page has answers for it. If there isn’t, feel free to contact them by clicking on the contact Chipmixer.com page link at the far left.

Chipmixer.com Privacy

You will need to withdraw your coins always to a private key. This masks your activities. Also, the transaction is not visible on the Blockchain because it appears like the chip was removed before you made your deposit. Then, you have the decision about when to move the bitcoin again. This gives you the chance to remove any possible trails. One data session is 48 hours long. While this may seem like a long time it is short so do not let your private key linger. In fact all data is destroyed following an elapsing of time so if you use a destroyed data private key you will lose your bitcoin stash once it is sent. You can always terminate your session before the end of the 48 hours. So, in total, you have two days to deposit, mix and withdraw the private keys. If you get stuck in the process, you are at liberty to extend for another 48 hours.

Chipmixer.com Vouchers

Ordinary mixers take large inputs and then returns smaller values. This makes it hard to draw the trail between inputs and outputs. It may seem good for privacy; but, it ends up increasing the fees involved, and nobody wants that. A ChipMixer.com deposit provides voucher codes instead of bitcoin chips. This way, you can make several bitcoin deposits that are unconnected and then withdraw them into one withdrawal. The largest you can form and withdraw in this case is a 4.096 BTC chip which is equal to 4.096 BTC prior to any removed fees.

Signed receipt

One of the main reasons why you should use the ChipMixer.com platform is to maintain the independence of bitcoin in relationship to the Blockchain history. Some corporations badmouth the value by saying that it’s from ‘dirty money.’ However, ChipMixer steps in to provide a service that provides a cryptographically signed receipt that proves you received the money from them. Thus, there is no loss of value. And it is all the more so professional in case you are posed with questions from any government taxing agency.

Other features

  • Ability to split big chips into smaller ones
  • Merging small chips into one big chip
  • Opportunity to bet your chip for a chance to win a bigger one
    • This game is provably fair based however, the odds are against the user: up to 47 percent chance of winning, or 15 out of ever 32 attempts
  • ChipMixer allows you to withdraw one of all your chips into your bitcoin wallet

How to use ChipMixer.com

The ChipMixer service is simple. You need to click on the onion link above. When you get to the site, hit ‘Start Mixing.’ This should lead you to the deposit page where you will find a bitcoin address. Send your coins to that address.

You will find, at the top of the page, a voucher that shows your mix type. Use it to view and claim the chips. You can withdraw the BTC or leave it in the chips provide. They will remain yours on the system! In fact, leaving the chips for longer actually increases the privacy as it decreases chances of any Blockchain analysis.

Step 1 Deposit the Bitcoins

This should be the first step of your process. Here, you click on the start mixing feature to receive a token number for the sake of security. The minimum money needed per transaction is 0.001 BTC. The mixer creates several bitcoin addresses and then funds them with unique sizes. These chips or tokens include 0.001 BTC, 0.002 BTC, 0.004 BTC until 4.096 BTC chips.

So, when you deposit the bitcoins, the system will send you the same amount in the form of chips. For instance, depositing 0.112 would earn you 0.064, 0.032 and 0.016 in the form of chips. Next, wait for the confirmation. You will then receive instructions as you proceed to the next step of the process.

Step 2 Mix the Chip tokens

Now, mixing your digital currency is probably the step that you’ve been waiting for. After you have changed the bitcoins with the tokens, you will need to mix them. ChipMixer offers numerous ways to do this. Below are some of them.

Split: This allows you to divide the chip to get two separate chips.

Merge: In merging, they take two of your chips and then give you one larger one. In short, they combine the chips you have to form one large chip.

Bet: Here, they take your chip, bet it and then check if you can get a chance to receive a bigger chip.

Donate: In this case, you can pay for the services by donating a chip. If you have large chips, you can split them before making your preferred donation.

Communize: This involves taking a chip that does not have a regular value. For instance, you can take one that is 1 BTC instead of 1.0056 BTC. This gives you a common sized chip. The rest of the chips are donated, irreversibly.

Deposit: In this case, all the unspent chips are taken, and you are left with a voucher which you can use to withdraw the bitcoin chips later.

Step 3 Withdraw Chip Tokens

When you are done mixing, you can now withdraw the chip(s). These will reveal the private keys to you so than you can import to your bitcoin wallet. You have the choice to import them to one of your wallets or all of them. You only need to split the keys into groups and then send them to different addresses. Chipmixer gives you a signed receipt that proves the reception of those chip tokens.

Step 4 Terminate the Session

You have up to 48 hours to finish the process. The session starts when you deposit and ends after 48 hours. Sometimes, you can destroy the session even before the end of the two days. Remember, private keys and vouchers cannot be recovered after the session is over. But, if you still need more time, you can choose over to roll over to the next 48 more hours.


After spending time with the interface and testing it we conclude that this is a solid bitcoin mixer and tumbler. It not only provides the anonymity that we are seeking but really goes the extra mile to protect its users with the feature of Chip tokens. Start to finish is a relevatively short process and we feel that you are getting the most protected bitcoin blend on the internet.


  • Chip token exchange provides the most anonymity of any other bitcoin blender on the internet
  • Fees are minimal, even up to the user’s discretion
  • The interface of the platform is easy to use, user-friendly, and even little instruction needed to get started quickly


  • The 48 hour window is both a positive as it provides a large amount of time to make transactions, but here is really a con for the same reason, in that 48 hours of exposure prevents a quick tumble. There is a period of time that your key could be compromised.
  • Specific designated chip token sizes exist, preventing tumbling one large sum of bitcoins.
  • While donations motivate the system and provide the customer service needed, it seems like Chipmixer.com makes requests for donations throughout their site excessively.


  1. I try this tumbler instead of my usual tumbler and it say under 10 bitcoins 1 conformation is all that’s needed. But its on 7 conformations and it still keeps saying waiting for conformation what the hell going on and where is my bitcoins I knew I should have stayed with my main tumbler bitcoin Blender never had a problem. I guess they just got a $200 donation fucked up.


    why does deepdotweb review this it a scam and I got took for $200 it says under 10 bitcoins 1 confirmation its been 18 by now and still saying waiting for confirmation what the hell deepdotweb I trusted your review and got fucked thanks alot.

  3. Why are you linking your readers a fake and phising version of ChipMixer?

    In the “How to use” part, the link “click on the onion link above” leads to a fake version of the ChipMixer.

    The fake ones ends with zeovmora.onion.market
    The legit (at the top of the article), ends with zwzxtzbw.onion.market

    Are you trying to scam your readers? Or was this a legit mistake?

  4. GuyWhoWasHereSinceTheBegining

    Bitblender bitcoin mixing service is my choice :-) I use this site since silkroad 1 times :-)

  5. FuckMixersUseMonero

    You’re fucking stupid if you think tumbling your coins will make you more anonymous

  6. trying to withdraw by importing private keys into electrum…but when I get to the page where my private keys should be, there’s nothing. Anyone else have this problem?

  7. Scammed! Guess I was 1 of many.. Fuck em! Bad biz = No biz.. Refunds for provable sent BTC on Blockchain is in order.. Stick to Bitcoin Blender or Helix..

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