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Dark Web Guns a threat to Security in 2018 Says Feds

As if illegal drugs from the dark web have not done enough damage to the United States, US Officials now have to be worried about illegal firearms being purchased on the dark web too. Although the case of illegal drugs being sold and bought on the dark web is rampant, it does not leave out the fact that, there is more to the dark web than just drugs. Illegal trading of firearms on the dark web has been around for some time now but as we’ve entered a new year. Fresh concerns and security measures have drawn the attention of America’s law enforcement to the threats these guns pose on the lives of citizens.

The United States has witnessed numerous mass shootings over the years of which guns used were illegally obtained and in that scenario, one can easily point to the fact that, the dark web has a hand in that. Researchers from the University of Manchester in a collaboration with RAND Europe recently investigated 18 different online dark web marketplaces which dealt in online illegal trading of firearms, explosives, and ammunition, and their report showed that 60% of the weapons being sold were occurring from the United States.

These weapons happen to be of a higher quality than any other source. Customers can purchase tutorials with detailed explanations on how to make bombs and explosives or reactivate replica and deactivated firearms, as well.

Additional reports suggested that Europe had the largest chunk of dark web illegal guns trading, bagging revenues that are 5 times higher than the U.S., even though most of the guns sold are shipped from the U.S.

This has however not stopped the Feds from upping their game as they predict 2018 to be far more dangerous with sales set to soar. A secret operation by the federal government turned up with surprises as purchasing illegal firearms on the dark web was way easier than they thought.

This is in the wake of the number of gun violence escalations in America. According to the U.S. Gun Violence Archive, about 346 were estimated to have died in a mass shooting in America last year. 2016 recorded 432 with 2015 also registering 369, and at this rate, the ratio turns out to be more than one person for each day of the year. This is just for mass shootings. Thousands of other people die by gun violence that is also domestic violence or robberies each year in America.

Mass shootings, on the other hand, averages a duration of just 72 days between incidents from 2010 throughout to 2017, a number which is far worse as compared to the average duration of up to 162 days from 2000 to 2010.

The covert operation provided a detailed ATF dark web sting of which an AR5 and a fully automatic UZI, which are all banned, were bought anonymously on a dark web marketplace with ease, not even a background check. The ATF has a responsibility of investigating violations of the laws that govern the sale of firearms.

The anonymity that the dark web provides has made it an ideal place for criminals to obtain firearms with ease without the fear of being traced and getting caught. The probe revealed that prohibited buyers are resorting to the dark web for automatic weapons as they are likely to get rejected by legitimate gun sellers.

In recent investigations conducted by federal agents, they uncovered that buyers of illegal weapons on the dark web normally show up in person to pick up their items, in a bid to avoid licensed sellers.

What makes this problem much worse is that prohibited buyers are likely to be terrorists or involved in some kind of gang related activities and even in some cases, some turn up to be lone shooters. Notable amongst them is the Munich shooter. Investigations revealed that the gun which was used by the killer, a 9mm Glock handgun, was bought on the dark web, originally coming from Slovakia.

With the feds still lacking a clear solution to this problem, the risk of gun incidents happening is very high.


  1. If they’re so fuckin worried about this, why did they allow “Fast & Furious”? And besides that, they will be brought in from Mexico across the border.

  2. “Prohibited buyers” are just as likely to be American Citizens who can’t afford the ridiculous unConstitutional fees ($600+ in many places every few years) just to be “allowed” their Right to keep and bear arms.

    “Prohibited buyers” also include anyone who has ever smoked a joint. If you’ve ever used an illegal drug and admitted to it, the BATF will bar you from purchase in the USA.

    Lets face it, every gang-banger in the inner city has a piece. It’s the country folk and middle class that are getting shafted and left undefended by these laws and I don’t blame them one bit for resorting to the darkweb to acquire their personal protection.

  3. AUssie pub brawler

    these mongrels couldn’t lie straight in bed!
    they’re also going against their own findings from the Government Accounting Office which done a survey over a two-year(+) period of gun sales on the DW and discovered that the overwhelming majority of so-called “gun vendors” were nothing but SCAMMERs!
    there is no need for a US resident to try and ‘source’ guns from the DW b’cs guns are quite easily acquired there by almost any-one….

    • Yes but it’s easy imho to identify the legit gun sellers imho at least it was for me. The seller I identified if I were to of bought a gun last year when I last looked i’d of succeeded. I say this because the vendor I selected got bust. The majority I looked at imho were blatantly clear to be scammers

  4. when government becomes tyrannical its your duty and right to alter and abolish such governenment with those weapons. So they believe they are acting so tyranical that them getting hot lead poisonsing is more likely. Any criminal that wants a firearm can snag one at any south chicago homeless hangout with bullets at 3am on sunday moring….It might have bodies on it but its less than $50.

    • AUssie pub brawler

      the “way-to-GO” would be to get hold of a fake FFL but one that had also had a ‘registered’ n° so its not an obvious fake…
      i’v checked out some on GooG imgs….they don’t even have mag.. strips or chips…just a paper license….should be dead easy to fake 1 ….
      once you got an FFL, you can get WTF you like when TF you like ….
      (“curios and relics” is the best bet)

  5. I love dream market but I don’t understand but I love it

  6. Good job for articla in secrity others resons

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