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German Police Bust Another Darknet Child Abuse Forum

According to the public prosecutor of Hechingen and the Baden-Wuerttemberg State Office of Criminal Investigation (LKA), a lengthy investigation led to the arrest of a suspected operator of a darknet child abuse (“child pornography”) forum. The press release revealed very little. It reads in a way that suggests the authorities, for the time being, want to keep other forum members in a state of disarray and confusion.

In the summer of 2017, investigators spotted a reference to a child pornography forum on the darknet, the press release explained. The authorities began to shift their focus to the spreading of child pornography on the darknet. The press release likely referred to Elysium, one of top 10 largest darknet child pornography forums in existence. Or was one of the top 10 until German authorities wrecked the site’s servers and arrested the site’s owner, simultaneously taking several forum members. Many of the suspects recently received prison sentences, and German police are capturing new suspects on a weekly basis.

However, this bust, it seems, involved yet another forum. The public prosecutor of Hechingen and the Baden-Wuerttemberg LKA reportedly investigated the case for months before catching a break. Alongside the police headquarters in Konstanz, LKA officials raided the apartment of a suspect in Sigmaringen, a town in the state of Baden-Württemberg. According to the press release, the investigation led to the discovery that the suspect may have been operating a darknet child pornography forum or service.

During the raid, the police seized 18 laptops and desktop computers, more than 30 hard drives, five cell phones, and numerous USB drives and other external storage mediums. The electronics are currently being examined by forensic investigators. The forum, the press release explained, died. Authorities pulled the plug on the server and removed the site from existence. Disappointingly, the press release did not name the site in question.

After the German Federal Police takedown of the child pornography forum Elysium, the majority of the darknet child pornography busts have involved Elysium members or moderators. However, given that the BKA arrested the Elysium owner and took down Elysium in 2017, this arrest involved a new (as in not Elysium) forum. Several large forums still exist. One, in particular, has recently crossed the one million member mark. Simultaneously, the site has changed .onion.sale addresses four times, according to my source. The administrator has disappeared reappeared, and some of the forum members voiced concern for the site’s future. (Author note: I do not know the addresses, and the contact who monitors these sites is currently unreachable; I am unable to check which site the LKA removed—for the time being.)

Most other sites with some following, float around the 100,000 user mark. With that said, the authorities did not mention any major server setup in the suspect’s home, likely indicating that he hosted the site elsewhere or that he hosted only a small forum that required minimal resources.

The press release stated that this arrest had no connection to an Elysium-related arrest they announced only days before this press release, further decreasing the chances that the Sigmaringen suspect had any involvement in Elysium.


  1. AUssie pub brawler

    most kidfückers are ni☻☻erz or k¡kez

  2. Hopefully it’s magic kingdom that got busted. I was reading on the hidden wiki it’s got over a million users.

    • Anonymous

      Over one million accounts, not users. I’ve made at least five accounts for reference. IIRC it had like 1K-2K users online at peak times. The thing with MK is that it might come back in a few months, but one of the lead moderators wrote that he thinks that it’s dead for good this time. He obviously has no idea either, but who knows except the admin. Maybe LE is just in the process of moving it to Australia. :-)

  3. CAP"YA"CantrackUeventruTOR

    I have handover some Iplogs(3 month collected) of pedos(they was sharing p2p ) to the LE. This pedo iditoz was sharing even when they was going on a Internatioal-webcam chatroom. And guess what 75% was from the so called religion of “peace”(where child brides are allowed). The strange thing was that the ploice/media only talked about the other 25%…

  4. whattaloaddacrap

    “Author note: I do not know the addresses, and the contact who monitors these sites is currently unreachable; I am unable to check which site the LKA removed—for the time being.)”

    Yeah, right! I’m sure you’ve never been on these sites. You just appear to know everything about, accidentally. We all know drugs is good, pedo is evil. Hypocrites.

    Well it’s not mk anyway. there would a nice “the server was seized” on the homepage. The german are just trying to make themselves bigger than they are.

  5. Over 1 million users damn, I personally don’t like going on these forums because of the risks involved but i’m glad that number is growing.

    And I hate the title, it’s not child abuse, it’s child porn, rarely there is any actual abuse involved, that’s propaganda.

  6. How do all these antipaedos not remember being interested in porn/sex by at least puberty? Did they magically stay virgins and have no interest in sex until they were 18 or 21 or any other high number that makes people that are out of touch with reality feel better?

  7. please dont be MK

  8. I wondered how the police just “focus” on take down “child abuse forums” with mostly girls contents, that shit called boy vids still alive so many years ago and it’s like all the fucking world don’t give a shit.

  9. By “Child Abuse”, they mean teens taking pictures of themselves. This anti-sex laws are ridiculous.

  10. the reality is that girls can be as sexually active as adults, from my own experience even they seek the sex we offer them, and those that really hurt them psychologically is society telling them that they were abused by a monster, that they should feel dirty and used because a degenerate touched them or made them touch him, if society did not get into their life and if we do what we do with love not with violence I’m sure they can have a normal life without any trauma and see it as a nice memory.

  11. aee o f d p ta ci leega thiu, stop with essas poar ci naum I going atraix di tuu guzaum… da lagado??

  12. Yes, it’s perfectly normal to have pedosexual memories and fantasies: We are all pedos when we are kids, some just don’t grow out of it.

    But popular and normal as this may be, relatively few find their way to any specific obscure website, and the user counts given for CP-sites in court have always been bullshit. It’s a real pity judges aren’t anywhere close to competent enough to see through them:

    Many chatrooms for instance ask you to “register” a nick and password every time you enter the chatroom. That means if you join the chatroom maybe once a week, and reconnect 3-4 times during each session with a new random nick (as people do), you alone will be 200 “users” in a year. In five years you’ll be 1000 “users”.

    If the article says 1.000.000 users, a more realistic figure is 10.000.

  13. good on the krauts going after these sick nonces, need bullets to the head for people like that.

  14. These comments are extremely disturbing.

    Children can never consent to sex. Just as they dont have the information to vote, knowledge or capability mentally to drive a vehicle, vote in elections or look after themselves for any lengthy time alone. Why? Because they are not mentally mature enough to do so.

    Kids would enjoy a diet of only sweets and chocolate. The reason we dont bring them up on this diet is because it is clearly stupid and bad for them. If you believe otherwise when it comes to pedophiles and pedophilia, even still images of children naked – which many of you comment authors clearly are – then you need help. You have to be REALLY mentally sick to be at the stage of finding ways of defending pictures of people who ALSO do not have the mental capacity to decide whether they allow those pictures of themselves to be broadcast on the internet.

    If they are 18 or over and want to show themselves off, then that is a different story, because they are considered mature and able to understand the consequences of the actions.

  15. No one is able to pic their sexual preferences.

    The suicide rate among people who sexually desire children is incedibly high.

    Do not kill yourself!
    Do not force anyone into sexual contact!
    Get help!
    I know that this can be VERY difficuld because even most normal doctors will judge you if you tell them you like children. But you have to keep on trying!

    #dont-offend (.org)

  16. Anyone! Who rationalizes and can justify c.p. is fucking sick. Literally not right in the head. For the pedos who say children enjoy it or want what you dipshits think they want. I want you to put ur own child in that exact same situation that you sick fucks fantasize about. Would you honestly think they would fucking enjoy it?… It is disgusting…let alone under 18. But fucking toddlers, pre teens c’mone the fuck on. No! Absolutely nothing you fucks could say or do can justify that! You will be judged!! Stupid, dirty fucks. Do yourselves a favor just stop breathing.

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