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DOJ Introduces Dark Web Team to Fight Illegal Drug Trade

With the rate of dark web usage increasing every now and then, there is serious concern about a strong and concrete plan or solution to put a stop to it. Well, many have tried to do that over the years, with various firms teaming up to fight this dark web battle but to no avail. The numbers still keep racking up when it comes to the dark web and its activities.

The numerous crimes being committed over the dark web has brought about fear and panic in many parts of the world. One main problem which has stood tall amongst the midst of all the other problems is the sale of illegal drugs which has caused inexpressible havoc over the past few years.

Endless efforts have however been made by the U.S. Department of Justice, such as their major role in taking down Alphabay and Hansa, the largest darknet marketplaces at that time. Just November last year, Sessions gave an order designate an opioid coordinator to supervise anti-opioid strategy in 94 District Attorney state offices. In addition to that, he announced that anyone could face criminal prosecution for importing, distributing, or even buying fentanyl, the deadliest synthetic drug sold on the darknet today.

The latest one to add to the long list which many hope will be the breakthrough is the launch of an initiative by the U.S. Department of Justice which seeks to fish out drug-dealers who are hiding on the dark web.

In a press release, Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced that he will be including FBI agents and analysts moving forward. This is part of an expanded attempt to scan the dark web and free it from the sale of opioid drugs. The new Joint Criminal Opioid Darknet Enforcement (J-CODE) team’s only focus will be on the sale of illegal opioids.

Sessions stated that criminals believe they are safe and unreachable hiding on the dark web, not knowing they are in for a rude awakening. He added that the DOJ has already gained access to their network and are more than ever determined to bring them to justice.

In a released statement, Sessions was quoted saying: “In the midst of the deadliest drug crisis in American history, the FBI and the Department of Justice are stepping up our investment in fighting opioid-related crimes.” He went ahead to say that the “J-CODE team will help us continue to shut down the online marketplaces that drug traffickers use and ultimately that will help us reduce addiction and overdoses across the nation.”

One country suffering from the dark web is the United States, which has recently seen neighborhoods bombarded with synthetic drugs and with it higher crime. Criminals have gotten a new gateway for gun purchasing, as well as, drug dealers.

This has increased the rate at which illegal drugs get into the hands of people in the streets of the U.S, causing death tolls from synthetic opioids to rise. The situation is serious to the extent that, it has turned into an epidemic. The president of the United States was recently drawn into the action as he promised to bring the opioid epidemic to a halt.

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, about 64,000 US citizens and residents died from drug overdoses in 2016, a number which had quadrupled since 1999 and even went higher in 2017. These shocking numbers haven’t however gone downward as the death rate continues to rise very fast with no signs of slowing. Reports suggest that the U.S. uses 50% of the world’s opioid analgesics despite being just 5% of the world’s population.


  1. AUssie pub brawler

    fucking fed’ maggots… lying PoS, paedos!
    the only good one is a dead one!

  2. if they do as good of a job with this as they’re doing with their “opioid crisis” team I’m sure DNM’s will largely be unaffected.

  3. If there focus is fentynl then start with google if you really want fent its easy to buy almost as easy as buying shoes from China.

    Jeff Sessions is a racist, anti-semetic, small man who thinks putting people in prison will fix the problem. If anything buying on darknet protects buyers. There are like 16 different fent analogs. Some weak some very strong.

    I dont use drugs but if i did i would rather get info from online reviews and reputable vendor then buying from some shady dealer on the street.

    If you dont know what analog of fent you have then you cant dose properly and will OD.

    However this is water under the bridge as Jeff Sessions thinks weed is more dangerous than heroin.

  4. J. Edger Hoover the tranny

    funny, I’ve been giving them (the fbi) access to machines hosting all sorts of insanely terrible things. Its literally impossible to get people selling pedo content in california. Sessions is being blackmailed I’m thinking…. along with no less than half the US government.

  5. Alexandre Cazes Jr.

    yeah fuck them all, mad their leaders cant control the money those fucks

  6. “If you think we’re gonna surrender our multi-billion dollar a year market, think again. Our NWO needs that black-budget.”

    J-CODE = Just the CIA’s Opium Domination Enforcement

  7. They should really focus on working with us rather then trying to shut things down. make drugs safer. Legalize tax and regulate is the best option for the world and the well being of people.

    • I’d argue it’s better to just decriminilize and regulate with a decentralized system. We don’t want people in power in control of the drug trade, most of them don’t even know what they are doing now. Why should it be up to them? Lol

  8. If you want a gun purchase online just stick to the clearnet. There are tons of places where you can buy virtually anything. If you have money and can transfer it you can obtain a gun anonymously.


  10. How many times have governments said that now they’re “seriously going after online drug sales”. How many times have their arrests resulted in less online drug transactions? Zero. In fact, they continue to go up.

    It’s like the real drug war. They make headlines every once in a while by capturing some huge dealer and taking kilos off the street while posing for photo ops, yet drug use continues to increase every year. That “wall” Trump wants to build won’t do anything to stop it either.

    I would hate to be the Drug Czar because even as someone who’s been involved in the drug trade for a long time, I have absolutely no idea how to stop or even control it. Pretty much all of them get fired after their minimum 1 year term because regardless of what they do, drug use continues to go up.

  11. Sure hope this doesn’t become a rackateering scheme like in Baltimore…

  12. 1337gamerhaxer1337

    This war is starting to look exactly like the real life one.
    Vendor/site falls -> a new one with improved security emerges -> it falls -> a new one emerges again -> rinse & repeat for eternity -> nothing of worth is achieved.

  13. There’s going to be a whole bunch of cronyism involved in this one. Why? Because of lack of supervision towards this stupid program.

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