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Man Arrested For Selling Darknet Drug to College Students

Following the recent reports of a high rise in Darknet related drugs among the youth, authorities have taken positions on the various Darknet platforms to arrest suppliers. The Ohio authorities have produced one other evidence of the ongoing drug trade by arresting an Iowa man in this process. In order to avoid a risk of being exposed, he operated on the Darknet where he sold illicit drugs to Ohio college students. He, therefore, received payments in bitcoin to complete his anonymous move. Unfortunately for him, authorities discovered him on the platform and put him behind bars.

On Monday, the Prosecutor Keller Blackburn announced that Anthony Scott Boeckholt, 42, was involved in the shipping of illegal drugs to two students through the darknet marketplace. Blackburn explained in a statement, the role the darkest part of the internet plays in the illegal trade. “The secretive nature of the dark web and cryptocurrency allows huge drug deals to be made without a trace. This means that anything purchased on the Darkweb may not be what it appears, leading to fentanyl-laced narcotics and other more severe substances.” The Darknet is also used for other crimes aside drug sales. An Ohio man was indicted in 2017 for a child porn related case.

He has been charged with a first-degree felony. According to the report, Boeckholt started his Darknet drug sale some years back. His illicit drug shipment to the Ohio college students went on for two years before his arrest. The time period for this shipment was between January 2016 to January 2018. The suspect is under investigation for additional offenses. “Additional individuals are in both Ohio and Iowa as this case remains under investigation,” authorities revealed. His mode of shipment was not revealed but it is likely that the drug was shipped by air. This is the most popular channel where drugs are trafficked to the United States.

The suspect who is well grounded in drug sales has been linked to an overdose death that occurred at Ohio University in 2017. Two students lost their lives in that process. As of June 1, 2017, about 390 deaths related to drug overdose were recorded. All these can partly be blamed on the arrested suspect as he played a role in the penetration of illicit drugs through the borders. The United States of America is counted among the leading Darknet drug users in the world.

The urgent rise of authorities to combat the ever increasing use of the Darknet related drugs can be clearly understood by going through the statistics of the county. They recorded 4,141 drug overdose death in 2016, which is above a 30 percent rise of the previous year. Kathryn Haun, the former prosecutor of San Francisco confirmed that the Darknet remains the major distributor of illicit drugs. This has been a major concern for the whole of Europe, forcing them to launch a raid to shut down some markets such as Alphabay. Authorities said that the shutdown will be a model for future operations.

Blackburn said to the general public that the suspect used the college kids to traffick a bunch of narcotics to Ohio. “Ohio is in the middle of an opiate crisis, and this suspect in Iowa was using college kids to traffic thousands of dollars in narcotics.” Boeckholt has been held by the Iowa police for an extradition to Ohio. Authorities have also arrested Floyd Dale Riffle, 56, for being in possession of possible darknet narcotics. Authorities seized 8 grams of methamphetamine after a search was conducted in his house. They have ensured that all drug-related cases are controlled.

Traffickers have found ease in the trafficking of fentanyl drugs. This is one of the drugs that have resulted in many drug overdose deaths in America. Fentanyl has been said to have killed more Americans than gun violence. In respect to this, there have been policies implemented to prevent the high influx of drugs into the country. It was recently suspected that the postal carriers are the favorites of the traffickers as it has a big loophole. More traffickers are expected to be put behind bars as the police have taken over the Darknet in a quest to reveal their identities.

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  1. “”The urgent rise of authorities to combat the ever increasing use of the Darknet related drugs can be clearly understood by going through the statistics of the county””

    An urgent rise of authorities? How many authorities has it risen to?

    What country is the writer of these stories from?

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