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British Dark Web Pedophile Jailed For 32 Years

The disgusting double life of one of Britain’s worst pedophiles has finally come to an end. 29-year-old Matthew Falder, a graduate of Cambridge has been jailed for 32 years after he admitted to 137 offenses against 46 victims, both male and female.

Falder resorted to blackmailing his victims, which was made up of many teenagers, forcing them to engage in perverted sexual and physical acts, voyeurism, encouraging the rape of a child and making indecent images of children. During his sentencing, some of his victims were even available to witness his sentencing. While it may not have brought them a reversal of their trauma, it certainly helped with some healing.

Sentencing Falder on the 18th of February, Judge Philip Parker stated that he refused to take a look at a file containing Falder’s sickening child abuse images which were put together by the prosecutor. He afterward congratulated the NCA officers for their ability to review the ‘extremely distressing’ material.

He again stated that the case was a ‘tale of ever-increasing depravity’ and branded Falder as an ‘internet highwayman’ with a “warped and sadistic” behavior including a lust to control other people through fear. Speaking to Falder, he said to him that, no one who knew him above ground had any knowledge of the horrific sexually offending acts he was involved with.

“You wanted to assume total control over your victims. Your behavior was cunning, persistent, manipulative and cruel,” Judge Parker stated, adding that “Time and again people begged you to stop, Time and again you ramped up the pressure.”

As to the extend of damage caused by Falder to the victims, he said they would never end due to the fact that the images he obtained from them were still online.

Falder’s sickening underground life came to light after three of his victims attempted to commit suicide after they were forced to send inappropriate and explicit images to him. This led to the largest ever pedophile manhunt, which was undertaken, led by the National Crime Agency with global assistance from security services in the UK, Australia, Israel and the US.

One US Homeland Security agent speaking about Falder’s actions described him as the worst child exploitation and blackmail offender he has ever seen throughout his career.

Over a period of eight years, Falder had secretly committed these crimes but never physically met his victims. Rather, he blackmailed them over the internet. He disguised himself as a female artist after photos which included a vulnerable girls eating dog food to turn into life drawings and managed to deceive them to send naked pictures of themselves.

Meanwhile, in reality, he was part of many “virtual communities” made up of abusers on the dark web. He also had achieved a “rapist” level on one “hurtcore” website, where images of violent sexual and physical abuse were shared.

In one post on a dark web platform which was dubbed “100 things we want to see at least once,” Falder wrote he would love to see a young girl being used as a dartboard, a video showing the bones of a child being slowly and deliberately broken as well as the abuse of a paralyzed kid.

He also boasted to the rest of the members of the platform that he was never going to be caught and added that he could care less if his victims lived or died.

Matthew Falder was privately educated and was coming from a very affluent family background. He was a brilliant geophysicist with a Master’s degree, and even a Ph.D. He also had a long-term girlfriend and somehow managed to keep his bad deeds on the internet hidden from her as well as his family and friends.

All of this meant nothing to him as apparently, as he had turned into “evilmind” and “666devil”, patrolling the dark web and getting into pedophile forums to share images and video of rape, murder, torture, sadism, and blackmail.

He had targeted over 300 people, according to the court and new reports now suggest that Cambridge is considering stripping him of his degrees.


  1. Identified by forces in the UK, USA, Israel and Australia amongst others, but never forget – ‘Tor is anonymous’

    Tor users on suicide watch

  2. I have handed over ip-logs of pedos 75% was from the religion where child brides are allowed(islam) btw the LE/media reported/caught only some of the other 25%….

    remember the mother who has abused and rent her son to pedos( Iwas the one who busted em)… and guess wat now the LE watches/surveill my “IP” for trackin down childfukars.(my I-net provider modifyed my Ip the day I handed over thelogs.. coincidence? my azz!)

  3. This guy is a proper sick fucker, its nice to see the british courts handing out some proper sentences for this sort of thing they usually give them 7 or 8 years so good on them! A ‘close friend’ of mine is a prison officer and he has told me what he should expect for the next 32 years, it’s not gonna be much fun for him and if he expects prison staff to protect him hes livin in cloud cuckoo land, he says its a bit of sport to them watching him get real justice inside, I think maybe when the alarms go off to attend him getting a beating, no-1 will be busting a gut to run and help him. Give him 12 months before he is found hanging by his bedsheets >:-)

  4. everytime I read about these blackmail crimes, i think of the suicide of Amanda Todd because of it. Its the damn sad story. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Suicide_of_Amanda_Todd

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