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IT technician confesses drug trafficking in Darknet

German has explicitly seen a lot of drug trafficking activities through the Darknet in recent years, which has made the EU very infamous for that act.C:\Users\CALEBO`\Desktop\illegal-drugs-pills.jpg

An IT technician from Berg am Starnberger See is currently on trial for drug trafficking in Munich. According to prosecutors, his crooked business on the Darknet is said to have been helped by his 68-year-old mother, who is also charged. Both of them have now filed a confession.

The 27-year-old man has therefore developed a sophisticated system to handle drug trafficking which he ordered off of the Darknet and paid with Bitcoin. Furthermore, the goods were not sent to only himself, but also to his mother and friends, who aided and abetted him in his illicit business.

However, the prosecutors revealed that the suspect has sold drugs he ordered in Darknet to more than 1,300 customers across Europe, according to prosecutors, he has made at least 77,000 euros profit. Furthermore, when investigators searched his home, they also found hundreds of child pornographic files. A witness who is a family to the suspect said to the court that, the suspect Wolfratshausen said, he was “financially ill-posed”. Therefore he sold drugs to friends, in return for stuff like, food, gasoline, and amphetamine, which probably made him feel all right. Nevertheless, the verdict should be announced very soon, preceding the confession he made and evidence showed in court. The IT technician is now expecting a maximum of seven years’ imprisonment.

Drug trafficking in Germany

Earlier the year 2107, German law enforcement arrested five men who were running the dealer shop, “Concoction Love” on the darknet. According to the prosecutors, the police discovered 54 kilograms of amphetamines, 1.3 kg cocaine, 4 kg courageous woman and 25,000 ecstasy pills in the basement of one of the suspect. Also, the men had more than 1,500 sales worth around 1.3 million euros.

Moreover, in November 2017, The Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) made yet another remarkable arrest. As per the BKA’s press release, German experts captured a supposed “top vendor” on both the Hansa and Dream Marketplaces. The 29-year-old German National, utilized the false names “mrdrogenkommandant” and “drogenfahndung.” Following that, investigations were opened by BKA investigators, the Central Office for the Suppression of Cybercrime (ZIT), and the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Coburg concerning mrdrogenkommandant in August 2017. The investigations uncovered that the vendor and his various partners lived in the Netherlands yet made regular trips to Germany, even on daily basis something. Mrdrogenkommandant and his culprits sold more drugs anyone could need to warrant trips to different parcel reception stations toward the finish of each workday. Investigations led the BKA to learn about this day by day trips.

However, according to the press release prior that month, 12 customers were identified by the Criminal Police of Coburg. Days after, the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Tübingen and the Rottenburg Police Headquarters reported the arrest of another drug dealer. The press release said the dealer had gotten drugs from a “well-known” suspect. As of now, several more darknet buyers, regularly groups have been arrested.

The fight against drug trafficking on the Darknet

Since the Munich shooting occurred, German law enforcement has taken action to crack down on the darknet. They made the darknet the new focus of criminal investigations. The law enforcement groups in the country made several arrests of darknet users, but needed assistance in fighting the issue of drug trafficking on the darknet, so therefore they associated with other international agencies.

The European Monitoring Center for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA) in 2017, planned to rely on hackers to control drug trafficking on the web by entering the “darknet”. The EMCDDA drafted a fresh procedure on stopping the supply of unlawful drugs after experts discovered the greater part of substances sold online in the past six years. As indicated by the Belgian daily paper Le Soir, Alexis Goosdeel who is the director of the EMCDDA said, hackers may possibly be enrolled from previous drug traffickers to find websites and disrupt supply chains. Nonetheless, from a perspective, the agency’s 2025 procedure, will try to accelerate response time to the development of new synthetic drugs, since any drug that isn’t added to the EMCDDA prohibit list is acceptable to possess.


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  3. “Earlier the year 2107, German law enforcement arrested five men who were running the dealer shop…”

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