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Pedophile Caught After Leaving His Face in Videos

The Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) in Wiesbaden and the Central Office for the Suppression of Cybercrime (GDR) in Giessen aired the picture of a pedophile who had shown his face in videos uploaded to darknet child abuse forums. The two police forces jointly issued a press release on March 26, 2018, that explained the situation and called for public assistance. Not even a full day later, the BKA updated their website to reflect the search’s new status: “search finished.”

The BKA has admitted the tactic is highly unusual and often a last resort. However, following the takedown of one major child abuse forum and one smaller forum, the public has proven incredibly useful in the few extreme cases where German authorities have called for their assistance identifying people seen in videos uploaded to darknet child abuse forums.

“Who can provide information about the suspect and his current whereabouts,” the BKA asked. “Who can provide any other useful information?”

During their investigation into members of a child abuse forum, the BKA found 3,800 videos and pictures that depicted the sexual abuse of at least two children between 7-10 years old. Although the investigators could not successfully determine the number of victims in the videos and pictures, they managed to get several surprisingly clear pictures of the child abuser’s face. (The 3,800 files showed the man abusing two or more children on 12 separate occasions; each file did not represent an unique session of abuse.)

Highly trained BKA investigators determined the rough age of the man and the approximate age of the children in his videos. The man, from their estimation, was between 40 and 45 years old. The children in the videos—all young boys—were between the ages of 7-10 years old. But the BKA discovered that even though the videos had surfaced on the darknet forum in 2017, the actual abuse had taken place in 2014. The police had no idea if the man had continued to abuse the children or had taken more victims. They did not even know who the victims were.

Given the clarity of the photos taken by the pedophile, it was unlikely he had even taken steps to maintain anonymity on the darknet. The BKA’s inability to identify him seemed somewhat unusual as they have identified and arrested suspects who left far less of a trail for police to follow than the man seen in the pictures they uploaded to government websites.

Fortunately for the BKA and his victims, the search ended quickly. They have not yet provided the public with details beyond “search finished.”


  1. It’s even creepier knowing that that’s probably the moment he climaxed. He needs to be killed but knowing Germany they will probably give him a few years. Sad

    • Neem-O-Seen

      It’s Western Europe. Of course they’ll give up and let the dude go in a few, because they’ve been brainwashed and molded upon with all the post-war ideal bullshit (globalism and negligence en masse). Yes, they can restore their own economies, but not once ever could (or will) they ever rediscover the use of protecting their own people for the purposes of their own nation and love for one another. It’s too late for them to reform in that manner – the downfall for them will commence.

  2. What’s excatly the point in showing these people’s face (dealers, buyers, pedophiles, etc…).

    It makes me very uncomfortable, mostly because the reasons are obscure to me.
    Is it in order to enforce Fud ?
    Is it a wall of shame ??

    What is it about C. Aliens ?

    • punisher

      You must be a cunt pedo to try to lump together pedos , drug dealers/buyers…
      -“why show his face? are you trying to shame a kid raping sick fuck? he is entitled to privacy too, you know…and the kid made the 1st move”…
      What is it about Magelsior?

      • magelsior

        What I wrote is pretty clear and I’m sorry you can’t understand it. I suppose it’s unfortunate that I posted my question under a pedophilia related post but I stand by what I wrote, which is a question to C.Aliens : Is this page a wall of shame ? What is the purope ? If it needs to be expressedd for the submorons that might misunderstand my intentions : I believe sex should be a matter of consent and I don’t agree at all with pedophila, rapers and forcing other people to do what they don’t want to, i find this highly despicable and condamnable. But still… why posting arrested people’s face ? What is the intention ? Sorry for the censorhip if my question is hurtful but I believe in freedom of speech.

  3. Yeah that picture was when this sick fuck was busting a nut.

  4. Congratulation! wonderful face of dick :D

  5. John Burroughs The 2nd

    Legit pedos (substantial proof) need to just be thrown into gen pop till they eventually get beaten to death. Fuck lethal injection. Dude needs stomped the fuck out everyday for years THEN a slow death. Yeah.

    Pedos, rapist, and murderers. Worry about these LE. Not my oz of cannabis.

  6. fuck off, drug addict piece of shit

    • shootyourself

      Ho! a health oriented kid rapist !!!Pedos seem to love to try to be all righteous about drugs…that’s hilarious! specially if you consider the fact that quit a few victims of pedos like you become drug addicts …

  7. Come TRY to find me internet vigilantes. I fucked your kids, didn’t take any pics or movies but still dipped my cock in your little boy’s ass.

    • hopefully the police find you and put a bullet through your head and sweep you under the rug without a trace

      the police should always kill pedos, and a lot of the time they do :)

  8. iwillkillpedosifigetthechanceandwontgetcaught

    pedos mostly wont get any sort of hard punishment at all because even judges and lawyers are pedos too
    think about that

    the so called “elite” is connected guys and for them is punish children as victim a respected ritual

    what is more frightening for me is the fact that now some policemen are able to watch porn in which children get raped

    this world needs a war internet fucked us up
    i hope some day we can start again after everything is destroyed

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