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3.5.18 Darknetand Cybercrime Roundup

Sorting Through the Dread & Olympus Drama

An incident between HugBunter, one of his admins, and Olympus Market led to the end of Dread—a Reddit-like messageboard exclusive to the darknet. The owner and creator of Dread, HugBunter, explained the situation on Reddit and to DeepDotWeb. We covered the incident not long after the news broke.

Since then, HugBunter has explained that Olympus effectively admitted they spent $10,000 for access to the Dread database and private key. They successfully bribed a rogue Dread admin that had helped HugBunter create Dread. HugBunter said that he will never again allow an associate to have that level of control.

“We never had intentions to hurt the community, but we ended up affecting the DNM community because of personal matters between us and HugBunter.” – Olympus

Olympus has spoken with DeepDotWeb and HugBunter and apologized for their behavior.

Trial Begins for a Couple Who Sold Son on Dark Web for €10,000

A German couple will likely serve a minimum of fifteen years—each—for effectively ‘pimping’ their child out to pedophiles on the darknet. They face sexual assault charges and child trafficking charges. Some of the assaults were recorded, authorities said. However, the videos apparently lacked an element desired by those in the darknet child abuse communities and the couple resorted to selling access to a child.

One of the defendants allegedly told the investigators that more than 60 rapes had taken place. Possibly more, he said. So many that he has lost count. On one occasion, a suspect allegedly spent €10,000 to rape the child. Their charges will likely be accompanied by prison sentences of at least 15 years.

Another Ohio Student Sentenced for Drug Distribution

In March, Ohio authorities arrested several college students for buying drugs on the darknet and reselling them in and around Athens, Ohio. Since then, Ohio authorities have arrested a number of co conspirators in Athens and two darknet dealers responsible for many of the transactions. Both darknet dealers have already made their court appearances. Their primary clientele—the Athens college students—have started receiving their sentences as well.

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Now, according to a an announcement from Athens County Prosecutor Keller J. Blackburn, a judge has sentenced one of the first two students arrested in the case. Zachary Vaughn, 22, will serve just over three years in prison for conspiracy. His primary accomplice, Cody Wootton, received a very similar sentence roughly one month ago. Authorities expect more arrests and certainly more convictions in the case.

Australian Woman Charged for Fentanyl Importation

An Australian Border Force and Australian Federal Police press relate revealed that they had arrested a Brisbane woman for ordering fentanyl from a darknet vendor. The Border Force intercepted a package of MDMA from the United Kingdom in December 2017. The intended recipient was a 32-year-old from Brisbane.

“Never assume the dark web is invisible,” Australian authorities wrote in an announcement.

The Border Force and Federal Police seemingly ignored the package until late April when they intercepted a second package headed for the woman’s address. This package contained fentanyl. They pointed out that the first package contained a “small amount of MDMA.” No such statement followed the mention of the fentanyl package. The woman has already appeared in Brisbane Magistrate’s Court on drug impression and drug trafficking charges.

Maryland Man Gets 20 Years for Distributing Child Pornography

United States District Judge Paula Xinis sentenced Silver Spring resident Kevin Heiting, 30, to a prison sentence of 20 years for distributing child abuse content on the darknet and through other mediums. He had previously signed a plea agreement when he admitted downloading more than 400,000 pictures of child abuse. He also admitted he had downloaded 20,000 videos depicting the same content.

He will never truly be a free man again; Heiting will spend the remainder of his life on supervised release. His courtroom appearances have not ever either; authorities are still calculating restitution owed to the parents of the children in the videos and pictures. Many of the parents will never see a dime of that money; Heiting’s will have a limited ability to repay the victims and the government has not identified every child seen in the content.

EtiKing Goes to Prison for Life

The United States Attorney’s Office for the Middle District of Florida announced that Jeremy Achey aka EtiKing received a life sentence for selling fentanyl that resulted in a fatal overdose. Earlier this year, a jury found him guilty of conspiracy to distribute and distribution of controlled substance analogues—one of the first successful analogue convictions in the United States.

Certainly one of the first life sentences passed down for distribution of controlled substance analogue analogue changes. However, the tetrahydrofuran fentanyl sold on Alphabay only contributed to part of the sentence. The fatal overdoses connected to the Alphabay drug sales likely turned placed his crimes on the high end of the federal sentencing guidelines.

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