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Sussex Nurse Charged with Illegal Drugs she got off the Dark Web

A Sussex nurse has been charged with the illegal purchase and possession of dark web drugs which she procured and paid for online. Jamie Soteropoulos, a 36-year-old nurse is facing over seven drug charges some of which includes counts of illegal possession of narcotics and misuse of an online communication platform for illegal purposes.

According to the investigation, Soteropoulos procured two packages of controlled substances over the dark web which she paid for using the virtual currencies. The investigation agencies obtained a search warrant to look into the two packages she received through the mail addressed to her. When Jamie was on her way from the Pewaukee Post Office on Friday evening to pick up her shipments, she was arrested and later she cooperated during the investigation.

Cases of criminals placing illegal orders online from the dark web marketplaces and making payments in digital currencies are on the rise. The dark web is a hidden section of the internet which can only be accessed through the use of special software.

Tor browser is the most commonly used method to access the dark web market sites and makes it difficult to trace the law enforcement agencies due to its anonymity. The use of virtual currencies has equally contributed to the online crime, with criminals now choosing to deal drugs with other illegal items on the internet.

Although it’s yet to be clear how the investigating agencies learned about the illegal dealings and the two packages, the suspect received over 640 illegal packages through the same post office within a period of less than two years.

The Nurse, Jamie Soteropoulos told the investigation agents in charge of the case that she occasionally suffered from mild anxiety and she had found that oxycodone helped her relax and feel better. This is according to the filed criminal complaint in court.

The filled affidavit also explained that Jamie admitted to the officers in charge of the case that she purchased the drugs off the dark web and that she used at most two 15mg pills of oxycodone in a single day which translates to an average cash use of over $1,000 per month for the illegal drugs. This money debt was paid using virtual currencies.

In response to the matter, the Wisconsin Board of Nursing indicated that in 2014, Jamie Soteropoulos withdrew patients’ medication and did not even bother documenting it properly. After routinely reoffending she was summoned by the board, where she admitted that she had been unwell and was taking it for her own personal use due to anxiety. She was disciplined by the board and ordered not to work under the influence of controlled substances.

The hearing is scheduled for May 9, when she will appear in court.

The case comes shortly after yet another Sussex nurse, Stephen Board, 65, was jailed for 12 years in prison for sexually assaulting three women patients at Worthing Hospital and St Richard’s Hospital in Chichester.


  1. In the article are mentioned two very different places named “Sussex”. The charged nurse was from a village called Sussex in Wisconsin,USA
    The nurse mentioned in the last sentence worked in Sussex County in the UK.

  2. The quality of English in DeepDotWeb articles is depressingly bad.

    So is the research quality.

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