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Slovakian Man Busted for Ordering 970 Ecstasy Pills

The Criminal Police in the Slovakian town of Trnava, along with Slovakia’s financial police, announced on Facebook that they had arrested a major ecstasy trafficker. The dealer, they announced, had been selling the drugs through the darknet and shipping the ecstasy inside of various forms of both non-descript and uniquely designed packages.

Slovakian authorities, after an investigation of an unknown duration, arrested a 31-year-old from Dunajska Streda—a town in Northern Slovakia—after he had picked up three packages of ecstasy from the Post Office. The press release only vaguely described the experience at the Post Office. It failed to explain who had ordered the packages or from which country the vendor had shipped the packages. Context, though, indicated that the suspect in police custody had placed the order.

The pictures released with the announcement revealed the ecstasy’s country of origin. Even the minimum level of common sense shared by the average darknet market would be enough to accurately guess the country. The stamps on the packages the police seized from the 31-year-old came from a collection of stamps produced in the Netherlands. This should come as little surprise, given that the majority of MDMA—according to the 2014 World Drug Report—comes from clandestine labs in the Netherlands. These figures may have changed since the 2014 report, but darknet market users know that many of the high-value ecstasy pills come from the Netherlands. Law enforcement agencies are also aware of the risk associated with packages from that area.

Along with ecstasy pills and MDMA, many so-called “new psychoactive substances” and similar “amphetamine-type substances” have launched in the Netherlands. Other countries have carefully monitored packages from the Netherlands. Some countries have blamed the Netherlands for a recent increase in MDMA and methamphetamine. Austria, in fact, all but begged Dutch authorities to help with their alleged ecstasy problem. So, with the police and Customs already scrutinizing packages from the Netherlands, the 31-year-old Slovakian man may not have been under investigation prior to day authorities spotted the packages entering the mail stream.

Given that the police never revealed the “how,” the “how” likely never mattered from the very beginning. They simply waited for an individual to arrive at the postal station and pick up the three packages filled with a combined total of 973 ecstasy pills. When the man showed up at the station, the police made their move. They arrested him on the charges of possession and trafficking illegal substances.

Later that day, after a police expert had verified that the pills contained MDMA and would have amounted to almost 10,000 on the street, investigators executed a search warrant for the man’s house. Inside the house they found an unidentified white powder and prescription methamphetamine pills (think: Desoxyn). They then added a drug manufacturing charge. The man faces a maximum of 15 years in prison.

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