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Man Sentenced to Probation for Ordering Drugs from the Darknet

At the Feldkirch Regional Court, a 36-year-old eligible for probation faced a panel of judges for sentencing in his second drug importation case within two years. Officials recognized that the defendant had been struggling with amphetamine addiction and that he had been making an effort to end his use of illegal substances. The court acted “with mercy” and sentenced the man to two years probation with a new requirement: the defendant must wear an ankle monitor for the entire two years.

In February 2017, a Lindau court convicted the man of several drug importation and possession crimes. The man was heavily dependent on amphetamine. Customs in Frankfurt, Germany, and in Vienna, Austria, shed light on the man’s addiction after intercepting amphetamine and MDMA from a supplier in the Netherlands. The drugs were addressed to the said defendant. The Lindau court issued a lenient sentence: 14 months probation.

The man had taken many steps in the right direction after his probation sentence. He “reintegrated” within society, voluntarily began attending therapy sessions concerning drug addiction, developed a relationship with a woman and later moved in her, and maintained his position at his place of employment. However, the man slipped up in the early months of 2018. Not long before his probation would have expired.

His 2017 probation sentence would have expired if the defendant had not ordered two kilograms of amphetamine, 100 ecstasy pills, and five grams of MDMA. It would also have expired if “specialized investigators in Frankfurt and Vienna” had not detected his drug purchases. Prosecutor Manfred Bolter said that for the last one and a half years, the courts have seen a large number of cases where the defendant had ordered drugs from a dealer on the darknet. And usually from the Netherlands. Investigators now have specialized software and training that allows them to easily detect packages of drugs in the mail.

The prosecutor said that drug deliveries such as the one that led to the 36-year-old’s arrest are compared with “thousands of records” and have become “relatively easy to understand.” Investigators have grown increasingly capable of arresting darknet drug buyers. The man’s defense attorney, Florin Reiterer, said that his client fully admitted to committing the crimes the prosecutor had mentioned. “Nevertheless,” he said, “[his client] asks for a lenient sentence because he was heavily dependent [on drugs].” He explained that it made little sense to uproot the defendant’s life after all the man had accomplished since his previous sentence.

The panel, chaired by Judge Michael Fruhmann, recognized the progress the defendant had made in his attempted recovery. He sentenced the man to two years in prison—a sentence the man could serve outside of prison and in therapy or, in his case, on probation with strict requirements. The court reminded him that he lucked out; the crimes carried a maximum sentence of 15 years in prison.


  1. probation for 2 kilos of speed and 100 ecstasy pills ?? well done Austria !!

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