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Austrian Dealers Admit Ordering Amphetamine on the Darknet

In a recent article, DeepDotWeb covered the arrest of two drug dealers from Salzburg responsible for the distribution of kilograms of various drugs throughout Salzburg. According to the arrest reports, the duo had been buying large quantities of drugs on the darknet and reselling the drugs to local distributors and smaller buyers. After Customs in Frankfurt, Germany, intercepted several packages of amphetamine, Salzburg police arrested both suspects.

Between May 2017 and March 2018, the dealers purchased, among many other drugs, two and a half kilograms of amphetamine to sell in Salzburg. Prior to the seizure by German Customs—something almost inevitable for German and Austrian dealers and customers using the darknet. German Customs and narcotics investigators examined the package, recorded data that would help with future package seizures such as various pieces of information used to build a profile, and then warned law enforcement in Salzburg of the incoming package.

Salzburg police identified the package recipient and another drug dealer connected to the recipient before the package had even entered Salzburg. The dealers were brothers. One, a 25-year-old, placed orders on the darknet for amphetamines and ecstasy. The second dealer, a 27-year-old, received the packages at his apartment. Given that his address was listed on the package, local authorities likely had very little trouble identifying him.

Before the package had arrived, the police had set somewhat of a trap for the dealers. When the brothers went to pick the package up at the postal station, the police arrested them both. They simultaneously executed a search warrant at the older brother’s apartment. There, the police found additional amphetamine, scales, and the whole collection of items expected at the house a drug dealer used to (re)package their products.

The police found evidence that implicated several drug buyers in Salzburg. Several landed in police custody that same day. The status of the ongoing investigation has not changed since the initial announcement. The police are still searching for suspected drug buyers connected to the brothers and the dealers who bought drugs from the brothers. Now, however, the police have rounded up as many as nine suspected buyers. The majority of the suspects allegedly purchased drugs from the dealers who purchased from the brothers, but details have been difficult to uncover.

According to the most recent releases, the two primary suspects—the brothers—have admitted to purchasing drugs on the darknet and redistributing them to dealers in Salzburg. They admitted reselling only two and a half kilograms of amphetamine. For now, at least, the amphetamine is the sole focus of the investigators and the Public Prosecutor’s Office. The investigation is ongoing and the dealers have complied with investigators. We do not know if their compliance will be rewarded.

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