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Coincheck Hackers have laundered all of their NEM

Crypto-thieves stole as much as $550 million dollars of a cryptocurrency known as NEM from Coincheck exchange. The hackers were selling their NEM on the dark web. Now they have successfully laundered all the money. *Pictures exclusive to DeepDotWeb, courtesy of Jonathan Foster.* The cryptocurrency world is no stranger to hacks. On Jan 26, Coincheck was hit by the bombshell ... Read More »

Why does Dash have a bad reputation?

*This article is meant to present an unbiased review of Dash (formerly darkcoin) and the facts surrounding it. I do not hold any of the coins mentioned (including Monero) in this article in any quantity.* So you may have seen announcements recently about Monero being introduced in addition to Bitcoin on several darknet markets such as Alphabay. Monero is a ... Read More »