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The Distribution of Opioids on a Darknet Markets – A Research Study

Crypto-marketplaces are marketplaces that are hosted on anonymous networks, such as the Tor network, or other Darknets, and are mainly focused on the sale of illegal substances and illicit drugs. These online marketplaces utilize various tools to ensure the anonymity of their users and confidentiality of the delivered products by mail. Throughout the past few years, illicit drug trafficking on ... Read More »


  Skype was released on August 29, 2003 and was quite a revolution. With Skype the voice and video information was packetized and transmitted over internet protocol networks; people could call for free, using only an internet connection. Skype was then acquired by Microsoft that started to work with NSA in the PRISM surveillance program in order to access private ... Read More »

Comparing the Security of Bitcoin to That of Common Online Payment Systems

Today’s technology offers us numerous online payment systems which enable us to easily execute financial transactions from almost any spot on the globe, in real time, using any device with internet access. Nevertheless, on the world wide web, there are multiple threat agents, malicious activities, and vulnerabilities, as well as the existence of security exploits; all of which are revealed ... Read More »


Interview with a Top Alphabay Accounts Phisher

Ok who are you and what do you do? (online persona of course) Hello I am Phishkingz, and I dominate the phishing scene on the darkweb. I will provide a PGP sig. [crayon-5a5a1fa6e0b37625570583/] What makes you think you dominate the darkweb? I see SO many phishers with different methods? The volume of accounts I have had since operating on Alphabay ... Read More »

Behind-the-Scenes: a Darknet Market on the Ethereum Blockchain

A team of developers are nearly finished with a decentralized market known as “Tralfamadore.” Everything on the market—from vendor listings to sales themselves—will be free from the confines of any one marketplace; the backend, running on the Ethereum blockchain, will function as a database for market content. As a decentralized system, nobody holds your funds and all orders are controlled ... Read More »


FROM SCRIPT KIDDIE TO PENTESTER: TAKE YOUR PASSION TO THE NEXT LEVEL When you think of what a hacker is, you think of a talented individual capable of entering inside a protected system (a computer, a network and so on), using his great skills to overcome all the difficulties he has to face. The word “hack” has nonetheless a broader ... Read More »

Using Bitcoin To Incentivize Users Of Distributed P2P Applications

The efficiency of a decentralized peer-to-peer (P2P) application is mainly determined by the effective collaboration of users of mobile devices. Each and every user should be incentivized to compensate for consumption of computing resources as he/she collaborates with other users across the P2P network. On the other hand, appropriate incentivizing mechanisms that comply with the diversified requirements of users within ... Read More »

An Overview of the Economics of Cryptographic Tokens and Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs)

Blockchain based projects have adopted initial coin offerings (ICOs) as means to simplify the process of raising capital. The cryptographic tokens offered within these ICOs are aimed at fulfilling a myriad of roles across various platforms. Some of these tokens resemble currencies, while others are similar to securities, and others offer features that are completely new. Each startup’s technological strategy ... Read More »

Abusing Bitcoin Blockchain for Fun and Profit

Hackers don’t stop at ‘What is it used for?’ but always extend their curiosity to ‘What it can be used for?’ and that’s part of what differentiates hacker’s mindset from many others. With that in mind, today we will look at good ol’ blockchain. Because it’s used for writing transactions, btc blockchain carries some properties you’re probably familiar with: public ... Read More »

Crypviser: Blockchain-based IM encryption

Being a DeepDotWeb user, you know that keeping your information secure is important. Although message encryption, like any other technology, can be used for less than noble purposes, the benefits it brings to ordinary users and companies outweigh the damage by far. This is why users, from tech-savvy to average, are always looking for better ways to secure their conversations. ... Read More »

A Novel Model of Ethereum Based Corporate Governance

The blockchain technology is not only disrupting the framework of the global economy, but also the legal industry as well. Today, people can engage in business agreements that are based on smart contracts’ code, rather than conventional legislation. As such, if smart contracts’ code acts as law, then code flaws are also parts of the law. Businesses need business minded, ... Read More »

A Self-replicating Code That Earns You Bitcoin On Autopilot!

  What if a piece of code can replicate itself autonomously and earn you money, in the form of bitcoin, on autopilot? During the development process of TENNET (the Tribler Exit Node Network), a decentralized autonomously operating agent, that is capable of generating money online via providing a Tribler exit node service, was created. Tribler represents a decentralized open source ... Read More »

ZombieCoin – Using Bitcoin’s Network To Create Next Generation Botnets

A botnet represents a network of a large number of compromised machines, which are distinctively referred to as bots or zombies, and are remotely controlled by the “botmaster”. Botnets were originally coded to act as means for vandalism and to “show off” hacking skills, yet they have presently evolved into sophisticated tools that are continuously being leveraged for online financial ... Read More »

Primalbase: Shared workspace for the tokenized economy

Cryptocurrencies and assets have been used to represent all sorts of commodities and assets. From fiat currencies to precious metals and company stocks, tokenization is gaining traction. Issuing assets and commodities on the blockchain is extremely easy and provides multiple advantages to holders who can easily transfer and exchange them. This concept, however, is being taken one step further by ... Read More »